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  1. Ok. The terminology affinity is using seems to be different. I was used to making SHIFT + RETURN that several applications use. If it's a universal shortcut I do not know ... in Affinity, this shortcut does not work after all :-/ Thank you all for the info
  2. Not the same thing Line Break its not FORCED Line Break
  3. I agree with jocstone. Its more easy do select an object and define an overprint than create a lots os colors specifically to overprint... you can make a mistake and select an object with that color.I need a single color in my color palette to behave in different ways.
  4. I do the same question here. Where is possible to control the overprint colors? I can't find in the app.
  5. Hey haakoo... very nice tip, Thank you
  6. Hi! I try harder to search for a LINKS window in Studio palete. This a missing important feature. As publisher designer I do a lots of advertising and its very important to have a control over the imported image in the document. I need to know if the image is in RGB or CMYK mode, what is the ICC profile, The actual PPI and the effective PPI... in order to export a decent PDF to the media. I attach a capture of what I talk about
  7. Yes, I agree with Átila: Where is the the Portuguese - Portugal language please? One important feature that is missing is "Forced Line Break" ! Auto-hyphenation seems not working, at least for the portuguese (brasil). Thank you very much for the Beta. Its nice.
  8. Jobalou

    Insecto Design Artwork

    Nice Work: Congrats
  9. Jobalou

    Marine Theme

    Fantástico! Muito bom. Congratulations
  10. Jobalou

    Nobody Needs Adobe

    Wow! All illustrations are extraordinary, but I like especially the "Amsterdam image" with the meticulous work of the basket and the lace dress. Very nice work.
  11. Hi to all, Again one of my tutorials with a very simple and quick way to do a "Scroll Shape" with text on a path. This is not a very sophisticated tutorial, and does not teach anything new to the "Pro" :-) Thanks for watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hC2xiQjerOw
  12. Jobalou

    Vector Metal Effect

    Wow! Very elegant and refined design. Thank you Ronnie
  13. Jobalou

    Before and After using Affinity Photo

    Nice Work. I like it too.
  14. Jobalou

    Blue Bunny

    Lots and lots of work, yes... but at the end, a wonderful masterpiece! Congrats :-)

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