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  1. Hi i am only using photostream as i dont use icloud library so dont have the option for optimise for ipad/download originals :(
  2. Hi They open within the raw persona but with the reduced resolution. Im using a panasonic Lumix dmc g6
  3. Hi Lee The problem i have is that i transfer my raw files (only raw) directly onto the ipad from the camera via the official usb lightning adapter. When they are imported into photos, as stated by apple's website, photos generates a jpeg version that is veiwable in photos. The resultant image is reduced to a 1920x1440 jpeg. Now i would have thought that affinity would load the actual raw file not the generated jpeg. But when i load the "raw" file from photos, although the file prefix is still raw the resolution is at the reduced rate of the photos jpeg 1920x1440 (original resolution was 4608x3456) Any ideas?
  4. Although apple photos app for the iPad says it supports raw files it appears to only read them and then generate a lower resolution preview for viewing in the photos app. This means importing raw files into the affinity app from the photos app is not an option. Is there a workaround without going through the process of uploading the raw file and then having to download it as the only way into affinity?
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