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    Silvia reacted to Lee D in DAUB Blender Brush Set   
    FREE DAUB Blender Brush Set
    December 21, 2015
    12 awesome blender brushes from DAUB – completely free!

    This FREE blender set has been created especially for Affinity Photo – but you can use them in Affinity Designer too!
    This blender set allows you to mimic blending techniques and media in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo with brushes such as watercolour, dry sponge, sponge on canvas, wet sponge, oil, plus much more!
    Paolo from DAUB, has created this sample illustration too to show you what you can do with them…

    How to install your free DAUB Blender set in Affinity Photo
    • Drag the DAUB Blenders.afbrushes to Affinity Photo
    • Use the Import Brushes… function found in the Brushes Panel

    You will see this dialog box when your brushes are successfully installed:

    We hope you enjoy them and would love to see what you create in the usual places!
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    Silvia got a reaction from 3ark in LUTs .cube on iPad AP   
    Help section says it can read .cube LUTs. I can choose a .look or a .3dl but the .cube are grayed out.   Any solution to this?  Thanks
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    Silvia reacted to Gregory-CJ in GODDESS SERIES- HAND PAINTED PORTRAITS IN A P   
    HI  everyone.
    Here are a few images from my digital design  goddess theme .
    These images were hand painted in Affinity Photo.
    Let me know  what you think.
    Gregory CJ

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    Silvia reacted to Gregory-CJ in Beautiful Lady in Purple   
    Here is my latest digital painting , hand painted in AP.
    Comments welcomed.

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    Silvia reacted to anon2 in What am I doing wrong? Or is this a bug on MacOS?   
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    Silvia got a reaction from anon2 in What am I doing wrong? Or is this a bug on MacOS?   
    I know, I didn't say you were not right.  My apologies once again.
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    Silvia reacted to h_d in What am I doing wrong? Or is this a bug on MacOS?   
    FWIW I can confirm (OSX High Sierra, Affinity Photo 1.6.7):
    Cmd-c with a nested mask selected copies just the mask
    "Right click", a two-finger (secondary) click on trackpad, on a nested mask, and selecting "Copy" from the pop-up menu copies just the mask
    Control-click on a nested mask and selecting "Copy" from the pop-up menu copies both the mask and its parent layer.
    EDIT: Control-click, again on a trackpad, meaning hold down the ctrl key and single-click on the pad.
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    Silvia reacted to drippy cat in Using Blend Ranges as Luminosity Masks   
    Hi everyone,
    I put up a blog post about using blend ranges in the way people often use luminosity masks. You can check it out here: http://theeagerlearner.com/blog/
    Hope it's of some use to you & cheers,
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    Silvia reacted to R C-R in app interface in MacOS issue   
    Some apps, typically ones that allow only a single window or document, quit automatically on closing. A few apps (for example Graphic Converter) have a preference setting that allows users to choose between automatically quitting when the last document window is closed or remaining open, typically with UI windows/panels still visible. The latter would be the normal expected behavior for the Affinity apps (the toolbars, Studio, etc. remain visible) but they don't do that -- there is a difference between clicking the red close button in the main document window & typing CMD+W or choosing Close from the file menu.
    There are (or at least were in some previous versions) some other oddities in how the window 'traffic light' icons behave -- for some of the filter or adjustment windows clicking the yellow 'hide' button sends (or at least once sent) the window into oblivion because the Windows menu doesn't include those windows as it should, so the only way to get them back is/was to quit the app & launch it again.
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    Silvia reacted to donka in Affinity image manager for iPad???   
    I keep suggesting how the likes of Photogene works. This lets you browse all the images in the Photos app without the need of individual imports. You can nip in and out of images and make all the various edits you wish which are stored in Photogene unless you export back to Photos. This means you keep Photos as the 'DAM' app but leverage AP for all editing and exporting as required.
    This is like a half way house between what we have today and a dedicated DAM application but works on iOS.
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    Silvia reacted to conrad2k in Affinity Photo for macOS - 1.6.7   
    Thanks for the improvements to shadow/highlight recovery.  I tried it on a shot of Half Dome in Yosemite.  Not a great shot, but the most underexposed shot in a bracketed set.  In full disclosure after being successful with shadows/highlights, I gave it a touch of tone mapping.

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    Silvia reacted to jonathancharles in Pixel background/foreground colour fill keyboard shortcut   
    Affinity Photo: I think at least a few users above are hinting at the idea of having a function to "auto fill" with either the primary or secondary colour. It is a pity to repeatedly have to: navigate a pane, and make choices, when shortcuts do the job twice as quickly. Thanks
    IE One shortcut for fill primary colour
    Second shortcut for fill secondary colour
    3rd shortcut for open fill window
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    Silvia got a reaction from DM1 in Share Button what's the quality   
    Oh, sorry, I came to the forum to delete my question and totally forgot I should've posted the answer.
    Paul explained that the 'share' button will produce image sizes as defined in the export module.  So if you choose say to save a jpeg with 2048px on the long side and high quality, that's what you get and that's what will be shared.
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    Silvia reacted to ProducerBoy in Select color range   
    I second this request. Select Sampled Color just isn't good enough. I need to be able to select a band of colors on the hue spectrum, not just a single color. Photoshop has this capability, and the HSL slider in Photoshop even allows the HSL shift to be applied to just a subset of the hue spectrum. It's a huge time saver!
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    Silvia reacted to Alfred in Restore all defaults in Photo MacOS   
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, Silvia.
    To reset Affinity Photo (or Affinity Designer) open it while holding down the Ctrl key. The ‘Clear User Data’ dialog will be displayed with the first three options checked; clear the second and third checkboxes for a less drastic reset, or press ‘Select All’ for a full reset, before pressing ‘Clear’.
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    Silvia reacted to Callum in What's this icon on the brush studio for?   
    Hi Silvia
    This button brings up the Brush Properties window when you have a brush selected
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    Silvia reacted to Eproxus in Lock transparency   
    I'll bring this up again since it doesn't seem to exist in Affinity Photo 1.5.
    This option really needs to be on the layer, and not in the Pixel Tool. Another use case except for using the pixel tool is for shading a layer with a brush, but not adding more pixels to the layer. Sure, one could use a mask but that quickly gets complicated. Photoshop has a really nice transparency lock which is very useful.
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    Silvia reacted to MattP in Lock transparency   
    The 'Pixel Persona' Paint Brush Tool has a 'Protect Alpha' checkbox on its context toolbar - this is the setting you're looking for. We actually have a set of advanced blend options which we could enable for each object in the layers panel - and these would allow for per-channel blend ranges (including the option to disable blending in each channel) - but the only reason we haven't is simply that the UI was a bit of a confusing nightmare... We can obviously add this back into the UI as soon as we've got a nicer way of presenting it...
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    Silvia got a reaction from Alfred in Restore all defaults in Photo MacOS   
    Thanks !!!  That worked wonders.   Back to masking 
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    Silvia reacted to jmac in LEGACY: Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials   
    First I will say that I am very happy to see this software and impressed with what I have seen so far...with one exception. The lack of a complete user manual. I don't understand the idea among developers that their job begins and ends with the software and users will fumble and stumble and guess their way to a working knowledge of the program. Video tutorials are great and helpful. So is knowing I have a reference, provided by the developer, that explains what every tool, panel, and menu option is and what it does, as though the person reading it has never worked with this software before. This is especially true for a new software that hasn't been around long enough for authors to fill the void with How To books. From what I can see the information available under Affinity Photo Help is bare bones at best and some of the bones are missing. I spent a lot of time learning Illustrator and enough of Photoshop to do what I need and I am disgusted with Adobe's switch to subscription based software availability. So the discovery of Affinity Design and Photo is very exciting to me. Stumbling through video's and searching YouTube and Google for additional information to understand how to use your products...that is not so exciting.

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