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  1. Not sure if I do it right but here it comes Open it in txt edit and dictionaries dk-DK folder and publisher
  2. Walt, I did install this hyph_da_DK.dic in the publisher dictionaries (ressources) but I don't see it in the publisher as you can see.
  3. Walt yes I try it since another was also kind to suggest it :-) I only use Mac :-)
  4. Psenda I meant Affinity software in general but you are right about .afpub as it says when you use publisher
  5. Hi Strokerg Thanks. I still have problems with Hyphenation dictionaries and downloading them from github.com I keep using word since there is no problem with spellchecking, hyphetanion, word count etc. It works. Even though I was hoping to use AP in future for book layout but maybe it will be improved a LOT in the coming updates :-) so people will USE AP in stead :-) I think most people who are not dealing with programming appriciate that dictionaries etc just work in a programme they use. We are used to it like Pages, word etc.
  6. No AP doesn't support Danish at the moment. Hopefully in future :-)
  7. Hi Thanks everyone but I did read spellchecking in the forum and tried some of the suggestions but I didn't succeed to make it work after downloading and installing the dictionary from openoffice. That's why I wrote hoping someone had been succesfull with the Danish dictionary :-) I was hoping there was a link to a dictionary that works :-) Hopefully in future afpub will have Danish and all European dictionaries included.
  8. Hi I wrote about help just before but for some reasons I don't see it here. So I try again. Need help to get the Danish spellcheck and hyphenation dictionaries working on afpub. I tried to download it from openoffice dict-da-current.oxt but it doesn't work. https://extensions.openoffice.org/en/project/danish-spellcheck-and-hyphenation-dictionaries I have read how to install it and did it that way. Doesn anyone has a better link from where it works. Thanks.
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