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  1. I'd like an option to hide selected pages
  2. nautiloda

    Dash line ?

    I can't make a dash line in Publisher, nor in Designer Beta, as you can see in the graphic, I have selected the dash line option, but the line still continues to be continuous is a bug, or I am doing something wrong? Thanks
  3. I`d like to have the ability to change a view (similar to contour view) but in black and white to check the contrast. I have tried with a B&W layer, but I have to adjust the brightness of individual colors. In the left side is how works this function in photoshop, in the right is with a b&W layes, as you can see the brightness do not correspond to the colors. Thanks
  4. nautiloda

    Hide pages

    If I am working with for example with a 10 page document, and I want to print two (or more) versions of this documente, but in one of them I don't want to print several pages ( for example 2 and 7), in order to do that I have to delete them, and make two versions of the same document, or only chose the pages, that I want to print but, the page number would loose it's sequence. I think would be easier to be able to hide the pages that I don't want to print, and work with only one document.
  5. Thanks, works well with grayscale D50
  6. How I can see a vector or pixel color drawing in B&W, in its real brightness? If I use the B&W layer, the result must be modified to match the actual brightness. In Photosho is a function called Proof color is something similar in Affinity products?
  7. The slicing control don't work. In minimum or desired letter or word spacing, I can't even change manually it's values. I can't control spacing between words. Balance text in columns don't work as expected.
  8. When I try to convert a form with a mask and gradient, the program stop to run.
  9. Dont't crash anymore, maybe is because i have just installed the Mac OS Mojave...thanks
  10. Apple Color Emoji font doesn't show anything Publisher Beta
  11. Somebody knows to achieve this kind of effect in a shape? Thanks
  12. Magnet tool would be used to modify the form of a shape, just passing the tool near it; not is for select o snap...
  13. If I change the DPI of the documente, the text alignment and the text size of the master pages also change only in the child pages.
  14. In MS Publisher you can create a new file fro a variety of useful templates, it would de nice in AffPub., or maybe to be able to import it, from MSpublisher.
  15. nautiloda

    Apple Color Emoji

    Do you have an idea to fix this problem?
  16. nautiloda

    Apple Color Emoji

    AffPub don't support emoji?. In the screen shot of Aff Pub Beta, you can see that the Edit menu says "emoji & symbols", also the type of font says "apple color emoji", if isn't supported why is in this menu?
  17. Do you plan to put some templates as option to create a new file? for example to create a newsletter, brochures, flyers, cards&invitations etc.
  18. There is not diference between linked and embedded images, the files are the same size. (Publisher Beta
  19. I have installed the, the i.7.0.128 is the last one?
  20. nautiloda

    Linked vs Embedded in Publisher

    Actually, the file with linked images is only a little smaller than the other (52.5 vs 52.9 MB)
  21. nautiloda

    Linked vs Embedded in Publisher

    Yes, both files have the same images, the first with embedded images and the second with linked images, but both have the same size

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