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  1. When I select the Crop-Tool in the Develope-Persona and press the cancel-Button i get an almost black picture. Additionally, I am back in the photo persona. I attached screenshots and the original Olympus raw file 880E9F0F-61A7-40E9-8EB7-D37C678E1945.orf
  2. Dexterward

    Loading curves for CMYK

    Hi again. I reinstalled affinity photo and created new presets. With the new version it seems to work fine so far. The spline graph is updated when i loaded the preset. This was the problem i have with the old version. Thank you for explaining the hidden feature. :) But here i have s similar problem: When i select a curve layer and drag about the picture to darken it the spline graph of curve layer is only updated when i tap once on the curve layer in the layer studio. In my tests i could only decrease or increase the value for the white point. ( By the way: The scale could be finer. It is not easy to make small adjustments this way.) I could only manipulate other anchor points when i previously selected them before i drag over the curve-layer. I was not able to "sample" a completely new anchor point via dragging or tapping on the layer like with the picker tool in the desktop version. Greetings Dexterward
  3. Dexterward

    Loading curves for CMYK

    Hi, i have problems with presets of the curves adjustment. I loaded a RGB-picture and created a curve adjustment in CMYK and saved this as a new preset. In another picture i can load this preset but the curves are not visible in the adjustment layer. When i try to make additional corrections all settings of the curves layer will be reseted. I don't have this problem when i save a rgb-curve-adjustment. Another question: It seems that i can manipulate a curve when the curves-layer is selected and i am tapping or dragging on the picture. Is this a bug, too? At the moment i don't understand how this works.
  4. I use the app "Cascable" to download the raw files from my Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II via WLAN. This is pretty cool because the original olympus app supports only jpeg. With my Ipad Pro i can view the raw files in the photo app like other jpegs. Affinity Photo opens these photo always in the develope-persona. So at least anyone who owns a camera with a WLAN-Connection has a workaround with this app.
  5. It can be really tricky to make a small correction with just a finger. I am happy that i own the apple pencil. It would be nice if i could scale up or down the curve-graph when i doubletab one of the square-areas. I also really miss the picker-tool for curves. At the moment it is hard to find the right correction point.
  6. Dexterward

    Curves feature missing?

    At first i was also confused. Under "Adjustments" you will find all the adjustments including the curve-editor. Just keep scrolling. The sub-category "curves" is the place where your presets will be stored. When you define a new curve you can add a new named preset with the + -button.
  7. Hi. I would like to convert directly a mask to a selection. What is the usual way? So far, tried the following on a photo with a female model ( long hair ) 1. I made a selection with the selection brush and the refinement tool. 2. I created from the selection a new mask layer. 3. I saved the selection in the channel studio as a spare channel. 4. I reloaded the the pixel selection via the created spare channel and created another mask. Now the unexpected part: The masks do not produce the same result. What is the reason? I wonder how the internal representation of a selection is different in comparison to a mask. So, anyone knows a way that produces the same result?
  8. Hello. In the adjustments studio i find the curves-adjustment under the sub-category "adjustments". But there is also a sub-category "curves" that is empty. It is the same for "Channel Mixer", "Color Balance", "Invert", "Lens Filter", "OCIO", "Selective Color" and "Split Toning". Of course, this is a little bit irritating. By the way: A category for favorites would be handy. ;) Best regards Dexterward