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    Brian D reacted to walt.farrell in Designer EMBED images   
    There have been other Designer bugs that can result in Linked images. For example, in 1.7.3 that will happen if you use the "Print (Press-Ready)" when you create the document.
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    Brian D reacted to Thomahawk in Designer EMBED images   
    I think I always placed images in Designer, they simply got embedded, I never stored the image documents separately. Now today after I trashed an already place image, Designer alarmed about missing resource. No clue why sudenly images dont get embedded anymore. And I can not find a setting about that or let alone the ressource manager to manually embed it.
    I am stuck now, not able to embed... what else can I do?
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    Brian D got a reaction from Old Bruce in Publisher keeping Graphics Card active even when in App Nap   
    No I edited my comment after posting and reading through the link you added. I'm happy to admit this appears to be on Apple and by design, it's not a bug so I don't want to waste anyone's time.
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    Brian D reacted to thomaso in Publisher keeping Graphics Card active even when in App Nap   
    To me there is no new energy info in your "About..."-windows. Yes, as long Affinity is opened, also the door to GPU is open, or like Apple says, Affinity "creates an OpenGL context". That info indeed is given already with your Activity Monitor screenshot: Both the App Nap + the GPU columns show "Yes".
    Concerning battery drain the point of interest would rather be how much energy is taken by a napping Affinity compared to the energy of all other processes. You can't determine by your screenshots that Affinity is consuming much or most energy, in particular compared to your browsers it isn't noted that way. To detect Affinities energy use in nap mode you could run your macbook for a couple of hours, twice: one run with Affinity opened, the other with Affinity closed. You should reboot the mac before each run into the same setup + don't work with it + deactivate macbook's sleeping mode during the test runs.
    Or, if you like to experiment, you could try to prevent the general, automatical use of GPU by Affinity with a hack of its setting "NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching" in the Info.plist within the app package, as mentioned in the apple developer link above. – To check or set the use of a particular processor you then can try the menubar tool "gfxCardStatus"   https://gfx.io/switching.html#integrated-only-mode-limitations
    However, I understand your desire for a comment by a Serif moderator about this topic, regardless whether its source is related to macOS only or Affinity, too. I don't want to prevent them or any others to respond at all.
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    Brian D reacted to fiëé in PDF import   
    See several other threads on the same subject: AD can’t handle embedded fonts in PDFs, it tries to replace them with active fonts.

    That’s against the intention of PDF and a severe shortcoming, but known.
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    Brian D reacted to Joakim Svensson in Allow scrolling while dragging a layer in the layers panel   
    I would like to suggest that the behaviour of scrolling in the layers panel is changed to allow for one finger to select and hold a layer (group of layers) while another finger can scroll the layers list. That would allow the user to move a layer up or down the list much faster than bringing the layer close to the edge of the panel and then wait for the auto scrolling behaviour that is both slow and unpredictable in speed.

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    Brian D reacted to Friksel in Please make the resource manager dockable/embeddable like studiopanels   
    It's no problem to make it smaller. That's just a design choice.
    Just a quick tryout and I wouldn't miss anything in a panel like this: all the same information is still there. And it could even be smaller if we replace the placements with icons (we only need two: embedded and linked).
    And if we make the panel wider, more of the filename would be visible, so it also works with long filenames. Meet responsive design

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    Brian D reacted to Sean P in Locate missing resources popup   
    Thank you! I've created you a link to our internal Dropbox account:
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    Brian D reacted to MEB in Multiple Artboards export to PDF as one image rather than pages   
    Hi Brian D,
    We already have this logged from other user's reports. It should be fixed soon. I'm sorry for the incovenience.
    Thanks for your support.
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    Brian D reacted to Sean P in Strokes have gotten even worse in 1.7.0   
    Hi Brian D,

    I've gotten this bumped with development, but glad bumping up the Mitre has stopped the flickering for you!
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    Brian D got a reaction from Sean P in Strokes have gotten even worse in 1.7.0   
    Thank you! I'm guessing that fix has been around a while and I just missed it? Regardless, this is great, really appreciate it!
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    Brian D reacted to Cailum in [AD] Shape Builder Tool   
    Hey Affinity, 
    I love using your software and with each update it's getting better and better. Really looking forward to Publisher dropping shortly as well which will have no doubt focused on all of your attention.
    I use Designer predominately and there are two tools that I know a lot of people would benefit from. I was wondering if they might be in future plans and if there is any time scale?
    1) Shape Builder - i know designer already features similar tools but it would be awesome to have a dedicated tool similar to illustrator which would really help with productivity and accuracy. This thread dates back to 2015 so fingers crossed aha!
    2) Expand Strokes to Shapes -  This would be so useful in so many different ways. 
    Many thanks, 
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    Brian D reacted to Old Bruce in Strokes have gotten even worse in 1.7.0   
    Try changing your Mitre: to 2 instead of the 1.4

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    Brian D reacted to rbsund in Open and Close Curve Icons confusing   
    I literally have to hover and wait for the description every time... this is supposed to be a comic with 2 pictures per icon right? would it be possible to overhaul these icons into something clearer?

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    Brian D reacted to R C-R in Affinity for iPad discount for current paid users?   
    To me, that seems quite an understatement, particularly with the current discount!
    I don't even have a supported iPad (wife has an iPad Air but it is not an Air 2) & I am still considering buying the app at the discount price, just in case I ever get a supported one.  :)
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    Brian D reacted to Jonathan Thomas in When will Affinity Photo be realesed for iPad Pro?   
    This! I bought Affinity Photo and an iPad Pro in anticipation of it being release for the iPad. This would be amazing for my workflow and is basically *the* killer app for the iPad Pro. I'm sure there are some really good reasons why it hasn't been launched yet but for those of us patiently waiting it's agonizing. In the future please don't announce a product so far in advance! It leads to false expectations and by the time it's actually released diminished excitement. Purely speculative but I wonder if the delay has to do with the focus on Affinity for Windows and ensuring that it syncs seamlessly with that version as well?
    If I knew we'd see something in the next couple months I'd invest in moving my workflow over to Affinity products completely but without any kind of timeline it's hard for professionals to make these kinds of decisions. 
    Note that even though I don't actively use Affinity Photo and I'm critical of their iPad release timeline I'm still a huge champion / evangelist and will continue to recommend and purchase any of their photography related products! I want to see Affinity continue to succeed and I only post because I'm invested in that outcome.
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    Brian D reacted to rubs in Designer 1.6 Beta – when?   
    The company is too silent.
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    Brian D reacted to matthiasbasler in Please remember RAW processing settings   
    Most (if not all) RAW processing software I have worked with so far have ways to remember settings and later continue the RAW processing with these settings or perform adjustments to these settings if the final outcome (e.g. final JPG image) proved to be not perfect.
    There are two aspects here which imho need improvement to make this iterating process less frustrating:
    1. Saving photo-specific RAW settings (e.g. to sidecar files)
    Currently Affinity Photo has only one rather cumbersome way to achieve this: You have to create a Preset for each tab where you changed settings and if you re-open the RAW file later you have to load all these presets again. (Affinity Photo shows them selected, but this is irritating since they have not actually been applied. Only after switching to another preset and then back are the changes taking effect. - A small bug I'd say.)
    Most other RAW processing software either automatically stores or optionally allows to store a small sidecar file together with the (unaltered) RAW file so that if the RAW is later opened again, the user can continue where it left off.
    An alternative is Affinity keeping an internal database about the settings of each RAW file, but this approach usually fails if images are moved to a different folder or archived (which happens to all my images after processing) and Affinity doesn't know about this.
    2. Allow switching back to real RAW processing from Photo persona
    Also when I developed a photo and then switched back to the Develop persona (without doing any edits inbetween, I should note), I found myself not editing the original RAW file, but applying further edits on the already processed image. This was a big disappointment, as it defies the benefits of working on the RAW file.
    This means for example that If I found out I applied too strong noise reduction or too strong highlights clipping then switching to Develop again does not help, because what is lost in the developed image cannot be recovered.
    Please offer the user an easy possibility to apply changes to the originally processed image afterwards. (Which means, that the application must remember the RAW settings at the time the image was last developed).
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    Brian D got a reaction from BudemixFus in Assets panel causing workspace to crash and reset to factory   
    As the title says, the assets panel is occasionally causing AD to crash; and on reopening the entire workspace has been reset to factory. It's annoying to say the least.
    Speaking of – I can't seem to find any way to back up my workspace?
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    Brian D reacted to Peregrin in Roughen Curves   
    I know I've suggested a similar feature, but all this talk of smoothing curves brought this up in my mind; in addition to a tool to smooth a curve, Affinity Designer should also have the opposite.  I am of course referring to Midpoint Displacement, which would allow illustrators to make non-uniform curves more easily than having to draw each node individually.

    Being able to smooth curves is indeed important, but as it is, it's really hard to produce a line that doesn't look uniform, and a roughening tool to add pseudorandom midpoint displacement would make illustrating much less time-consuming.
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    Brian D reacted to F_Kal in [AP] Redesigning (Raw) Develop Persona's Escape route   
    I'd like to raise awareness to an issue that's bothering me (and apparently a few others) for over a month now. At first I hoped that my muscle-memory would get used to it; but a few hundred raw photos later, it's still as annoying as the first day.
    I'm referring to the way one can exit/quit/cancel development: it's very counter-intuitive.

    - It's totally understandable that one cannot proceed editing the image, if it hasn't been developed first.
    - It's also understandable that the adjustments in the develop persona, cannot be retained, unless the image gets developed.
    here are the quirks and some workarounds:
    - If develop persona were implemented as a modal, the Esc key should allow one to... escape.
    - If develop persona is not a modal and is a window/tab then Cmd+W and Cmd+Q should both allow you to close the document just like pressing the Cancel or X button (of the tab). The current message box when pressing Cmd+Q/W, is not meaningful: it's merely stating that you have to click elsewhere to cancel/close/quit. Why all the hoops and loops? This is particularly inconvenient when having dozens of develop personas open and you decide it's time to quit the application (or close them all). What could had been done with Cmd+Q is now mouse gymnastics! You have to close every develop persona individually, with the mouse, before you can quit the application.
    - The cancel button, and the X button, shouldn't act differently: As it is, the X button never asks for confirmation, whereas Cancel always does! 
    - when you haven't made any adjustment in the develop persona, canceling should not ask for confirmation. It should be performed silently.
    - The confirmation should be rephrased. The yes no buttons are not very helpful. Yes, I want to cancel? Yes I understand? Yes I want the file saved? Yes I want it developed? If it were a rare occuring dialog, it would be okay to have and read all the text to know the meaning of Yes/No, but I see this dialog more often than I am asked to save a file, and I guess others too; so the buttons have to be as self-explanatory as possible; or the text as short as possible. eg. "Discard Changes?" Yes/No

    An example (not the most thought out apparently) follows - it shows two self-explanatory options: "Cancel & Discard" and "resume developing". 

    It could had been "Discard Changes" and "do not discard" or it could even had been 3 buttons such as "Discard Changes", "resume"/"return" and "develop and Save as...", but you get my drift: it needs rephrasing.
    - Pressing the Esc key while the confirmation is displayed, should work (currently it does nothing). 
    Hope this helps :)
    Now that I got it out of the system,I have to say that I've started to really appreciating the Serif raw engine (and its speed) compared to other raw develop options!!!!
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    Brian D reacted to arangast in Fuji Film Simulations   
    Hello, I've created some HaldCLUT profiles based on Fuji's film simulations that work great with Affinity Photo's LUT adjustments.
    Simply create a LUT adjustment, select "Infer LUT" and in the first dialogue pick "Hald CLUT Identity 12.png" and in the second your chosen simulation.  You can then save the adjustment as a profile for quick use in the future.

    You can read more about them here: http://blog.sowerby.me/fuji-film-simulation-profiles/
    Fuji XTrans II HaldCLUT.zip
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    Brian D got a reaction from davemac2015 in Use gradients from palette as a gradient map?   
    Is it possible to use one of my pre-made gradients from the colour palette as a gradient map? I've tried clicking, dragging, everything I can think of; but I'm stuck with the three built in gradient maps or the option to make mine again from scratch.
    Any ideas?
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    Brian D reacted to MEB in Use gradients from palette as a gradient map?   
    Hi Brian D,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    No, currently you can't use gradients stored in the palettes on the Swatches panel. You only have access to the presets you save from the Gradient Map adjustment dialog.
    I'm moving this thread to the Feature Requests section.
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