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  1. Hi, thanks for the video. You just added another string to my bow!
  2. Nothing wrong with your presentation at all. Keep doing what you doing, great job!
  3. Gramondo

    Affinity Photo pdf manual for your enjoyment.

    Great work thanks, very useful.
  4. Gramondo

    Texture Paint [mixed nozzle raster brushes]

    Thank you for the very useful textures
  5. Gramondo

    Paint Brush Texture Sets 1 & 2

    Thanks again for these great texture brush sets.
  6. Gramondo

    Vegetation Brushes Set 2

    Very nice. Thank you, much appreciated.
  7. Gramondo

    Rust Styles

    Very useful, thanks for sharing.
  8. Gramondo

    Affinity Photo pdf manual for your enjoyment.

    Very nicely done. Thank you for your hard work!
  9. Hi Coyote, Well spotted. Blake Rudis is pretty expert on Photoshop. I used to subscribe to his channel when I used that program, but unsubscribed when I changed over to Affinity Photo. I think I will re-subscribe. Thanks Gramondo
  10. Hi, I liked the end result, but having watched your video series I would suggest it may be easier to use the flood selection tool to work around some of the birds feathers and fine tune it with the refine options. I find this works very effectively around wispy hair. This Affinity video is a good example Best wishes Gramondo
  11. Gramondo

    Another BJ

    Stunning bird, lovely shot!
  12. Sorry James, there are a few more link issues Batch Processing link is wrong and 2 links in Raw Developments go to the wrong videos.
  13. Hi James, There is an error regarding the Focus Merging link as it takes you to another copy of the Regular Tone Mapping Video :huh:
  14. Hi, Have you watched the videos on vimeo? There are several on manipulating text in AD. This may help you?
  15. Hello Big-Stan, Here is a link to another video by Affinity Revolution showing how easy sky replacement can be. https://youtu.be/MWSWZFPot9o Hope this helps :)
  16. Hello, Has anyone tried using AP for focus stacking. I thought I would try it out. I am currently running a trial version of Helicon Focus with a view to purchasing, so decided to compare results. AP produced an in-focus stack with a soft, almost glowing result. Helicon produced a near perfect result, tack sharp. I just thought I would save some cash if I could use AP. Is focus stacking something that will be developed in AP? The stacking and panorama features were a pleasant surprise when they arrived with AP 1.4. Terrific software. Thanks Guys! ;)
  17. Hello emeritus. Yes I too am looking forward to this feature. I held off buying Helicon Focus as I am confident Affinity will provide a good alternative soon. Patience is a virtue :)
  18. For anyone needing some helpful videos on Photo, I found a series of short, well presented videos on Youtube. I watched them all yesterday and found them easy to follow and very informative. Sorry This channel has now been taken down! Best wishes to all Gramondo
  19. Hello Simon, I have just completed your excellent course. Well impressed with the information and presentation. I gave it a 4* review, which would have been 5* if the videos were available to download. Living in a village not well served with internet access means it is so much easier to download and re-watch videos stored on your computer, rather than online. Best wishes Gramondo
  20. Hi Allan, A great workaround. Until the guys add something better I will be using this. Thanks Gramondo
  21. Great video, informative, detailed and exceptionally well presented. Calming relaxed voice too. Loved it! Thanks Gramondo
  22. Gramondo

    Textured pack 01 Intensity brushes

    Hi, Thank you for this great brush set. Much appreciated :)
  23. Great work thanx for the effort.