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  1. Hey Walt, Thanks for a quick reply. I think I found what is the issue on this topic.
  2. Just tried this. Everything is alright with Digital Signature but, still the same problem. This message pops up on my screen: "Setup cannot proceed for the following reasons: *Supported Windows version not found."
  3. Hi guys, I had Affinity Designer on my old laptop (Windows 7) since 2018. Now I bought a new laptop (Windows 10) because my old one is dead. I succesfully installed first version of AD on my new laptop but, when I tried to update it with the latest version of Affinity Designer I've received message that it can't be done because application is not compatible with 64 Bit system. I also purchased another license and downloaded Affinity but, same problem. Can anybody help me? Thank you!
  4. Hey, those first two links are not active anymore! Please try on my Gumroad shop! You can find them on Creative Market also Creative Market
  5. A set of 20 high-quality ink stamp textures brushes. Add hand stamped texture to your objects with just a one click or more if needed. Vision Stamp Texture Brushes I hope you like the pack.
  6. I just opened my Gumroad shop, you can find this set of brushes here! Distressed Halftone Brushes I created this snake with one of the brushes from this set.
  7. I just updated my website so here is the new link for these! https://www.amerkaricdesign.com/shop-19-halftone-brushes.html Thank you!
  8. Ok, this set of brushes is now available on my new website. Check it out! https://www.amerkaricdesign.com/shop-distressed-vector-halftone-brushes.html
  9. Ay I changed my website. These brushes and some more stuff will be available in 2-3 days, maybe even today. I'll let you know!
  10. Hey friends! I just created this lil pack of 30 halftone assets. Check it out! 30 Halftone Assets
  11. 15 Distressed halftone brushes for Affinity Designer. These brushes are created in Draw Persona (vector brushes) Check it out! https://www.amerkaricdigitalgoods.com/store/distressed-halftone-brushes
  12. Hey, I finally finished these halftone brushes for Affinity Designer. Useful for adding texture and depth. https://www.amerkaricdigitalgoods.com/store/19-halftone-brushes I used them on my work too!
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