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  1. AmerKaricDesign

    19 Halftone Brushes

    Hey, I finally finished these halftone brushes for Affinity Designer. Useful for adding texture and depth. https://www.amerkaricdigitalgoods.com/store/19-halftone-brushes I used them on my work too!
  2. AmerKaricDesign

    30 Rough Vector Elements

    Hey people, you can download this for free on my site! Expect more new things this week! https://www.amerkaricdigitalgoods.com/
  3. AmerKaricDesign

    30 Rough Vector Elements

    Hi, guys! I finally made account here! I purchased Affinity recently and realized that there is no effect to give your illustrations more rough look. Something like Effect- Roughen in AI. Is there any updates, will this ever be available in Affinity? Anyway I created these vector rough elements (Assets) check them out! Available for personal and commercial use. https://www.amerkaricdigitalgoods.com/store/30-rough-vector-elements-assets Also some of my work that I created with this set!