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  1. zeneasy

    iPad Air or iPad Pro?

    Thanks for the reply. My original post wasn’t very clear, I was trying to find out if the extra performance of the latest iPad Pro 11 is worth the extra money over an iPad Air if I’m only going to be running Affinity. I don’t do much video just photos so not sure if the Pro is going to gain me much. if it’s going to make editing photos from RAW a lot quicker then it would be worth it.
  2. Hello, I’m looking to upgrade my iPad Pro 9.7 which I’ve been running Affinity on for the last couple of years. Does anyone have experiences of the performance of the iPad Air vs iPad Pro?
  3. Thanks to the Affinity team for acting so fast and fixing this. All works great!
  4. It must be possible as I'm using Google's Snapseed app (Snapseed by Google, Inc. https://appsto.re/gb/B0umA.i)to edit raw files I import into Photo Library via the camera connection kit. I agree that direct import from the kit would work equally as well, but not sure if that is possible.
  5. To create a pure iPad workflow there needs to be the ability to import RAW files directly from the Photo library on the iPad, not have to use a computer to upload RAW files to a cloud drive first. I know that this is possible as this is a feature I already use with Snapseed.

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