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  1. Totally agree that camera colour calibration would be great to use when processing raws. Please add this function!
  2. Have just seen that you are able to add a caption into photos. It still doesn't add the name of author though - and doesn't appear carry that info over from my camera copyright. But at least it's a very basic start at embedding a caption. Have included a screen grab here. Please Affinity, add IPTC and FTP features! I'm sure that all of us on this forum subject would be up for helping test a beta update with these functions.
  3. I would love to see this feature for my ipad as well. I'm a staff photographer for a wire agency and am trying to use my ipad instead of laptop for similar reasons as newbie. Photogeneā“ is a great app, as is Filterstorm - although not working for me right now - but it would be very handy not to have to switch between apps when sending pix. Being able to import IPTC templates from any given photo would be really good, as well as having a list of iptc templates that can easily be applied to photos. FTP ability as well please! A lot to ask probably, but you'll definitely see a huge increase in photojournalist customers if you create these features.
  4. Hi there, I've just bought AP for my iPad Pro 10.5 and can't seem to find a list of camera colour profiles when processing raw files. Would be great to apply to all raws within a batch as well if needed. Many thanks
  5. Agreed! This would be a great feature. Many thanks
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