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    Fixx reacted to GarryP in Black in Permanent Swatch   
    I answered what I could but this is outside of my zone of experience now, so I’ll let the experts take it from here.
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    Fixx reacted to garrettm30 in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    I will report my specific observations in the beta forum as needed, but here I will speak more generally. First, I absolutely must say, “Thank You” to the Serif team. IDML conversion is surely going to get better than it is in its very first public beta, but this version right here has already satisfied what I need out of IDML import.
    By way of peremptory tempering of expectations, I think a word of caution of what we can reasonably expect of such an import might be helpful. If you expect this to provide a sort of interchange format, to freely move between InDesign and Publisher, you would be mistaken, and not just because there is currently no IDML export. Similarly, if you want to just quickly open an old IDML file and print some fresh copies (expecting it to look the same or even good enough), then you are probably mistaken there as well.
    People who have used Markzware may be able to provide some context. Markzware is a company that specializes in making conversions between a few major formats, notably between InDesign and Quark, and at a price much higher than the whole Affinity suite itself. I have experience with Markzware going from older Quark files to InDesign. It is good enough to let me open old files and copy out the assets into a fresh document. In my opinion, it is not good enough to convert and pick up where the previous designer left off from the same file. That is not to disparage Markzware; it is just the nature of layout format conversion.
    So rather than an interchange format, if you consider IDML import in Publisher as a means to get to the assets in an old InDesign file so you can copy them and work them into a fresh document, then I think this new capability is great.
    If you want quick conversion of an old document with maybe a fix of a typo that got missed the first time around, you would generally get better results by letting Publisher convert from PDF.
    Back when we were using Quark, PDFs were still new, and proprietary to Adobe. Quark could not even natively save as PDF without some sort of plugin. These days, I try to save everything with a PDF that is print-ready and a separate PDF that is made for viewing (such as to be put online). I operate with the assumption that the next time I might need to reuse a file, the original app may no longer be available to me.
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    Fixx got a reaction from woefi in Separated Mode – main window, tabs, toolbar ...   
    Only thing cumbersome with separated mode is that it tends not to work. Windows, palettes, toolbars go missing until resetting the app and as it is not possible to save workspaces follows a tedious repositioning of tools.
    I much prefer separated mode – it is freedom. 
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    Fixx reacted to dmstraker in Unidirectional motion blur, s'il vous plait   
    When you want to show something moving (eg car), you might decide to use a motion blur. But it seems that if you set, say 0', the blur goes both left and right. So 180' has exactly the same effect.
    Sometimes this is handy, so I wouldn't just 'fix' this.
    What would be nice would be a little checkbox that says 'unidirectional'. Or make unidirectional the default and make the checkbox 'bidirectional'. Comme ci, comme ca.
    Merci bien, mes amis!
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    Fixx got a reaction from haakoo in Clipping Paths   
    InDesign does not recognize it. I am afraid clipping paths are not usable with Affinity. Please correct me :-)
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    Fixx got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Turning Capitals into lowercase (starting with uppercase character)   
    There is Capitals section in Text Style settings which capitalizes and more very nicely. As in InDesign, it cannot make all caps text lower case, but it can make text appearance (instance) from lower case to all caps (and more). This is very useful as you can use text variables to copy text and it can be lower case (like in header part) even when the headline part is all caps. (OK, I do not know if text variables has been applied in Publisher that far yet).
    BTW, change case function cannot know which words should start with cap and which not so german will need some manual care anyway...
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    Fixx reacted to woefi in new documents in tiny windows   
    Well, I wouldn't dare to say how the ONE correct behaviour should be. In some cases full-full screen could also be quite annoying (I remember corelDRAW in windows3.11 where multiple documents opened in a way slightly shifted so you could see all headers at once...  this was of course before tabs became a thing...)
    In this case, my expected behaviour was to open it in at least, say, 90% or 95% screen space, so you can see the other documents, which were open. And this is one reason why I use Separated Mode to begin with. (Other than having all my panels on the right places...)
    I for myself would would go on to propose a preference(tm)   -> some people work mostly with single docs, some have 20 open at once, and copy from one to the other... Other programs used to save the positions with the documents, but I don't know, if the unified Affinity-Doc-Format was built with that in mind...
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    Fixx got a reaction from SrPx in Affinity CAD 3D   
    It is also a very varied market so it would be hard to decide what features and applications should be served. Electrical CAD is very different from architectural CAD, and some people think 3D modelling is also CAD.
    I would prefer Designer to have some CAD-like features added, like dimensioning, scales and DXF support.
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    Fixx reacted to woefi in new documents in tiny windows   
    Im having a problem with tiny document windows on mac. 
    All my new documents being created (in any affinity app) are initially displayed in a window circa 1000 by 700 pixels on screen, although I have an iMac 21.5 (1920x1080) and my main screen is an Apple Thunderbolt 27" Display (2500something)
    I can't remember since when I had this, but maybe forever? I never bothered to mention it, as I was testing betas, but now, as I am beginning to dip my toes deeper into affinity-life these first-world-problems come up again...
    It happens only in Separated Mode, which I'm using 99% of the time. Maybe it has something to do with my migration from a MacbookPro. I really want to avoid resetting my apps to factory-defaults, as there is no easy way to restore the previous settings if that does not help... <feature-request plug: please add saveable and loadable settings and panel positions>
    Can somebody help me, ideally from the affinity-team with inside knowledge or somebody who has successfully fixed a similar problem?  
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    Fixx reacted to Federica in Add "shrink" and "grow" features in Designer & Photo   
    I am new on this forum and I am testing the demos of Affinity Design/Photo. I am very enthusiast about them! I use Adobe's apps from many years but I am pretty disappointed that they gotten so heavy and cumbersome. I use them for creating clothes graphics and I look forward to move to Affinity definitely. However, I support  @PAULRFONTENOT 's request. He refers to a function that I use a lot as well. In Illustrator it is called "Offset Path" (maybe it was "Insect Path" in the old Macromedia Freehand).  - Forgive me if it is not allowed to to quote other apps, if so,  the moderator can delete-.
    It's not a simply resizing function, it is used to create a parallel path starting from a shape. I know,  I can skip the problem using "Expand Stroke" or by duplicating portions of spline, but it would be tricky and not accurate. The tool we are talking about contracts/expands a shape and you can define the amount in a pop-up window. This task is quite easy for regular shapes, but it is not for complex shapes. I attach an example (see dashed lines) . I wish you will add this function in the future. Many congrats to the developers, I was waiting for a vector application so fast and easy!

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    Fixx reacted to woefi in AD can open my old freehand-files natively!   
    I just tried to open my old designs which I made somewhat pre-2004 in various versions of Aldus/Macromedia Freehand.
    At first I opened only the old PDFs if I had them exported, which worked fine. But then I tried dragging the fh10-file onto Affinity Designer and WOW! this was even better!!!!!
    So, I think I better report this here, in case someone searches for this.
    Thank you very much, Affinity-team!
    (p.s. .fh9 did not work)
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    Fixx reacted to SrPx in How does AP compare with Clip Studio Paint and Corel Painter and other painting software   
    I suspect something is going on there with your hardware, or more likely your OS configuration or status, as while yep, CSP is crazily good handling/painting over large files,  an A3 canvas size at 300 DPI, definitely comfortable for painting and drawing in Affinity Photo in my machine, an old i7 860 , 8GB RAM, so, first generation, really old (arcane) and I have zero issues with a size like that (you need to use the brush stabilizer feature, tho!). Unless you are using a very large number of layers (which can be avoided in 98% of the projects). A Windows poorly configured or maintained can be almost 50% less performing...
    But yep, CSP is very good in its strongest areas. Its brush system is second to none. It has CMYK, btw, just not the fine tuning of it,  its handling and export in the way you have it in Affinity Photo, which is at a higher level in those matters. Daub brushes in Photo I believe have like an extra dimension/variation compared to CSP's... don't quote me on that, but someone explained this to me not long ago... Even so, I do fake all sort of artistic styles with even just round brushes, so that would not be for me a very strong point. CSP's brush system has some key advantages.  I've done with it both comic style inking to deep detail, as well as full illustrations, realistic painting.
    In the end, I firmly believe that (leaving out vector based illustrators and graphic designers, who don't really need CSP) almost any 2D artist, whether a comic artist, non vector illustrator, game artist, concept artist or whatever the flavor of digital painter or matte painter... gets a lot of benefit in having both CSP and Affinity Photo purchased and installed. IMO is absolutely not one instead of the other. And of course, would be ridiculous to consider an issue the cost of both together (at least in first and "second" world) for any professional of those areas, but what is more, I even realize that ANY hobby would cost more than what you need for this: literally these two apps (the sum is around 100 bucks) and a 100 bucks tablet like the Deco 03 or Pro from XP-Pen, or any battery-free pen , medium size tablet from Huion. As I assume for other reasons , any half serious hobbyist and definitely any pro, has (hopefully) a desktop or a laptop.  Heck,  or any average Jane/Joe. Almost any hobby (sports, traveling, etc) is way more expensive. This investment can last for at least 3 years (if not 5, at least) until you need new features.  And the drawing tablet, am having 3 absolutely intact and 100% working after 10 years. Divided in years the cost is ridiculous.  About learning two apps : The more the merrier. It empowers the brain for faster future learning and adaptability : proven fact.
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    Fixx reacted to PLShutterbug in Lighten highlight areas   
    This did it for me, FirstDefence!
    Since my .afphoto file already had a masked area for the water, performing that action on the masked layer created a new layer that restricted the highlight action just to the water so no need to touch up the beach or outrigger wood.
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    Fixx got a reaction from duotone in Duotone Ink Workflow   
    You would just get CMYK simulation, nothing you could use with just two inks.
    It might be possible to create two greyscale versions (with appropriate curves) of the plate and set them over each other and set upper one to print with Pantone and overprint. I though think this is too hard an exercise to be used in normal production.
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    Fixx reacted to MikeW in Wish List ... Collect for Output   
    I know this requested feature is desired by some, but how the heck did we all get by without it?
    Hmm. Maybe via folder organization?
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    Fixx reacted to Wosven in When deleting style/colour in use, should offer to replace it with another one   
    It would be helpfull when we delete a style or a global colour to be able to replace it with another if it's used in the document.
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    Fixx reacted to Alex_M in Toggle zoom with CTRL+SPACEBAR too   
    Currently to toggle zoom you need to press SPACEBAR+CTRL in exactly this order. However, sometimes I press CTRL before SPACEBAR and I end up accidentally painting over my document instead of zooming. It would be immensely helpful if we could toggle zoom irrespective of the order we press the CTRL and SPACEBAR keys.
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    Fixx reacted to Oval in smaller .afphoto-files   
    Will there be an archive option (without preview data etc.), please?
    (When opening an archive file, AP could ask to overwrite it or to write a new file or …)
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    Fixx got a reaction from Wosven in Superscripts, Subscripts and Small Caps   
    In InDesign it is a preference setting (I usually make it them bigger). I wonder how smooth it would be to use char style instead... considering sub/superscripts are usually already inserted in manuscript (yeah, smart use of find/replace will handle this). Style would be smart as I often prefer to use also semibold instead of regular.
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    Fixx got a reaction from Gabe in No support for Hue/Sat tool when importing psd   
    If you are talking about this 

    it is quite adjustable now.
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    Fixx reacted to Petar Petrenko in Superscripts, Subscripts and Small Caps   
    Please, add in "Preferences" an option to control the size and position of super- and subscripts and the size of the small caps.
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    Fixx got a reaction from johanw in How to install Finnish language support for Affinity Publisher?   
    I had Finnish hyphenation working at the Publisher beta stage, but then I placed these files within Publisher app package. Now I placed these to /Users/Fixx/Library/Dictionaries/fi_FI (is this correct place?).
    Spellchecker works, hyphenation does not. And hyphenation is more important of these two.Spelling has the right language "Suomi" but hyphenation list has it not. 
    It is vital to get hyphenation working. Using english hyphenation does not hyphenate enough, while it is mostly correct it leaves a lot white spots to text columns...
    About Voikko: Voikko is the current premiere spelling checker for Finnish language. It is not Apple produce but created by finnish volunteers (mostly). It handles Finnish morphology better than Hunspell. Hunspell works though well enough for hyphenation, mostly.

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    Fixx reacted to walt.farrell in Custom DPI setting for different objects   
    Better controls for the noise grain size seems reasonable.
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    Fixx reacted to Cecil in Content Aware Fill   
    When cropping and straightening a photo, sometimes transparent space is left and cropping to eliminate is not desirable option. There are workarounds to fill the transparent pixels.  I would like to suggest adding a Content Aware Fill Layer to the Context Tool Bar.  This, if enabled, would fill in the transparent pixels from averaging nearby pixels or any method development team decides, to fill transparent pixels.  My concern is for the tool, not the method.  Those that don’t need it, don’t tick box to fill.
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    Fixx got a reaction from GasCan Studio in Unwanted system fonts   
    You can make font sets in Fontbook (like, all fonts except system fonts); Affinity recognizes these sets and you can select only the set to be shown.

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