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How to make egg shapes

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Yay! Well done MattP: so simple, way easier than the Bezier tool tutorial. Pop this on MEB's page http://mixmediasalad.com too! 


What we need is more of this ultra simple yet effective hints like this. :D  :D  :D  :ph34r:

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Hey Guys and Gals,


so I was searching the web for good Easter Egg designs and as an Affinity User, I was happy to see that you guys were experimenting with this stuff too, so I took the 3D effect of Affinity a step further. All your designs are great, but lack the actual roundness of a real 3D egg (no offense ;)). I took half the width of the egg and set the radius of the 3D effect to it plus the curved profile and a bit of fiddeling with the spec and shininess and it turned out great. Here's a picture of the result in AD. What do you think?



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Yes, of course :) It actually is pretty simple:


So, first I used the egg template of MattP.

I roughly measured the width of the egg at the "equator" (do eggs have equators?) with two vertical guide lines.

The width of the egg template is about 547px. I then divided it by 2 to get half the width ( approx. 273px) put the result

into the Radius of the 3D effect and just played with the settings of the shininess and the other parameters.


In AD the Radius is max 100px if you use the slider, but when you manually feed it with higher values it will apply them as well.

I know this from other programs where it's similiar, very often you have to manually type in values that are not supported otherwise.

It's worth trying this on other options too, if you think the "standard" effect is too low.


Hope you can follow this short instruction, if you have problems, tell me. I could create a video tutorial to show it on screen, actually,

I definitely create a short tutorial on this and share it on youtube. :)



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