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  1. Hi Dan, Thank you, I was leaning toward that it was expected behavior after searching the help, and not seeing anything about it, but just wanted to clarify, thank you! Also nice to hear that it’s something that might be included in the future! I’m sure you guys hear it all the time, but it’s such a great thing to know that Serif/Affinity has real conversations, etc with their customers Forgot to mention that I love the tutorial videos as well. I always look there (and the help) if I don’t know about how a tool or feature works— very much appreciated!
  2. Hello, not sure if this is a bug, or expected behavior.. If I have opened a file from iCloud, I save my file (to iCloud) and then open it on my Mac to do some work on it. If I then switch to designer on iPad again, the changes don't sync/show on the same 'opened file from cloud' within designer on ipad (this is the part that I'm not sure if this is a bug, or expected behavior), but if I browse the files in iCloud files app, I can see the changes have been synced. If I close said document on iPad, and then re-open it however, the changes are then reflected... Just seems like it would be much nicer if the file has had changes made to it, were automatically reflected in the already 'Opened from Cloud' file on iPad Designer. Other than that, stellar application guys, well done! Thanks, Ryan
  3. Awesome stokerg! I will add that to the Feature Requests!
  4. Hey MEB & stokerg, @stokerg Yeah I know, I hope to get a retina soon! The guys I work with have them, and I drool when I look at the sharpness of their screens! Can't wait to get one! And thanks for the response again! @MEB Thank you for doing that! Weird that if you just plainly open a file, the toolbar height is respected by the document, but not if it's a newly created document..
  5. Hi stokerg, Thank you for replying with an example! I followed your advice, (cleared everything) and the window still starts under the tool bar... I thought since maybe you have your toolbar not docked up against the Finder bar that might help, so I moved it away, and then tried with a new document. No dice. Then I thought since I'm only on 1440x900 display, that may be the reason, (I also tried hiding my dock) but still the same. The good news is that when I do open, or drag a file onto the icon, it does open it below the toolbar correctly, so I have hope that this issue can be worked out at some point! I hate to be the complainer, (especially when there is so much greatness) but it's annoying to have to grab the toolbar, and move it before I start working on a new document each time :) Obviously 1440x900 is not a big resolution, I hope to get a retina macbook pro soon!
  6. Hi Everyone at Affinity, thanks for creating a great new app/product for OS X.. so far my testing of importing .psd's has been very impressive! So many other fail at that, so I feel that you should be proud!.. I found out about Designer initially from it being featured on the App store, and from the Apple design award that it won. I am pretty impressed with what I have seen of it so far, was very happy with the price, and I love seeing that people from Affinity (including developers) are on here, helping people out, keep up the awesome work! I had a few questions, and I'm not sure if these exist, (and I haven't found them), or if they are things I should put in the requests area.. 1. Is there a way to 'Fill' and entire area (selection, or entire selected layer )? I have grown very accustomed to being able to do this in Photoshop (Where Cmd+Delete fills using the background color, and Opt+Delete fills with the foreground color....) I tend to do this a lot! I know that you can use the flood fill to fill a selection in the pixel persona, but was wondering if there was a command I could use instead...and also the ability to fill using one or the other color using a shortcut. 2. Is there a 'Crop' option? For example in Photoshop if you have a selection, (you can in the menu) go to 'Image > Crop' and your canvas will then resize to that selection.. So, I'm just not sure if these exist somewhere, and I can't find them, or if I should re-post this in the requests area. I did already find answers to my other questions by searching this forum :)
  7. Forgive me if this is a known issue, but when I create a new document (by the way, THANK YOU so much for adding "New Document from clipboard" !!! to the beta) and I'm in Separated mode, the top of the window immediately gets hidden from view, not allowing me to grab/resize the window, and move it into place, etc. (example in screenshot). One thing to note, is that if I drag an image (or designer file) onto the icon, Designer opens the file, and actually bumps it down perfectly under the toolbar how I would expect it to work when creating a new document.. so this only seems to be a new document issue. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
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