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  1. Thank you that worked a treat. It doens't feel liek Rasterise would be the right name for it so hopefully in the future there willbe a true Trim to Canvas option.
  2. Please could you provide an answer. How could I go about trimming the canvas in the original example and in this photo?
  3. It's as if it could be such a time saver but all you end up doing is trying Clip Canvas, realising it doesn't do what you expect it to do, doing Unclip Canvas, realising it definitely isn't what you want it to do, then just doing things manually. An example here... I've got a white background that's far bigger than the actual canvas. I clip canvas. Affinity decides it should increase the size of the canvas. I know this because the canvas shape is now completely different. So I edit, undo. I unclip canvas. Looks the same. Is someone taking the p***?! Me: I'll crop! AD: Nope. I'm still hiding shit. Me: I'll marque and inverse! AD: I'll delete the whole f**** layer, AHGHHH!H!H!HH!H!!!! Yeh if you could a Clip tool that does what 90% of the community actually expects Clip to do, that would be great. How many people actually use it for said purpose?
  4. Having read quite a lot of posts, I still can't figure out to export a PNG with a transparent background. In Photo Persona, Document > Transparent Background is ticked. The background is chequered. When I go to Export Persona, the background is still chequered. I choose PNG24 in Export Options (Selection and Defaults), I export the slice. When I view the png in my browser it has a black background.
  5. HAIL! Well done team Affinity Photo. Hope it brings you lots of success! I started using AP because a hardware fault on my macbook kept freeing certain apps that used the discrete GPU. I upgraded my Macbook a few days ago bI'mi'm still sticking with AP.
  6. I've read quite a few posts but I still can't find an answer as to how to keep the file sizes down? I save a lot of files to iCloud and I'm on a 200GB tier but I can't justify upgrading more because AP is being very liberal. Here's an example I've just noticed with 2 Raw files saved into 1 AFP file as 2 layers: 2 x 18MB raw files = 36MB Brought them into AFP (1.5 RC5), edited as needed. Now I have two layers, no filters, no snapshots, nothing i.e.Two Pixel layers only. 1st Save: 132MB 2nd Save after rasterizing the layers to remove what is not on the canvas: 84MB 3rd Save after resizing canvas to 1600 Px X 2395.6 px 72 dpi (from 2524 px x 3779 px 72DPI): 3.1MB Edit Undo lat save: 99MB Move a layer\; 104mb Move the same layer:109 Mov again: remains at 109mb Resize document to the same size, ie. Just pressing OK:M144mb Move layer 87mb Resuzed 22mb Clip canvas inc size and got as low as 87mb Cant get back to 3mb now!!! Everytime you resize document but dont actually change the values file sizr goes to a certain point.
  7. Thank you MEB. That advice goes a long way to helping with the problem. I didn't realise you could customise the tools because I just assumed (like many I suspect) that View > Customise Toolbar was the option to customise (never looked further down the menu) and then when you looked in the Customise Toolbar menu, there was no way to customise the tools and therefore carried on regardless thinking it wasn't possible! Would you ll feedback this information to the dev team?
  8. Trick question or J J J J J if you like! Why is it that when you switch to a tool and then switch back to the healing tools by pressing J, AP resets back to the Healing Brush Tool even if you were last using the Inpainting Brush Tool Such a waste of time having to keep pressing J to get back to what you were using. Can it be set to remember the last tool used? Also, that's a lot of tools under one sub menu. Can they not be expanded? Afterall The Magic Wand, the Selection Brush Tool and the Marquee all have their own icons but essentially do the same task.
  9. And the development train contains at full speed! CHOO CHOO! BTW, what was the "fixed app when running on older macOS versions (sorry!)." problems?
  10. The files are already saved when opening them from Lightroom (as TIFF files for me) . So ideally when you go to File>New Focus Merge you should have a check box that says "show currently open files" or similar so you could use those files. Hope that makes sense.
  11. I'm happy to see Photo Merge included as it'ss something I could use to improve my photos. Sadly it looks it's charm when you can't Photo Merge by selecting images already opened. It's a bit of a pain to have to export from Lr to desktop and then go through Photo Merge. And of course it would be awesome if worked better with images that have ended up being a slightly different size due a nudge on the camera or something.
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