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  1. ProducerBoy

    Refine Selection Preview disappears

    Thank you thank you thank you @klapsimo! I was having this same problem. Adding Affinity to POPCLIP's Excluded Apps solved the problem beautifully.
  2. Updating to 1.7.1 for all apps, then opening Photo and Designer and accepting the new ToS seemed to fix everything.
  3. I'm in the same boat. I own all 3, but Affinity Publisher doesn't seem to see Designer or Photo. I have no idea how to get these to work together.
  4. Here's a 37kb version: Open this file Select the numbers Show Typography ... no OSF options. Then change the paragraph style to some other style Then change it back to No Style Then change the font back to Concourse t3 and the typography options show up again WEIRD OSF BUG2.afphoto
  5. @Old Bruce and @MEB Whoa!!! This is something of a clusterf*ck. I just created a new file to demonstrate the problem ... and in the new file, the full set of figure options shows up!!! Upon further experimentation, it seems if I remove all styles from the text, the typographic options show up. I can reproduce the problem with my files, but haven't been able to figure out how to re-create it starting from an empty file. I've trimmed down my file as much as possible—I've deleted all snapshots and all layers except the text layer. For reasons I completely don't understand, it's still 100Mbs, so far too large to attach to this message. You can download the file here: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZvTt97ZhcDaDEFHYumj1cPYMzkdALRHeapV You can watch a 3-minute screencast of me reproducing the bug here: Thanks very much, Stever
  6. Hi, @Old Bruce. Hmm. I tried all the alternates and all the stylistic sets and none of them changed the numbers. I'm going to write the font creator as well and ask if there's anything unusual about the font file format. Having it work fine with Text Editor clearly means the OldStyleFigures are in there ... somewhere ...
  7. @Old Bruce, even editing a character style, there doesn't seem to be an option for Old Style Figures?
  8. Hi, @MEB. Thank you for the quick reply! Text ▸ Show Typography shows the options for small caps, but not for Figure Style, even when I check "Show all font features." Happy to send along a copy of the OTF file if perhaps the font file is non-standard, but I don't want to post it publicly since it's a purchased professional font.
  9. Hi, I am making very, very extensive use of the beautiful font CONCOURSE from MBType.com. The font provides the full range of OTF features, including true old-style figure alternates for the numbers. I'm able to use all those features seamlessly in other Mac programs. In Affinity, however, I can't seem to get the Characters tab to recognize that Concourse provides old-style figures. As a result, my numbers are lining style, which look pretty awful in my particular design. Since the OSFs work great in all other Mac apps, I'm reporting this as a bug in Affinity. I've attached a screen shot from TextEdit, showing that the OSFs show up in the system Typography pane and work just fine. Also is a screen shot from Affinity showing nothing under the Typography panel that suggests the OpenType features are recognized. HELP! Thanks, Stever
  10. I'm on a Mac. I'd screen shot it but the keystroke necessary to do the screen shot changes the modifier keys being held down, which in turn changes the displayed image. It's in the resources folder as "pen_sharp_cursor.tiff" pen_sharp_cursor.tiff
  11. Awesome, thanks! This really clarifies things (and shows some puzzling UI choices: X for "start" instead of "abort" etc.) The V happens in the Node tool when hovering over a bezier handle. When clicking it, it seems to turn the node the handle is attached to into a sharp corner with one curved side and one straight side.
  12. I've noticed when I use the pen tool, the mouse cursor changes to indicate ... something. Sometimes there's a little X down below the pen nib, sometimes there's a V-shaped thing, sometimes there's a slash, sometimes there's a circle, and sometimes there's nothing. The circle seems to mean that I'm hovering over the starting node, and clicking will close the shape. Other than that, however, I'm stymied. What do these mysterious mouse cursors indicate?
  13. (Adding this reply so I get auto-notified of any more replies to this thread)
  14. Is this correct as a step-by-step instruction? Assume you have a single layer called IMAGE. 1. Create an extra copy of IMAGE. Name it EXTRA. Hide it. 2. Select layer IMAGE 3. Select the foreground object using the selection brush, or channels + dodge/burn, etc. 4. Use *Refine Edges* to refine it, output to *Selection* 5. Press *Cmd+J* to create a floating foreground object 6. Re-select IMAGE 7. Press *Cmd+Sh+I* to invert the selection 8. Press the Mask Layer button to mask out the foreground object 9. *Add Live Filter > Box Blur* (or whatever else you want) and blur IMAGE, Preserving Alpha 10. You may now have a transparency halo where the foreground and IMAGE meet 11. Show EXTRA and drag it behind IMAGE. It will show through those transparency places You should now have a nice, smooth separation between foreground and background. It will look like this: * FOREGROUND OBJECT * IMAGE LAYER * MASK CREATING FOREGROUND-SHAPED HOLE IN IMAGE * BLUR EFFECT LAYER * UNALTERED COPY OF IMAGE
  15. Hi, Chris_K! Your comment suddenly got me wondering if there was anything about my configuration that could affect copy and paste. Indeed, there is. I use PASTE.APP, which is a clipboard monitor that keeps a history of my CUT and PASTE actions. I just terminated PASTE and tried again, and this time the CUT/COPY worked like a charm. I restarted PASTE.APP and the crash started happening again. So apparently, the problem isn't Affinity Photo, it's PASTE.APP. In case you want to investigate PASTE, it's: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/paste-2/id967805235?mt=12 My apologies for the mixup. Best Wishes --Stever

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