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  1. I purchased the app but I cannot get the fonts to appear in AP yet. Why I was asking if AP uses system wide fonts. Will keep trying, but if anyone else knows how to get cool style fonts in please let it be known. ;)
  2. I take it this app is a system wide app? Perfect if is thanks
  3. Not sure on these but I am sure you can save it to the ipad. Select export and in the bottom left is a share button. Quite sure this allows you to save. Hope this helps.
  4. Anyone know what/if fonts can be imported? Jayce
  5. I currently have the WD Drive and love it as a field drive due to the SD reader. While it does allow wifi connection you can't open any files from within the AP IOS app (although from reading this may change with IOS 11, but for now it does not). What I have to do is open the File using the WD app and then perform an "open in" to send it to AP IOS. Not the best or quickest way, but it is a way... Jayce PS: I have asked in another thread could the WD drive be added like a cloud service type of system but nothing yet.... Keep hoping right...
  6. There have been a couple of apps in the past that have been on the iPad air that have done an OK job of image management so I would think the new iPad pros could handle it. Maybe I am being too optimistic...
  7. I will try with some different images and get back to you with this (I must be doing it wrong as per). I can wait till the autumn for the feature as long as IOS 11 delivers Thanks for the reply. Jayce
  8. Yes!!!! I am hoping here. I would love to see a Light Room style app for the iPad (and Mac), to complement Affinity Photo. Is this on the road map at all? Jayce
  9. I will take a look at the settings in my cameras
  10. Thanks for reply MEB, I can get images into AP that way but only one at a time, also I can't export to the WD drive. In a perfect world it would be great to import several images into a project from the drive (or any drive really), and then also export a worked image back. My Fuji raw files don't seem to work either at the present but I guess that's an Apple thing? Jayce PS: Any export/import work around greatfully recieved.
  11. Hi all, One of the great things I love about AP iPad is that I can use cloud services to pull images into AP. This is a slow process depending on where I am in the world so use a wireless HDD drive (currently WD wireless passport). This creates it's own wireless network and is my main back up in the field due to it's SD card reader. It would be great if AP iPad could pick this device up. There is a WD app but I have to save images into photo before and that is tediously slow. Any help and work around would be immense... Jayce
  12. Hi all, Has anyone tried this feature yet? I have on two occasions and nothing really worked. The images stack in overlay but do not merge. Granted the images have not been of quality but they are stacking grade. Also is there a way of importing more than one image at a time? I have them in Dropbox and have to upload one at a time. Would also be great if we could import from a project folder too? Jayce
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