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  1. I see. I didn’t realize you were saving back to that format. I just export into another format as needed for other uses.
  2. frankaj, The Photo beta has support for HEIC files. Try it out. Happy New Year!
  3. [edit] Well, this option ought to be on by default. Just noticed this feature is available already -- thank you! [/edit] We cannot see whatever we store on the pasteboard. Please allow us to use the pasteboard area (can't remember what it's called in InDesign). In fact, this request applies to Photo and Designer, as well. Thank you -- I'm very happy to see an awesome alternative to InDesign coming our way. Why in the heck doesn't this forum allow Apple emojis?
  4. Very disappointed that Affinity Photo still cannot open .HEIC files (photos taken by iPhones). Why does it take so long for Serif to build a fix into the software?
  5. Hi @dominik Overall, the Serif software is fine. However, potentially losing our own work history IS A HUGE F$&(_# DEAL. I am sure any one of us can think of a hundred times when we've wanted / needed to go back to a file for any of myriad reasons. Saving work history by default ought to be near the top of the developers' list for the next release. Thank you.
  6. Apparently "save with history" still is not offered as a default setting. Imagine if Photoshop didn't save history by default -- millions of designers around the world would have burned Adobe to the ground. I cannot imagine why Affinity would resist adding such an important default setting. Very disappointing.
  7. Thank you, Bones! I’ve added Fusion to my list — so glad to see so much software beyond the Adobe wall. Haha.
  8. You make good points, Scungio. I guess, when I see a company doing a good job in a particular area, I naturally want to see them fill a wide array of needs. I did not realize that Serif is a small group. Just this month, I decided to end my Adobe subscription -- I will check-out the software that you mentioned. Thank you!
  9. Having become a bit more familiar (and happy) with your software (for Mac), I think you guys would do a nice job in creating video editing software. Video is such a huge part -- globally -- of creative work. I hope video editing is something Serif will consider getting into. Motion graphics is critical, too, but I'd be happy with at least an NLE, by Serif, to start out with. Thank you!
  10. Hi. Please add the ability to change the ruler's unit of measure from pixels to inches. Print-related work is often measured in inches (here in the U.S.). I am sure other units of measure would be appreciated by others, as well. Please allow a right-click on the Ruler to change the units of measure. Thank you!
  11. I guess my previous post never went through; so, here goes... If I purchase Photo and Design via the Mac App Store, will I be able to use the software on an iMac and MacBook Pro (when out in the file)? If I purchase Photo and Deign via the Affinity website, will I be able to use the software on an iMac and MacBook Pro? Thank you!
  12. I searched the forum but found a lot of confusing answers. I just need a yes or no answer. I have 2 Macs (one iMac & one MacBook Pro when I have to leave my desk). If I purchase Photo & Designer via the Mac App Store, will I be able to use the software on both computers? Yes or No? If I purchase Photo & Designer via the Affinity website, will I be able to use the software on both computers? Yes or No? Thank you! :)
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