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    nautiloda got a reaction from pruus in Document Templates   
    This is an example...;)

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    nautiloda got a reaction from AlanPC in Document Templates   
    In MS Publisher you can create a new file fro a variety of useful templates, it would de nice in AffPub., or maybe to be able to import it, from MSpublisher.
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    nautiloda got a reaction from pruus in Document Templates   
    This is an example...;)

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    nautiloda reacted to Aammppaa in Dash line ?   
    Check that your line doesn't have a pressure profile assigned.
    At present lines can't have a dash pattern and a pressure profile.
    Pressure overrides the dashed option, but doesn't show any warning.
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    nautiloda got a reaction from Dan C in Proof colors view   
    Thanks, works well with grayscale D50
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    nautiloda reacted to Old Bruce in Justification controls don't work as expected   
    Not sure what you are trying to do here but the Justification for Maximum is set to 100% which is not good, gives no wiggle room. You could try putting the curser in the Minimum box and hitting an arrow key which only works once, you then must click again and hit the arrow again. And these sliders are real picky, just keep trying. This is Beta software so save the file using Save As... close it and open the copy.
    Sometimes you gotta just change the text, I guess you are trying to get 21 lines of type into two columns of either 10 or 11 lines. The Justification won't help with that. You have to either lose some words or add some words.
    I would lose " on plankton and krill" to get 20 lines.
    Or I would add the word eight instead of "8" and change "October to April" to "October through to April" to get 22 lines.
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    nautiloda reacted to Dan C in Proof colors view   
    Hi nautiloda
    It sounds like you need to use a Soft Proof layer, but I'm not sure what Profile is being used in the video above.
    I recommend checking out our Soft Proofing video, found below!
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    nautiloda reacted to StuartRc in Texture Brush Packs [Hatching version 2]   
    Texture Brushes [Hatching]  
    With Zip containing a total of 60 brushes (6x10) and Sample Sheet (PDF)
    1. New larger texture nozzles 
    2.  40 new brushes
    3. Modified Brush Dynamics (Flow, accumulation and rotation)
    4. Reduced reliance on scattering and scale jitter
    Update to previous posts:  
    Texture brush 03 Hatching
    Texture Brush 04 Hatching

    TB 3 HATCH PATTERNS Set 3-25-30.pdf
    TB3 HATCH Packs-25-30.zip
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    nautiloda reacted to firstdefence in How to make irregular borders   
    you could use a brush to get this effect.
    Over the image, draw a rectangle and rotate it to a nice angle Select the Brush Tool (B) and choose a ragged edge brush (You can download Brushes if you don't have one that suits the effect you want) Then draw in the same colour as the rectangle following the rectangles edge overlaying the image. Used a Daub Bristles Brush: Fine Fibers Worn Out - Dense Oil


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    nautiloda got a reaction from ArunJRK in Magnet tool   
    Magnet tool would be used to modify the form of a shape, just passing the tool near it; not is for select o snap...

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    nautiloda got a reaction from pruus in Document Templates   
    This is an example...;)

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    nautiloda reacted to vonBusing in Affinity Publisher Public Beta -   
    The dots in the version number are not for decimals, but a sequential separator. You have to read the version number as an hierarchical sequence of 4 numbers (like an IP number). 128 is greater than 58 and therefore a later sub-version of the 1.7.0 version.
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    nautiloda reacted to dorkboycomics in Affinity Publisher Public Beta -   
    Yes, .128 is the latest - it's a bit confusing because it reads like  .1 compared to a .5, but is actually newer.
    The first one probably should have been .058 in that respect
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    nautiloda reacted to MEB in Linked vs Embedded in Publisher   
    Hi nautiloda,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    We are already aware of the linked/embedded file issues you are describing. This is being looked at and should be fixed/improved in future updates.
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    nautiloda got a reaction from Yannik in Affinity Designer Free Resource Pack   
    ;) Thanks

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