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    Resize canvas after image crop not working correctly

    Thanks Alfred, that did the trick! I thought i must be missing something obvious.
  2. When working on an uncropped image in Affinity Photo I can resize the canvas to be larger than the image so that I can put a border around the image (using Middle Centre as anchor). When I try to do this on a cropped image the resize works ok but some of what should be border is filled in with parts of the image which I had previously cropped out! I assume this is happening because cropping is non destructive.
  3. Vaughan Williams

    Drawing /Painting Bugs

    I am finding the palm rejection to be extremely good. After reading your experience I did a bit of experimenting. I can in fact now get a mark from my hand but only if I deliberately touch the screen first with a knuckle. Whenever the fleshy part of my hand touches first I get no mark.
  4. Vaughan Williams

    RAW support issues

    Thank you for the quick response - hopefully points 1 and 3 will be rectified soon and that will make the app useful for mobile use, which is what most people want it for at present. On point 2, I can now see that the dialog box you get when importing from OneDrive is identical to that produced by the OneDrive app itself and that that is without previews as well. Just so that anyone following this topic will know I have also tested out Dropbox and iCloud Drive. Dropbox seems to give a very small preview once you select a file whereas iCloud can be set up to give useful thumbnail previews. Apart from mobile use many of us would like to be able to run an iPad PRO only workflow and your app is a good step towards this but it looks like improvements are needed not only in the app but IOS and the various cloud facilities as well. Hopefully the new file system in IOS 11 will push things forward in this respect.
  5. Vaughan Williams

    RAW support issues

    The following simple issues currently make this app virtually unusable for RAW users:- 1 Raw files imported into Photos via the camera connection kit cannot be processed by Affinity Photo - only the embedded jpg file gets imported into Affinity Photo. This issue alone makes Affinity Photo useless for MOBILE raw processing. 2 When importing a raw file from a Onedrive folder no preview images are shown, only file names. It is extremely difficult to select which image to be processed without preview images. 3 The Raw Develop Persona shadow slider only has a very minimal effect. The highlight slider works as well as that in Lightroom but the shadows slider is useless. I am using iPad Pro 12.9 with Panasonic and Olympus raw files.

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