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Michael A. Lowry

Nordic Rowing Club of Zurich coat of arms

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The coat of arms of my rowing club, Nordiska Roddföreningen i Zürich was hand drawn in 1893. A simplified version was later created at some time in the late 1990s or early 2000s.

I’ve redrawn the coat of arms from scratch in Affinity Designer.

The new CoA uses modern flags and a straightened shield, but otherwise hews pretty close to the 1893 design. ( I've included both earlier versions too for comparison.)

I’d love to get feedback and suggestions. I’m particularly interested in learning more about how to convincingly simulate:

  • Draped fabric (Current approach: shading overlays: shapes filled with elliptical semi-transparent gradients)
  • Woodgrain (Current approach: brown color + 5% noise + shading overlays)
  • Paper texture (Current approach: similar to wood)

Thanks for your input!



NRF poster.jpg

NRF 1893 vapen.jpg


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Looks very nice :)

A few thoughts…

  1. The bevel on the shield looks smooth and perfect (computer generated) where the folds of the flags look stylized and simplified. I'd like to see the shield have the same simplified bevel.
  2. The grey outline on your flags looks a bit harsh / stark. Perhaps it isn't quite the right colour? Darker or with a bit of colour (more brown like the original)? Perhaps use pressure profile to ad a subtle variation to the stroke width?
  3. I wonder if shadows falling from the upper objects onto the lower objects would make the logo pop? Again I'd prefer the simple style rather than a perfectly rendered shadow.

All just opinions - they may all be ignored!

Impressive work :) I can see you've put a lot of time and skill into it.

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Posted (edited)


Thanks for the compliments & feedback.

The flags don't have a bevel at all; they just have a few gradients overlaid. I'm not sure if I'll keep the shield bevel, but I will at least keep the border.

The flag border is a rope brush in yellow. It's quite narrow, so you might need to view at full magnification to see it. Perhaps it should be a bit wider.

Drop shadows can work depending on situation/medium. I’m concentrating on a simple case to begin with, and I also want to ensure that the CoA looks good even without details like this. I think shadows and other effects could add value later!

Thanks again!

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