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    rosa cobos got a reaction from Jobalou in more two simple tutorials   
    Thank you so much.....your tutorials are clear and very useful. Love these little tips. You can learn a lot from them, without being lost.
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    rosa cobos got a reaction from Deadbyxmas in Affinity illustrations and experiments   
    You have got something really difficult to achieve in the illustration world. Efficiency!!!! To show much with less.:.This is great for the ones that love to learn from others experiments, I am one of these. And must say that I love very much your work.
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    rosa cobos got a reaction from Yannik in Affinity Designer Free Resource Pack   
    Thank you very much for your generous shaering. I have downloaded the whole pack and find it is really useful and really nice to have them.
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    rosa cobos got a reaction from Paul Bravery in Catalogue Cover   
    Hi Paul...
    The size of the file was too big to open in my Ipad. I will look at it in the co mputer. But I wishd to tell you that the cataloge is just great.
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    rosa cobos reacted to Affinity Jack in Affinity Jack Tutorial: mehrere Fotos als mehrere Ebenen importieren (English Subtitles)   
    Hi Rosa,
    I try something:
    È un progetto initiato a richiesta.
    Mi piace aiutare sempre.
    It's Italiano, but one day, when I visited Rome, I spoke with other tourists in the Hotel during the breakfast. After an hour we recognized that they spoke spanish and not Italian. And they came from Orviedo / Spain and not Orvieto/Italy. But it works.... :-)))
    Greetings from Berlin
    (Next week in....... sure , Italy)
    Ciao Jack
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    rosa cobos reacted to LoBu in The Watchman   
    Hello Rosa,
    nice that you like my work.
    The picture is based on the photo of the sculpture "Body of Knowledge". Taken with a Pentax K-5 with 16 MP = 4928 x 3264 pixels with a resolution of 72 pixel/inch.
    Have a nice day, Lothar
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    rosa cobos got a reaction from Affinity Jack in Affinity Jack Tutorial: Dragan Effekt (english subtitles)   
    Thanks a lot. It is one of the most loved effects on photo editing that I have known, I have not an special like for it, but it is for me utmost interesting, specially when you choose such a well sharpped characther to apply it to. It reminds me of the "Save Private Ryan"'s film where Spielberg has turned the whole movie into a huge Drqgan effect, Or....so. Though it tends a bit more toward the sepia....mmmmmkind of greenish, rather that greenish, It gives s sort of "manly effect", so far away from the bright and multicolores tchnicolor films. It gives personality and at atmosphere, So it fits with with your "Cocodrile Dundee". your tuto is clear and calm. Love calmed tutorials. The subtitles adding a comprehensible mood to the voice, and being close to the instructions. You give enough time for getting to them and so I have followed with attentin and ease. Thank you for sharing, As you can see...besides that you deserve this praising, my final mean is to encourage you via prime, to do more and more of them....tutorials, and upload them for our devotion and use...je, je, je......
    Your admirer.
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    rosa cobos got a reaction from Jakerlund in Q: Disintegration Effect   
    Well adapted,, Jakerlund.....I guess that this was the best that could be done to sturm....I love the result.
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    rosa cobos got a reaction from anon1 in Creating Flexible Luminosity Masks in AP   
    The tutorial. is really interesting but I am missing the real thing of it.....I do not know what a luminosity mask is really doing....what a luminosity mask can exactly do in a picture or composite or object ir order to enhance or change its luminosity essence. And though I know what luminosity means and what mask means too I do not see the strict relation of both and the need to get a luminosity in any mask....sorry..may be would need some more information on its basis.
    Thank you so for your tutorial and generous sharing.
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    rosa cobos got a reaction from Affinity Jack in Affinity Jack Tutorial: Planet   
    You are wellcome!!! W say th same in Spanish!. Not flowers at all...strictly truth.
    I was wondering....have you tried in applying a bit of 3d effect on the background. I have done it sometimes in some of my brush texture painting and the result is amazing. Is one of the things that I love so much in affinity...myself always a fan of any 3d digital tool. The depth you get with the effect, and its ability to work with the lighting and applying other color ambiance and so on is really an achievement. Most of the people thinnk that this effect is nice on fonts and lines or shapes of many kinds, Texturizing with a sort of releif is fascinating, But I guess co uld be too much for your grat use of the "ice on concrete" The using of such is original.
    I will for aure, follow your tutorials and study the ones you have alredy uploaded.
    Thanks again for the links and generosityl
    Kind regards fron Bilbao, Spain.
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    rosa cobos got a reaction from InfiniteAffinity in Purchased Affinity Photo   
    Hi friends,
    Just announcing that I have purchased Affinity Photo and hope to have made the best investment with it. I wrote some question yesterday about me no being able to use the "edit in AD or in APH" tool. As I figured out, once that the purchase has been effective, the tool is ready to be used, right now.
    I will be in contact as I will investigate and practice with the app and have the same confidense that you have granted me when any help is needed from you all,
    I wish myself a "bon voyage"!!!! in this Affinity Photo adventure.
    Greetings from Bilbao, Spain.
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    rosa cobos got a reaction from My Strawberry Monkey in Composite in Affinity Photo   
    I know it!!! it is the base of a realynnice tutorial and I must say that I love it!. It givs me...wings!
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    rosa cobos got a reaction from My Strawberry Monkey in I'm going home, to where I belong   
    I would call it..."Encounters with a dream"....the idea is oniric and absolutely precious. Great achievement.
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    rosa cobos got a reaction from A_B_C in Rotating tool. Is there a way to anchor it? Am I missing something?   
    WoW!!!! many ideas...
    I am going to study the three of them..though I have taken a view to the Alex ones and for me, they need a bit more of study.
    Just need time to investigate how to do it and learn from your images and clips. Then, in case I won´t manage to do it, I will send post a sort of trial shape in course, on order to see how  you could I do it with it.
    Thanks a lot MBd...(I am waiting for the Ipad Affinity too...intensly!!)
    Thank you so, Alex..your movs. have been so great to see and learn from..
    Thanks again, Gear maker. I will study your point of view!!
    Kind greetings from Bilbao, Spain,
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    rosa cobos reacted to gpetrunc in Fox design   
    Please let me know what you guys think ! 

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    rosa cobos reacted to ronniemcbride in how are brushes made?   
    I going to have to create a tutorial on this but read the help on brushes. 
    1. create an image  in Affinity 256 x 256 px square
    2. add a black background
    3. draw your subject ( in your case the stitch in white)
    4. export a .png file 
    5 create a new brush based on your png image
    6. double click the brush in the tool to envoke the brush editor
    7. change setting to repeat and adjust the stroke to the size you want ( this sets the default)
    8. done rename your brush if you like.
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    rosa cobos got a reaction from stokerg in A way to increase the size in pixels once you decided to export a work or a slice, layer erc.   
    Thank you very much.
    I will try your instructions on.
    At last I got to manage it, but without an enormous expense of energy for so much trial and error, and I am not sure of my procedings. In one of them....beleive me....I found that once I had re-sized that object that was already finished but done in a quite little little canvas, with many others, the result was a 20.000 x more or less 18.000 pixels!!!!! of size. So...not wishing really you telling my what may had hapenned I feel now more inclined to try your info. I will re-comment if I find some problems with it.
    I am sending you warm greetings from Bilbao,Spain.
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    rosa cobos got a reaction from bodobe in retro   
    Iis deally nice to see and learn from, I love the way you have modelled the strokes. This tool for shaping the strokes is fantastic in AD. The hair is wonderful and the texturizing is sending a deep understanding of the grungingnátmosphere, Love the shading of gold and the strong personality of the whole,
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    rosa cobos reacted to IsabelAracama in Bubble   
    Just purchased Affinity 2 mins ago (finally).
    I had made this bubble artwork some time ago with the beta version, and first time using it!
    I have different versions of it, with different software, and Affinity Designer performed very good.
    It has a friendly and fast learning curve and no cumbersome actions, or bloating in it.

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    rosa cobos got a reaction from anon1 in Skew and perspective tool   
    Hi friends,
    I just have landed in here, after like four days trying the app. I must say that after the buying of the item I am feeling even happier, but somehow, having dealt with vectorials programs like AI and other apps in my aipad, I am missing a tool that is really important and that is the skewing and the perspective tool. I guess that you can miss those without interfering with the work flow, just using other means, but it would be just great to have them. Comparing can not be obviated....
    Thanks a lot for your presence both as guide and community,
    Hope my topic will increase your desire for giving us, the community dwellers some happy news in the future.
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    rosa cobos reacted to MattP in How to make egg shapes   
    Here's how to draw a simple egg using the least points (and time!). Hope this helps...

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