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    donka reacted to Andy Somerfield in Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.6.3 (Beta 5)   
    Status: Beta Release
    Purpose: Fixes, improvements, new features.
    Requirements: TestFlight Acceptance.
    Mac App Store: Released
    Hi Guys,

    The fifth (and hopefully last) beta of 1.6.3 has been deployed on TestFlight. The changes are detailed below.

    You can download the App Store version at any time to stop using the beta - and download the TestFlight build at any time to go back to the beta.
    As this build is going to the App Store soon, we would like to take this opportunity to say a massive "Thanks!" to everyone who has taken the time to be a part of this beta so far - we genuinely could not do this without you..
    That said, we are not done :) 1.6.3 will go to the App Store, probably tomorrow - but we will be back in beta within a week. For the next 1.6.4 release, we are hoping to add Macros, non-destructive RAW support, improved Adjustment / Filter UI, improved compositing performance, full iOS11 support and much, much more. We hope you guys will stick around for that ride :)
    Thanks once again for your help..
    Affinity Photo Team  :ph34r:

    Changes this version
    - Run in native resolution on iPad Pro 10.5” device (yay!).
    - Fixed panorama crash after using transform tool. - Fixed crashes when adding many items from Photos library at once. - Wet edges setting now works properly in the brush editor. - Fixed a selection brush crash in 32bit RGB colour mode. - Stopped the refine selection tool post-processing twice. - Help improvements. - Localisation tweaks. - Improved icons and images in the welcome screen. - A new sample (“The Hotel” by Neil Ladkin). - General performance improvements. - Numerous small bug fixes.   Additional changes since last App Store version   - Improve performance with complicated documents.
    - Improve selection brush stability. - Improve selection refinement stability. - Don’t allow HDR merge with less than 2 images. - Made studios more useful when the software keyboard is showing. - Fixed tooltip positioning in left handed mode. - Fixed issue when starting a new document whilst another document is still saving. - Small PDF import tweaks. - Make adding multiple files from Photos more reliable and show progress. - Numerous other small improvements / fixes.   - Improved brush performance on large layers.
    - Canvas rotation will snap to 90 degree increments if within 5 degrees.
    - Improved help - including new FR, DE, EN-US localisations. More to come!
    - Improved RAW metadata support and reliability.
    - Further HDR stability improvements.
    - Fixed incorrect zoom level readout in navigator studio when canvas is rotated.
    - Fixed inability to correctly disable colour overlay layer effect.
    - Fixed issue whereby using Pencil would make canvas rotation available in all tools (!)
    - Fixed issue where the “RAW” logo would appear randomly on Photo library images in the new chooser.
    - Fixed crash when using the Interactive Introduction.
    - Fixed portrait issues with the keyboard toolbar.
    - Fixed weird red artefacts when using inpainting tool.
    - Localisation tweaks.
    - Portrait mode implementation.
    - New chooser for Photos - supports multi selection, indicates RAW.
    - Improved pencil / gestures support.
    - Undo / redo buttons available in full-screen mode.
    - Support pasting of images from other applications.
    - Ability to duplicate open documents from the home screen.
    - Panoramas can now be created from RAW files.
    - HDR Merge can now be performed on RAW files.
    - Panorama stability improvements.
    - Can now choose font face - not just family.
    - Inpainting improvements and stability fixes.
    - Improved iCloud folder support.
    - Improved performance in documents with lots of masks / adjustments.
    - Fixed export crashes.
    - Cancel split screen preview when converting filters to live filters.
    - Develop UI improvements / fixes.
    - Fixed “Date Shot” metadata issue with RAW.
    - Font stability improvements.
    - Fixed Post-Crop Vignette in develop.
    - Fixed weird highlights issue in develop.
    - Ability to turn off spelling red underlines.
    - Some pretty animations in the document manager.
    - Fixed failure to obey RAW tone curve, output depth preferences.
    - Numerous other small stability fixes.
    - Improved help.
    - Improved localisations.

    - Transformed / portrait develop fixes.
    - Selections persona should have canvas rotation tool.
    - Fix share button
    - Fix panorama-from-photos stitch bug.
    - Fixed share to Flickr, AirDrop, etc.
    - Better text for Place menu items.
    - Fixed “Save Affinity Layers” in TIFF export.
    - Pixel tool improvements - erase and other alternate modes.
    - Show the build number in the preferences panel.
    - Fixed flip document flipping in the wrong axis.
    - Fixed HSV mode of HSL adjustment.
    - Fixed shadows, clarity sliders being dodgy in develop persona.
    - Fixed problems loading PSD files made by Procreate.
    - Curves tool should refresh the channels list if the colour space changes.
    - Fixed adjustments which can be applied in any colour space.
    - Shear filter fixes and improvements.
    - Fixed failure to load anything if photo library contains RAW but user has “Optimise iPad storage” enabled.
    - Preference option to limit touch to gestures.
    - Fixed some broken LAB blend modes.
    - Further efforts to make inpainting, panorama more stable.
    - Improved layers studio - you can now see / select unto 2 masks / adjustments without expanding a layer.
    - Attempts to mitigate crashes with weird fonts.
    - Fixed issues where documents would become “Unable to load” until an app restart.
    - More tutorials!
    - Numerous other small improvements and fixes.
    - Localisation improvements.
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    donka reacted to ... in Save edited images back to Photos?   
    Thanks for the tip donka I was pulling my hair out with is one. Well, what little I have of it
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    donka got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Panorama crash when using transform.   
    Found an issue with Panoramas that appears to be 100% repeatable:
    Load some images for a panorama.
    Once rendered, click the transform tool and make any minor transformation.
    Render the panorama.
    Now hit apply and the app will crash.
    This will happen with only 2 or more images and this is happening with JPGs straight from an iPhone 6s.
    If I load the same images but don't use the transformation tool, I can hit apply and the panorama is successfully saved.
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    donka reacted to TheLostVertex in New Photos selection dialog crash   
    I do agree with you mostly. But
    A. The feature is there, so i am goign to abuse it ;)
    B. The 10.5 pro stacked 154 images in 13min and 15 sec, while my iMac13,2 stacked the exact same 154 images in exactly 11min. With a shorter stack of 17 images the iPad did it in 44sec and the iMac in 52sec. With a stack of about 40 images the iPad was 1min57sec and the iMac in 2min16sec. So the performance with the latest ipad is actually quite good. With shorter stacks where most of the time is I/O, it appears like the fast solid state storage makes it even a little bit faster. The larger the stack of images, the more it starts to favor my iMac.
    So it is a little bit silly, but not as ridiculous as it looks. If the only thing I have with my is my ipad while Im out, it is nice to know that I can be tethered to my camera and make previews, or even full sized images if I want to. 
    With is pretty awesome IMO. 
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    donka reacted to jcburns in Affinity Photo for ipad - feedback   
    It's kinda distressing to see a thousand nitpicks on this forum. Let me share my experience (which dates back to the Quantel Paintbox in the 1980s through EVERY version of Photoshop through 2016.)
    This app is amazing. Beautifully done. Great UI design. Embraces the limitations of Apple's locked down ecosystem without being shackled by it. It was the first app I loaded on a brand new iPad Pro 10.5 —and it may well be that solid hardware is a big part of the equation. I didn't even try to load it on our still quite functional iPad Air 2, because it only has 16GB of storage and we constantly have to offload stuff to keep going.
    After installing the Mac beta of Affinity Photo, I was able to round-trip project files painlessly. Amazing. I can open up layered Photoshops from the distant past. SVG support is terrific (and yeah, I'll be in line for Affinity Designer on the iPad too.)
    This app serves up the excitement I had when I first used Photoshop. I can't give it any higher compliment.
    Don't stop now!
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    donka reacted to MEB in Clearing contents of a layer, not deleting the layer   
    Hi Moriturimax,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    With the layer selected, switch to the Flood Fill Tool, set the Mode to Erase and the Tolerance to 100% in the context toolbar on the bottom then tap the screen.
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    donka reacted to mATriX2305 in Better Support for Apple Photos App   
    Good morning,
    after I did some tests with Affinity Photo on my iMac I decided to wait for the new iPad Version. Bought now Affinity Photo for iPad and a new 12,9" iPad Pro :-)
    However, I´m missing the Support to edit Photos from within the Apple Photos App using the Extension function. Also when using Affinity Photos and opening photos from Apples Photos (iCloud) from the App there is only a very small PopUp to open a photo. Hopefully there will be a better / bigger overview in the future. I´m handling all my photos with Apples Photo App (>40k photos) and it will be tricky to find a photo Please integreate the function to "overwrite" an already existing photo with the edited one keeping the possibility to reset changes later on. This was one of the most interesting functions for me using Affinity Photo on my iMac as I don´t need to Keep duplicates (edited and non edited Versions) Hope I could make clear what I´m missing and looking forward for your comments and hopefully improvements with the next update.
    Thx., Michael
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    donka reacted to Andy Somerfield in Quite stable beta so far! Some suggestions...   
    Your last two suggestions have been implemented in the new beta (coming today!).
    I agree with the other suggestions too - we will get them done.
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    donka got a reaction from Taluyaq in Use Photos app as a catalog.   
    I'm enjoying Photo for the most part but have the following wish. The ability to use the Photos app as a catalog i.e. from within AP, you can open the camera roll of the iPad and open images directly without the need to import first. Any changes made to the image are saved within AP but you then have the option of saving these changes back to the camera roll (photos app) or exporting as a new image. This also opens up the door for batch exporting.
    Consider the following example:

    I import 200 wedding photos onto the iPad. Currently if I wanted to work on these images in AP, I would need to import each one individually, make any changes and then export each one individually.
    With the feature I am requesting, you could browse through all 200 images without the need to individually import each one. This makes it much faster to work through all 200 images and make any edits. Now when complete, you can select all 200 images in AP and export as a single operation with some global settings such as resize, sharpen or adding a watermark.
    A couple of apps I use today already offer this way of working and it is much quicker than importing individual images. The apps for reference are Photogene and Polarr - both available on the App Store although it appears Photogene has been abandoned as it hasn't been updated in a couple of years.
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    donka reacted to Chris_K in Patch tool bug   
    Hi donka
    I'm able to get something similar but it only seems to occur if i draw out the selection using the patch tool but don't use it any further and switch to another tool. If i fully use the patch tool the selection is removed when i switch to another tool
    I shall make sure this gets logged
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    donka got a reaction from Jixxtifs in Patch tool bug   
    I have an issue with the patch tool. When you select it and draw your selection for the patch and use the tool, if you then select another sub tool such as clone or inpainting, the selection remains. After this, if you select other tools the selection still remains. You need to switch to the selection persona and select deselect to remove the selection.
    If after using the patch tool, instead of selecting another sub tool you select a different tool altogether such as a brush, the selection is correctly removed.
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    donka reacted to anon1 in Affinity Ipad version is not worth the money   
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    donka got a reaction from Oldhand in Adjustment layer bug   
    Hi Andy, I definitely wasn't imagining this but I'll be damned if I can recreate the issue now. I tried last night on 3 different iPads and the adjustments layer deletion worked as expected.
    You can ignore this report and I'll come back with replication steps if it does happen again.
    I had it in the evening and the following morning but I'm wondering if it was a one off issue and I hadn't restarted the app between tries.
    Cheers, Andy.
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    donka reacted to Andy Somerfield in Overthinking the Adjustments Gallery   
    The lack of thumbnails in some categories is not because they are complicated - its just that we don't ship any presets for those adjustments. The main "adjustments" list allows adding of all adjustments in their default state. The other lists allow adding of adjustment presets - which you can create from each adjustment tool.
    That said, I agree to an extent..
    I have created my own adjustment presets for the adjustments which I use frequently - and removed the default ones. Now I get useful thumbnails everywhere - including the main list (which uses the first preset if available).
    Soon, we will add the ability to switch to a simple list of adjustment names instead of thumbnails - as well as the ability to sort the list by most-frequently-used, as opposed to alphabetically - which at times I do find frustrating.
    Hope this helps,
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    donka reacted to conrad2k in Affinity Ipad version is not worth the money   
    Just a couple of observations.
    This is a $20 licensed app, not part of a $10/month subscription scheme.
    It does a lot more than LR in pixel editing, but doesn't catalog your images like LR does. That may be a future Affinity catalog app.
    It is what it intended to be, albeit with some 1st release bugs. Before we get into whether it's too buggy for release, remember the first release of every new version of Microsoft windows - bugs and headaches galore!
    The app runs on an iPad. If you expect all the speed of Affinity Photo running on an iMac or powerful Windows PC, get the $50 version for a computer.
    So far this app does an incredible amount of stuff that the desktop version does, with a lot fewer hardware resources. Pretty amazing when you think about it running on an iPad Air 2. I had expected it to require the newest iPad Pro.
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    donka got a reaction from Antwallace in IPTC/EXIF editing abilities   
    I genuinely think Photogene was ahead of it's time on iOS and still outdoes many apps out there. I know I would love to see the file management and export options replicated in Affinity Photo.
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    donka reacted to conrad2k in Recall last tool used   
    I use the in-painting tool more than the clone stamp, yet every time I edit a new photo, I have find the in-painting tool under the clone stamp. I think the app should remember the last tool used and keep it selected between photos.
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    donka got a reaction from Andy Somerfield in Impressed by the RAW Develop   
    I just wanted say I was genuinely impressed by the quality of adjustment and output when developing some Nikon RAW files. It's not the kind of performance you would expect on the iPad and I need to remind myself that this genuinely is pro quality software and reevaluate my expectations of what is possible on the platform now.
    A big well done to the team.
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    donka got a reaction from Andy Somerfield in Impressed by the RAW Develop   
    I just wanted say I was genuinely impressed by the quality of adjustment and output when developing some Nikon RAW files. It's not the kind of performance you would expect on the iPad and I need to remind myself that this genuinely is pro quality software and reevaluate my expectations of what is possible on the platform now.
    A big well done to the team.
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    donka got a reaction from RyzilHeS in Vignette   
    I notice the vignette effect is quite subtle and needs to be pushed quite hard to get the desired effect. I realise this makes it appear more natural but often you will want it darker for creative reasons. You can stack a couple of vignette adjustments to make it darker but it would be good if the effect was stronger to begin with as it seems the adjustment control has a lot of range to allow for this.
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    donka got a reaction from Andy Somerfield in Impressed by the RAW Develop   
    I just wanted say I was genuinely impressed by the quality of adjustment and output when developing some Nikon RAW files. It's not the kind of performance you would expect on the iPad and I need to remind myself that this genuinely is pro quality software and reevaluate my expectations of what is possible on the platform now.
    A big well done to the team.
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    donka got a reaction from Andy Somerfield in Impressed by the RAW Develop   
    I just wanted say I was genuinely impressed by the quality of adjustment and output when developing some Nikon RAW files. It's not the kind of performance you would expect on the iPad and I need to remind myself that this genuinely is pro quality software and reevaluate my expectations of what is possible on the platform now.
    A big well done to the team.
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    donka reacted to Dave_bass5 in Do we have an ETA regarding raw files from Photos?   
    Just wanted to say thanks for fixing this so quickly :-)
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    donka got a reaction from LilleG in Having Issue with Export   
    It would be good to have an option on the home screen to quickly select multiple images and delete instead of having to bring up the context menu individually and confirm each deletion.
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    donka reacted to Andy Somerfield in [Fixed] Raw   
    We have fixed this now - it will be included in a beta build on this forum today - hopefully also pushed out to the App Store today or tomorrow.