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  1. Thank you delicious monkey! This UI is not very intuitive. So, I was already on Curves and pressed Plus, it asks me to enter a name - then nothing happens? Really.... Then I read your text again, and again, and looked at the screenshots. It's ridiculous really, why have a list of adjustments that you can pick - and also in that list have a list item named Adjustments which is where you "really" pick it. Then Plus-button it. Why is the Plus-button even available whilst in the wrong section? Etc. Argh. But yes, now I got it. Thank you again!
  2. Still haven't been able to get any curves adjustment at all - not even a preset. Levels is almost as bad, two presets with a few very broad dials for adjustment .. :/ The app really does seem nice but without curves and levels it cannot possibly replace my current applications. Gonna' have to refund this unless there's some secret door somewhere that opens up all the manual controls...
  3. Thank you for your answer! http://i.imgur.com/QNEsfss.png But ... scroll where exactly? There's nothing. I can go through all the other kinds of adjustments and see previews (pretty similar to photo filters in instagram or whatever) But as I get to Curves, there's just nothing. There's nothing to scroll. It's a box and it's empty. Clicking on anything responsive takes me to the previous or next adjustment: Colour Balance being the previous (also just a blank box, btw) and Exposure coming after (showing a list of thumbnails with +/- X stops previews)
  4. Hey people! Found Curves under Adjustments, easy enough, but after clicking it the panel shows nothing at all. Adjustments < Curves > (nothing more) So uhhh, how do I adjust the curves?
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