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  1. Ok, thanks for saving me the time to research. Then even though Pinning is really great my feature request remains
  2. Ahh nice one! Inline-images are also something I've been looking for. Thank you Do you by chance have an idea how to include such a pinned image in a paragraph style?
  3. In one of my projects I have to use a certain shape as bullet point / icon. Keynote allows selecting an image as bullet point.. would be great to have this feature in AP as well.
  4. -1 As a mac user, I find the old icons really offsetting. They look as if they were designed for a space invader game. I can't see any motivation for most of the details except style (and outdated style at that) which is really the worst kind of design method imho. The new ones pick up this legacy, but they are much cleaner and thus more professional looking, so definitely progress imho!
  5. This works really well for me! jfyi
  6. Ah! Thank you. It seems to fix it for artboards added after changing this setting. Should be a default imho!
  7. Here's a screenshot of my pref panel... the bottom four settings translate as: - Tool "move" scale - Create text with mixed gamma - Nudge increments - Nudge with modifier keys increments
  8. We're having the same issue here at work! It's pretty nagging... sadly, I cannot find this decimal places setting in my version of AD.
  9. But it's not obvious in which icons there is a time axis... so I would pledge to keep the arrows... (is anyone from Affinity even reading this? xD) They certainly don't do any harm. I also really liked this proposal as it doesn't need a timeline and once you get it the two are hard to confuse, which doesn't apply to the comic version. Seeing if a curve is closed or open by glancing at which Icon is greyed out would come in really handy!
  10. I literally have to hover and wait for the description every time... this is supposed to be a comic with 2 pictures per icon right? would it be possible to overhaul these icons into something clearer?