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  1. Hi Affinity Forum, Just wanted to share a list of our current articles on our website: How to Work With Text Tools in Affinity Photo Affinity Photo: Working With Masks Affinity Photo HDR: How to Tone-map Images? How to Use the Export Persona in Affinity Photo Color Grading and Correction Using Affinity Photo: Tips, Tricks, Methods & Tools Affinity Photo: How to Use the Color Replacement Brush Tool How to Remove a Background in Affinity Photo How to Use the RAW Editor (Develop Persona) in Affinity Photo 5 Essential Affinity Photo Ad
  2. Hi smadell, I can see your point. I have edited the original post, and deleted the word free 🙂 I personally, don't really consider giving my email as something being not free, because I can opt out, or simply not sign up in the first place if I consider that this is too much for me. But anyway, end of story, I deleted the free word. It seemed to take focus of what I wanted to share.
  3. Wow, what a response. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Actually, I have created a lot of free Affinity Photo articles over at my website. No signup required. It is only an offer with the free quick start guide. But expecting to receive everything for free without even leaving a way to keep in touch, leads to a lot of “starving” artists and photographers who spend maybe 8 hours or more on writing every single article. They will eventually stop sharing. Because there is no balance in the relationship when only one part is getting something. Just my thoughts.
  4. Hi Affinity Forum users, I just want to share a short Quick Start Guide for Affinity Photo that I made particular with photographers in mind. You can get it here: https://www.photography-raw.com/download-free-affinity-photo-quick-start-guide/ Thanks for an active forum. Peter Dam
  5. More written Affinity Photo tutorials. Hi, I can see a lot of you sharing your great tutorials in this post, so I thought I would just chip in with the tutorials I have written so far on my website. I add more tutorials continously, but so far you will find 17 written tutorials on the website: https://www.photography-raw.com/category/post-processing/affinity-photo/ List of some of the currently available written tutorials: How to remove a background in Affinity Photo How to use the RAW editor (Develop Persona) Affinity Photo vs Photoshop 5 Essent
  6. Hi, Sorry if I'm late to the discussion. I'm using Affinity Photo together with Capture One, for editing photos as a semi-pro. I also have an in-house job as a photographer, where I have to use Lightroom and Photoshop. So I frequently use both AF and PS. Actually, I am surprised by how little I seem to miss features in Affinity Photo compared to Photoshop. And I also find it quite easy to switch between using one interface over the other. If you are going for a photo editor without a subscription, I think you would be very happy with choosing Affinity Photo, as it is quite close to Photosh
  7. Thanks dmstraker, Yes, I tried to make the video so the methods started from easy to become more complex, but with additional control. Blend ranges can work magic, and if I were to make the same tutorial today, I would definitely also include this method in the video. Anyway, there is a link update to this post, because I changed domain: Add Contrast Like A Pro - Using Affinity Photo Thanks
  8. Link updated, because I changed the domain: Affinity Photo Workflow Video Course.
  9. I just want to share with you, that I have just launched an Affinity Photo Workflow Video Course. I have for a long time felt a lack of training videos, that tie the features of Affinity photo into one professional workflow. So, I have created a course, that: Allows you to begin to use Affinity Photo like a PRO with confidence. Explains a Start-to-Finish Affinity Photo workflow. Get to know all the post-processing steps: from opening a RAW file to publishing or printing the finished image. 140 minutes of video content, including explanations of key processing techniques
  10. Hi MEB, Thanks for your reply, but I cannot get it to work. If I first create a tight crop and click apply, and then at a later stage would like to get the pixels back that was cropped away in the first crop, I cannot get Affinity Photo to recover this. If I first created a tight crop and apply it, I cannot create a wider crop later. The pixels seems lost. (However, in Lightroom or Photoshop when I click on the crop tool, I see the original image size, and the applied crop is showing, so I can still choose a wider crop than the first time I cropped.)
  11. Hi Affinity, It would be great to have an option in the crop tool, whether to delete cropped pixels (or not), so you can revert back and change the crop later in the editing process (non-destructive crop tool). Thanks for a great program.
  12. I agree, that using the underlying composition range gives you even more control. As I said, I will probably add it as a fourth method in the video or demonstrate it in another video on how to use blend ranges to limit adjustment layers.
  13. Hi owenr, Sure, using underlying composition ranges is also a way to go that will give you great control, especially of the transitions. However, I don't feel that the transition is much of an issue in many images.But I will consider to add using the underlying composition ranges in the blend options as a fourth and more advanced method in the video. Thanks for the input.
  14. Hi Affinity forum, I have created this blog post and video on how to add contrast in three different ways in Affinity Photo. Check it out here: Add Contrast Like A Pro - Using Affinity Photo I hope you like it. Feel free to share it. Thanks, Peter Dam Dam-photo.com
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