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  1. I’ve watched a few tutorials and get how to place text on a curve (a circle in my case). I know where the formatting controls are and can adjust most things What I can’t do is get the text sitting correctly on the line. As an example, the word ‘Mix’ sitting along the top of the circle. It’s like the base of the letters aren’t curved enough. Is this just how it is? I’m not talking about adjusting the base, I can lower that, but all 3 points of the M” don’t sit properly. I understand the text isn’t getting re sharped to fit, so is there a way of doing this relatively easy? I know I can convert to curves and pull it down, but then I lose the text aspect. Here’s a screen shot to show what I mean.
  2. I can see the icons left and right just fine, but those tiny ones that are in the context menus at the bottom of the screen are not only quite hard to see, but with no labels it’s not very helpful. Why is there on description for those I wonder.
  3. Just a quick follow up. I’ve found that I can do the same thing in Photo, it’s just the menus are a bit different. Draw selection on background image, set to insert behind, and then place image. Full control over the selection path and contents as with Designer. .
  4. Thanks again, as always very helpful. You can also just create a mask from the selection without needing to duplicate and rasterise the layer. The only issue I would have with this method is It’s harder to move the second (top) image around within the selection. I can see how to move the whole selection, and can see how to move just the selection area around the image, so I can reposition it in within the selection, but I then have to move the whole thing back in to pace. With Designer I can scroll the top image around inside the selection without the selection moving if that makes sense.
  5. I’ve created a simple composite in Designer on my iPad. A photo of a person wearing glasses. I selected the lens part of the glasses with the pen tool, and have inserted new images to replace the lenses by doing a ‘insert behind’. Simple. I can’t figure out how to do this in Photo. I can do the selection with the pen tool, and even convert it to a selection on a new layer if that’s what I need to do, but then what? Although the Designer version is fine, I was hoping the app that’s supposed to be a competitor to Photoshop would be more cut out to do this. Im sure I’m missing something, but can’t figure it out. Thanks for any tips/help. I’m still very new to these apps.
  6. Sorry, last post. I figured it out. I can do it all in the photo persona. I didn’t bother fine tuning this, just wanted to post how I ended up doing it IMG_0099.MP4
  7. Ok, I think I’ve figured out the first past. Use the Ellipse tool to draw the circle, adjust to fit using the handles. Click on the Pen tool and that lets me convert to a selection. Switch to the Selection persona and finish off as you did in the video.for some reason there is a covert to mask option as well but it doesn’t seem to do anything useful in this instance. This seems quite long winded though. With the Pen tool it’s so much faster.
  8. Thanks very much, again. That’s not quite what I’m asking. I’m fine with using the Elliptical tool as in your video. What I’m looking to do is use the Ellipse tool in the Photo persona to make the selection first. It seems to be easier to fine tune with the Node tool compared to the refine selection tool.
  9. Is this possible? I just want to cut the moon out of an image and place it on a background image. Easy to do with the pen tool, but my circles aren't great, so I wanted to do it with the ellipse tool. So far I’ve been on this for well over a hour, getting nowhere. I can create a mask in the Selections persona with the Elliptical tool, but that’s not what I wanted to use. Very new to all this. Can’t find any tutorials on line for what be one of the simplest of tasks.
  10. Brilliant , thanks very. Although I’m ok with what I need to do at the moment (except masking using the pen tool, going to start a thread about that later), it’s the smaller icons that comrol the finer things in selections etc that I’m struggling with. having a print out of the help file will be very, well, helpful lol.
  11. Thank you very much. You are spot on. I was talking about that small Image top right and yes, it turns out I had rotated the canvas by mistake. I just went back and made sure. I new it would be my fault lol.
  12. Yesterday I downloaded the latest version of Desinger for iOS. First time I’ve used it. I have a few questions, mainly about masking, but wanted to star off with what I think, is a bug. ive rotated one of the layers in a document I’ve created. Only two layers. Ive done some editing on it, no issues there. When I go to export, the thumbnail showing what will be exported is showing the rotated layer upside down. The resulting exported files (I’ve tried a few things) are also showing this. I’m using a 12.9” iPad Pro 2020, iOS 13.4.
  13. Have you updated to the latest version (came out a couple of days ago). This fixed the issue where you cant open a raw file directly off your iPad.
  14. Thanks for the welcome and the speedy reply. . My normal outdoors workflow is shoot raw, transfer to iPad Pro using SD card adaptor, quick edit and upload to social media. Having to upload a series of large (30MB+) raw files to the cloud, and then back down again just isn't practical, both in terms of speed and cost as this would be over 3G or 4G. Ill keep an eye out for a future update but for now ill stick to a more compatible app.
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