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  1. I should add a side note: The alternative to making the RAW processing algorithms as good as ACR or Capture One Pro 10's is to simply make the workflow non-destructive, so that people can send their work from the iPad to a desktop app such as the previously mentioned apps. Wow, was that or was that not a great way to plug a non-destructive workflow again? Iol
  2. I'm going to be as diplomatic as possible, but I'm also not going to sugar coat or be PC about things. While I absolutely LOVE Affinity Photo for what it does right, I am equally unsatisfied with what it doesn't do right at the same time. There's a real catch .22 I feel, with AP in that so many people have moved away from Adobe, singing praises that it is THE PS killer etc etc.. Especially for two distinct groups of people. The first group, are those who by principle, don't like being told that they don't own the software they paid for, and don't like being held hostage to a monthly su
  3. That said, it is easy enough to send feedback to apple. I'd recommend throwing the request their way.
  4. +1 Might be hard to do though, because of the pixel density vs resolution. This is why an iPad would make a terrible hybrid laptop.
  5. Ya know what's crazy? The new OnePlus 5 phone has an option for 8 gigs of RAM! There's literally no excuse for a company to put a paltry 2 gigs of RAM into a product, and then put the word "Pro" in its name.
  6. I'm curious... Why would anybody want to use such a thing vs. using their desktop with a calibrated monitor and a Wacom or Wacom-esque tablet? Isn't the latency an issue at the very least? Doug.
  7. Yes. RAM could indeed be a limiting factor, unless the Serif team are THAT GOOD with optimizations! I won't say they aren't, and just hope they have as much confidence in themselves as I have for them. lol.
  8. I should also note, that I knew going into buying AP that it was destructive pixel editing. I didn't go in with the assumption like the disgruntled OP, that it was non destructive. I own the desktop version and understand the differences. That said, I've heard devs of AP state that talks of a DAM are being thought of. The only reason I'm voicing my opinions the way I am, is to kind of give things a push and make sure that this aspect is not forgotten about. If people settle, and the need seems to have died off, they likely won't act on it.
  9. Look, that is very cool and all... But tell me where in your workflow it is actually "practical". It surely isn't practical when you're nowhere near your desktop, right? And yet, that is what Apple is foolishly pushing as the paradigm it serves. Okay, sure... Anybody with half a brain will know that an iPad is nowhere near a desktop replacement. Or, as they put it, a "computer replacement". But the lines are really starting to get blurred in some ways, and will only continue to get more blurred. But my point is, other than saying: "oh cool, look at how powerful AP is. It does most of what
  10. YES. Please. And before the mods and devs get totally sick of me asking for it.. .Non destructive editing to go with said DAM!
  11. I don't agree on the "never" part. With mobile processors getting as powerful as they are, the ability is pretty much there. It has more to do with optimizations as well as business moves. Nobody wants to cannibalize one of their products to make room for a lesser priced one that does the job just as well. But the think that companies like Serif are going to realize at some point, is that people will pay as much for an iOS app as they will a desktop app, so long as the results are fairly equal. So it this one. You are absolutely correct. Fuji cameras do not saturate the market as muc
  12. To preface, I should state that I use an Fuji XT-1 and XT-2. Also still have but barely use my D300. 
 I didn’t start this topic with the intention of picking a fight. I absolutely adore Affinity Photo on my Mac and it has completely taken over PS duties for me. That said, what it has NOT done on the Mac, and I suspect even less so in the case with the iOS version, is take over as my RAW processor. And there's a very good reason for this. The RAW decoding and demosaicing algorithms have a long way to go where RAW processing is concerned. I use AP mainly for things like cloning, skin retouc
  13. I totally agree with your assessments here. I wonder though, about the new file/folder system in iOS 11. I'm betting that it will be strictly cloud based and not machine local. That, would be like a step forward and two giant steps back, UNLESS they implemented something like Dropbox, where you don't need to store files locally on your desktop machine's drive, and only via the web. Of course, the better solution, as you noted, would be to have an actual physical storage device for these things. But without a non-proprietary way to hook up to such a thing, it's already a dead in the water
  14. Except I don't recall Cook ever saying such a thing. His words if I recall correctly, were more like "these products can replace a laptop for SOME people". And honestly, until we see physical external storage that doesn't depend on being wireless, creating an ad-hoc network to connect, and needing to recharge a battery, it will NEVER replace a true laptop. Not to mention having a built in keyboard. You cannot call something it is not. The keyboard/mouse/trackpad are very specific tools which are needed to interface with items that require extremely fine and precise pixels on the display. Said
  15. I am SUPER happy to report that RAW import from the camera roll TOTALLY WORKS now! Whoooo, you guys are awesome! Thank you.
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