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Envelope distortion

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I have been a user of DrawPlus for few years before I welcome Affinity Designer into my PC.   Now, I have to go back to my DP8 just to use some feature I cannot find in the new software: e.g. Envelope distortion.   This particular one is so easy to use, it applies distortion to almost everything, including fonts and shapes, etc.    If anyone knows where it is within Affinity Designer, please, let me know.  One more thing: please, don't tell me to use nodes, because that's silly.  Why would I draw fonts just to distort them later, when I can do it directly, type something and reshape it as I please ?   ok thanks all for your help.

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This is seriously the only thing that's stopping me from dropping my Adobe membership.... it's like leaving Green out of RGB... I find it VERY strange that this tool wasn't a part of the base set as it it so elementary. As a production designer and as a graphic artist, not having an envelope tool (like CorelDraw's) is unimaginably frustrating.

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MEB, your "roadmap" link in your answer take me to your post from 2014..... unless there is an error in that too....

I have the latest version of Designer 1.6+ and there is no "Mesh warp/distort tool"


I'm not giving up in my DrawPlus X8 just yet.....

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36 minutes ago, Con Con said:

I have the latest version of Designer 1.6+ and there is no "Mesh warp/distort tool"


As @MEB indicated, the roadmap covers features planned for the 1.x cycle. Now that version 1.6 has been released, any features which were added in 1.6 should be removed from the roadmap if they haven't already been.

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We have been using Affinity Designer in our studios for years. We very rarely finish a job without having to export it to Serif software from 2015 to finish it.

There are so many essential tools missing that were available way back then. Break Curve Apart, Vector Distortion, Bitmap Trace, Smart Vector fill and many more.

Six years on and we are still waiting for these basics that Serif know how to make because they did successfully for years.

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14 hours ago, spidermurph said:

Six years on

Seven years in a few weeks😶


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