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  1. I have not got a chance to do much testing with focus merge because of the difficulty of adding images. But I have ran a few partial stacks and have noticed the image alignment is different between the iPad version and OSX version of AP. Example "Spider1" were imported from the cloud, both using the same images. The differences may look small, but I began to suspect this issue when I had done a previous test... Example "PartialStack" shows gross misalignment on the iPad version. These images were stacked via the iPhoto library and synced via itunes. I came to realize that itunes automatically resizes the images that it transfers. Therefore, the OSX stack was done with 6000px wide images, and the iPad version with 4000px wide images. I reran the focus merge in OSX with 4000px wide images and the the result was still correct. I have done two other small tests, and the iPad and OSX versions all show a slight difference in alignment. -Steve Edit:Oh great, the attachments show up in a different order than they were uploaded. Maybe consider than a bug for your forum admin too? ;)
  2. Thanks for the response, I am happy to hear it is already being addressed.
  3. When creating a new Stack, Focus Merge, HDR Merge, or Panorama the user is prompted to add files to the dialog. When add is clicked, the user is brought to a cloud storage file selection. The first issue is that when using these features, there is no way to add images that are already on the iPad. Some way to add images from local storage needs to be added. These features use a lot of images and it is a big time and bandwidth waste to use cloud storage only for these. Second issue, all these features require selecting multiple images, but the dialog only allows selecting one image at a time. This is especially bad because it is cloud storage. A typical usage of these features god like this, "Click add; Select cloud storage service(it always defaults to iCloud); Navigate through a couple folders; Select an image; Wait for the image to load form cloud storage; Get kicked back to the file list dialog; REPEAT 100 MORE TIMES" I could maybe deal with this if it was only the HDR feature that had this behavior since you are only selecting 3-5 images most of the time using that. But the Focus Merge, Stack, and Panorama features are all likely to use 10 or more images. Focus merging I typically have 50-250 images I have to deal with. Adding a select all files, or allowing the user to select folders would greatly help. For instance, the google drive app has a select all command in the top right. I understand that some of these issues might be softened by implementing drag and drop in iOS11, but it will not full solve the problem. Imagine selecting 50 images for a Panorama or Focus Merge with the drag and drop implementation, vs tapping a single button. It is a big difference. I hope these issues get sorted, because otherwise those features appear to work pretty well. Though I haven't been able to test them a lot, because I want to keep my hair ;) -Steve
  4. When using a unsharp mask live filter(and likely other live filters), then exporting a smaller version of the file using the Export command, the sharpening effect is much greater than it should be. Here is a comparison of a file with an unsharp live filter where on image was exported with the live filter active, and the other is the same image but the image and live filter were rasterized before exporting. It is clear that one image is sharper than intended. Ideally, the live filter would be rasterized before the resize takes place. It seems like the image is resized, then rasterized by the export command. This is a pretty bad issue for any one who uses the export command frequently.
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