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  1. Place an image in the center with ctrl + click or top-left corner with shift + click Russell
  2. When creating texture maps I sometimes forget to turn off the uv's layer and then see it on my exported texture map. It would be nice if the popup menu for the layer had "Exclude from Export" and then it would ignore that layer when exporting. This would also be helpful for a notes layer, etc., etc. Russell
  3. No matter what tool is being used, I would like to know the x, y location of the mouse pointer / cursor. Maybe put it in the status / info bar at the bottom of the screen.
  4. I was thinking global as in Adobe Illustrator, but after reading some more about it, it sounds like a different feature. I like Illustrator's global color checkbox (in the dialogue panel after you double-click a swatch) which lets you change that 'global' color swatch's color value, then any objects with that color swatch applied to it also gets the new color value. I would like to be able to do this in Affinity also, it's very efficient and keeps you from having to find (and change) every object with that swatch applied to it :)
  5. I just discovered the 'Add Global Colour to Swatch,' but after I added it I couldn't tell the difference in a Local and Global color swatch. Is there a way to do this, or do we need a badge/identifier added to the global color swatches in a future update? Thanks for any help!
  6. I use this colour calculator now and then, sure would be nice to have one in the Studio menu: http://www.sessions.edu/color-calculator It lets you pick a base color and then calculates the Complementary, Monochromatic, Analogous, Split Complementary, Triadic, Tetradic colors ...
  7. My .afdesign files do show up in Finder's preview: I did have problems with no image files showing up in Finder's preview, I think it was after installing a Flash (Player?) update. I had to re-install OSX 10.10.2 to get the previews to show again. Do your other image files show up?
  8. @ ronnyb, it's just geometry. Just duplicate the original letters, make the ones behind fill and stroke orange, then shift the orange ones. Very simple, but effective :)
  9. Hi sreemati, to add a little 'spice' to it without changing it a lot, you could add a flare of the orange from the tag line. I did this by adding a thin white stroke to the black 'O', duplicate the 'O', give the 'O' behind an orange stroke and fill color, then offset the orange 'O' a little. Of course, you can shift it in any direction you like ...
  10. @ peter, Thanks, that's a bit more than I'd like to try. But that is my second favorite album cover, after Out of the Blue :)
  11. You can rotate an egg and give it a transparent elliptical gradient fill to make balloons also
  12. Ok, thanks MEB! I thought it might ask me for my info and check a database for my purchase at the end of the trial. I have monthly limits with my internet provider and didn't want to download the purchased version unless it was absolutely necessary. I'm off to the Mac App Store ...
  13. I purchased AD, then started using the customer beta (which said nothing about a 10 day trial), then I had OS problems and erased my drive, re-installed OSX 10.10.2. After that I just downloaded the beta again, and when I installed it, it said it was a 10 day trial. What do I need to do to get rid of the trial limit, but keep using the customer beta version? It's been about five days so far into the trial ...
  14. Awesome job! The skull looks like it was rendered in a 3D app :)
  15. I found Affinity Designer after deciding not to continue with Adobe Illustrator's monthly subscripton fees (after using it for several years). To learn the interface and tools, I decided to hand trace the classic Electric Light Orchestra logo from the 1976 "A New World Record" album cover. I love using AD, and looking forward to more features that will make it even better than Illustrator :)
  16. It sure would be nice if we could see the slices' bounding boxes while in Draw / Pixel Personas. Maybe it could be an option in the View menu as 'Show Slices' toggled with 'Hide Slices' :)
  17. A lot of times when I convert a type object to curves, I'll come back later and want to use the same font again but can't remember its name. I would like the 'Convert to Curves' feature to put the name of the font that was converted in the layer with the converted curves (maybe hidden/locked also) - I know I could do this myself, but I never remember to do it :)
  18. Same problem for me, but I was thinking maybe just being able to "Show Slices" via the View menu while in the Draw or Pixel Personas ? This way, you could see where the slices are and draw inside them ...
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