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Scaling designs with contraints

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Good morning, afternoon, evening (pick you fav.)!


I'm working a —lot— with constraints.

It's an incredible time saver. But not always… :(


  • Lets say you've designed a complex element, using a lot of constraints, groups, subgroups, children, etc.
  • All of this is perfectly working with constraints when you resize the element (wider or higher).
  • But now, you need to change it's size for any of the many reasons that could exist.
  • I really mean you have to —scale— up/down everything: texts, shapes, etc. At this moment, you —don't— want any of the constraints to apply.

I've not found yet anything that would allow me to do this.

  • Didn't found a shortcut to temporarily deactivate constraints.
  • Didn't found an button to reset/remove —all— constraints of an element and —all— it's children.
  • --> My only workaround (and I hate it), was to duplicate the element, and manually destroy all the work done (delete all groups, children, clips, set everything to one single level), and then apply a default constraint to all.
  • My work is composed of a —huge— amount of elements, and the time lost to do the above is killing me :(

Am I missing something?

All the best


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Hey guys, I'm new here.  Pretty impressed with affinity designer, mainly got it because the constraints seemed so useful for responsive design.


I think you can bypass the constraints using the additional handle to the bottom right of the the container - using that the whole thing scales proportionally disregarding what constraints are set


Affinity Designer - Mac OS X

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Hi ralphonz,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

The additional handle is used to scale text frame objects (or groups/selections containing text frame objects) where you want to scale the text rather than reflowing it inside their frame. The regular corner handles will make the text reflow. This will not affect constraints no matter the handle you use.

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Yeah i see that now I've had a little longer to get used to the program.  I'd really like to see a way to temporarily disable constraints too, like Tazintosh.  Any plans to implement this?  As he says it would greatly improve productivity!


Affinity Designer - Mac OS X

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