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  1. Having a keyboard attached to my iPad and editing text causes the context toolbar to obscure the Deselect/Snapping/Delete-button. A solution would be to move the buttons in the left toolbar vertically so that they are on top of the context toolbar.
  2. I’ve copied some text from a PDF-document on the iPad and pasted in Affinity Designer (in a text frame). Upon closer inspection I see a white background behind the text (not the text frame). How do I get rid of this background, I can’t find an option that correlates to this white background anywhere.
  3. Deselecting the layer before making a selection changes nothing. But even if the locked layer would be selected before I made my new selection I would expect the prior selection to vanish unless I hold the command key. Please see attached file and let me know if there’s something I can do to help. /Joakim B6EA67A5-B85C-41CC-8D52-F71FE4384618.MP4
  4. I can’t replicate the problem in a new file, let me know if you would like a copy of this one.
  5. Version 1.7.1 When dragging to select multiple objects, the locked object below is also selected. See attached video. Please let me know if this is the expected behaviour and if so, how to achieve the desired selection. Expected: The selection should ignore all locked layers. 3B40486D-3404-4C0B-A86E-AC0086B9AEF8.MP4