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  1. How about both your mac and your PC?
  2. Snapseed doesn't support RAW from X-trans sensors though.
  3. Daphen

    Apple Pencil

    Maybe one is just editing photos for fun and already has an iPad and don't want to invest in an expensive Wacom tablet for doing something they aren't getting paid to do?
  4. So you're on iOS 11 on your iPad? Is Affinity Photo working as it should? I mean, can you import raw files from your photo library for example? Any other problems? Is it worth trying out the beta on my iPad? The features look so intriguing.
  5. Daphen

    Raw brush mask

    Thanks for the information. I was under the impression that Camera RAW had the same stuff as Lightroom.
  6. Daphen

    Raw brush mask

    No that's fine, I believe you. No need to upload etc. I think I might just be inexperienced with Affinity but the RAW development seems so limited compared to what I'm used to with lightroom, is that the case?
  7. Daphen

    Raw brush mask

    Got it working on another image, strange. Can't brush the top half of the image though, just as OP is describing. I wonder why we can't adjust clarity and sharpness locally, I've gotten used to doing that in LR Mobile.
  8. Daphen

    Raw brush mask

    I'm having other problems with brush masks, firstly it crashes if I have several masks at once and doesn't even remember the file at all when it restarts so I have to import it again and start over completely. Secondly, the shadows slider doesn't work on my masks at all, nothing happens. Also the clarity slider is greyed out when I'm on a mask layer and so is the entire sharpening tool, so I can't sharpen locally?
  9. Interesting. So you're using a 9.7" now and it's too small? Are you going for the 13" then? Or the 10.5?
  10. Daphen

    Fuji X-T2 Compressed RAW on iPad

    I can't even see thumbnails and previews of my images when shooting compressed with my xt2 so I'm forced to shoot uncompressed. (Macos/iOS)
  11. I'm having a hard time deciding between the 12.9 and 10.5" pro's. I have the first gen 12.9" and while the l estate is amazing it comes with a lot of bulk. I'm carrying it alongside my 15" laptop to and from work everyday and it doesn't fit any of my bags tablet compartments and is quite heavy and bothersome to use on the bus. I'm just worried that 10.5" might be too small to edit photos on, which is my main use on the tablet after all. Anyone got some insights?
  12. Daphen

    New Photo for iPad

    Yes, you can, no problem at all. :)
  13. Hey guys, I'm on an iPad Pro 12.9" first gen at the moment and while I'm really loving the screen size for photo editing and media consumption, I'm not really digging the size for transportability. I carry it to and from work alongside my laptop in my bag and it doesn't fit the tablet compartment in any of my bags and it's kind of heavy and awkward to pull out on the bus. Therefore I'm looking at the 10.5" iPad Pro and I'm just wondering if anyone in here went down in size from the first generation and if so, are you happy with your purchase? Is it still manageable to edit photos and stuff on it or does it feel too small? Thanks.
  14. Daphen

    Affinity Photo for iPad - 1.6.2

    FANTASTIC! So fast with the import raw files from photos update, now I can finally start trying out the app!
  15. Well yeah, in part. In Lightroom I always pick my favorites from a shoot and Import all of them. Some pictures might have been underexposed on purpose so you want to quickly raise the shadows before deciding if it's a keeper when rating etc. I scroll through all photos and make quick adjustments all in Lightroom mobile at the moment. I've heard you can't hdr or stack raw files in affinity for iPad, is that correct?