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  1. SuperBadger

    Boas Festas

    Hi all, My company's Holidays Greetings this year were made in AD :) Very simple work.
  2. SuperBadger

    Marine Theme

    Hey, Here's some recent work for a sea-themed client. My first fully made in Affinity. A real pleasure, intuitive and fluid, even on my 2008 MacBook. Not going back for sure. :)
  3. SuperBadger

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, My name is Sérgio Cabral. I'm a graphic designer from Portugal and through the years I've gone from Corel Draw to Illustrator for all my vector needs, but always kept looking around for a true alternative. Affinity Designer seems to be just that, and both the development roadmap and the current software features already promise a brilliant future. I'm betting on that and joining in. So good luck everybody!