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  1. The printer drivers are the latest onces that come with MacOS. I do not get drivers directly from Canon.
  2. It happened when I had a photo ready to print. I only use the app for photo editing, not general graphics work. I may try again at the end of this week if Apple releases public beta 5. I assume someone in your company gets all the developer beta releases to test.
  3. Running MacOS 10.13 Beta (17A330h) So this is a heads up to look for potential problem in final release of High Sierra. When I go to Print and select the Canon Pixma Pro 1 printer, the app crashes. It was reported to Apple. Not having printing problems in other apps. AF printer selection crash.pdf
  4. Anyone know of a DAM that will show a preview of an afphoto file like it does with a jpg, tif, or raw with embedded jpg ? Even MacOS can do that, but Bridge for one will not.
  5. Thank you for using the raw images to render the screen. The last thing I want is the horrific times Lr was using to render a 1:1 preview and then through that file away in 30 days. We indeed need realtime rendering of raw files.
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    Howdy all, New user of Affinity Photo on Mac and on iPad. I just cancelled my years long CC subscription and KelbyOne membership. I have the Macphun products setup as plugins. I use Photo Mechanic to do imports, renaming, and folder management on the Mac. Wish me luck.
  7. With the addition of the DAM functionality, Photo will hopefully go a long way in covering a workflow that starts with browsing and import. But that leaves open the need for Print Persona to provide at least the printing capabilities of the Lr Print Module. We need to be able to define our paper and import corresponding ICC profiles for the combination of printer and paper. We need to be able to setup contact sheets that support layouts of multiple images on one page. We also need to define how the mismatch between color gamuts will be handled. Typically we shoot and process in ProPhoto or Adobe RGB and print locally in sRGB. While I will jump at the chance to abandon Adobe CC, I can not do that without Photo having a DAM and a Print Persona or other implementation that provides the same range of printing capabilities as can be found in Lr. Sorry if this topic has been covered elsewhere.
  8. All of which begs the question what DAM are you using to import, remame, and browse your files.
  9. For those who have left Lightroom, or never used it........what DAM application are you using to import, rename, and browse your photo files?