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  1. Thanks for this. But I can't use a keyboard shortcut to add one?
  2. I'm using a Stream Deck and I'd love to have the ability to add an asset. The assets I've got are very hard to see on the pallet and it's often a pain finding them. Is there a way to have my StreamDeck at least allow me to add the assets as 1,2,3 or, ideally, with text of what they are.
  3. Thanks so much. I made a copy and then applied that to the whole document and began the long process of tweaking but then I realised that that meant that my outside border wouldn't be uniform. It's the same thing if I make it 25, 22.5, 22.5, 22.5 isn't it?
  4. Think I may be in a muddle. I thought I'd made my guides so they were square and equally spaced. It turns out that they're not. What have I done wrong? Bit concerned as I've now almost finished an entire book!
  5. Yeah. I worked this out. makes sense though it's a head f**k at the start. I'm guessing either publisher has already converted my files to CMYK or will do so on export and give me a good look at them. The one thing I'm worried about is I've covered up some writing on images with a rectangle of the same colour and I don't want it to print or see them as two different colours.
  6. I only discovered the problem when I was using some brighter colours which, when I pasted a jpeg into the document, looked very muted. I'm making a book for my Dad. I thought I was almost done. I really didn't know much about the colour differences; only that the colour picker on my Mac would give me a different colour when I inputted the values into affinity publisher. Blurb provides its own icc profile which I've been using. The book document is in CMYK. What on earth do I do? Do I need to go back and convert all RGB images to CMYK? Even when I did a demo convers
  7. Sorry to hop on this so late but I'd like Text Frame Styles so that I can apply insets. I can't see that this is possible at the moment.
  8. Just want to confirm; there's no way to set a Text Frame style without using the Style style is there? So if I want my pull quote to have 10mm inset at the top and 10mm inset at the bottom I can't do this without setting it as a style and then applying the Style style and the Paragraph style to each of my pull quotes. Presumably the Style style contains everything but, in case I want to change anything (except inset which i can't?) it's best to have the two applied, right?
  9. Gotcha. Thanks. But what could a paragraph style conflict with a character style? And what does it mean when it gives the me the option of selecting the type. And then why does it say "No Style" instead of just having nothing selected. Presumably the below image means that the selected object has the Paragraph Style character style "Quote" [in which I actually do stipulate the character] but no Character style. See that's where i get confused. I'm stipulating the character style from within the paragraph style. I also find the lack of a text frame style very odd. W
  10. Ah. Yes. Paragraph Style. I think the problem is that I'm not understanding the styles. There seem to be three/four 1. Character Style 2. Paragraph Style 3. Group Style (Presume this is both of the above) 4. Style Style The fourth confuses me slightly because it contains all of them and text frame style? And it can't be updated; just replaced and then you must replace all the different parts that have that Style style. Is there a good explainer on this? Tried YT but can only really find videos on either character style or paragraph style and not the two an
  11. Still having a few problems. The text and the decoration don't seem to move independently. Also, when I double click at the bottom middle grab handle, isn't it meant to resize it to fit all the text? Currently it resizes it to just fit one line of text which I find odd. I wasn't but I'm now using the latest version from the app store (1.9.1) I didn't realise I wasn't before! Affinity_Decoration.mov
  12. That's so strange. When I do that; literally copied your version, the decoration comes with the text; i.e the text and the line indent!
  13. This doesn't seem to work for me. How are you indenting the text inside the frame?
  14. I'm trying to make sure that there's always 10mm space between the top and bottom of the title and whatever is above and below it. Sometimes I need to go off the grid I have and I've discovered it helps me make certain. Also it snaps.
  15. This seems odd to me. Is it a bug or a setting I've gotten wrong. Bug_or_wrong.mov
  16. I can turn of snapping and do it manually but I'm wondering whether I'm doing this the right way: with a text decoration and an indent of -7.8 I'm trying to learn best practices (something I've not done for many many other applications!) Affinity_Snapping.mov
  17. : thanks @loukash and thanks @German_Printer Oddly it now puts a hyphen in the name; it didn't show the option of no hyper.
  18. That's a good idea but I have a bunch of them and Im still working on the layout so I was hoping to do it automatically.
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