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  1. Not switch sides as in defect but, rather, switch its margin from the left to the right hand side? I want to mix and match my master pages (as in not have them always as spreads). When I add a master it gives me the option of "Single" or "Facing" which I find a bit confusing because can't I have a single page that is also the facing page? Anyway; is there a way of dealing with this? thanks.
  2. I can't for the life of me work it out. Affinity_Publisher_Text_Different_Size.mov
  3. Brill. Yes. Thank you. It was the baseline. Is it sensible, then, to keep the baseline as less than the line spacing? I suppose you must otherwise it will snap to the baseline instead.
  4. Actually; where do I change the line-spacing if not the leading-override? The paragraph leading doesn't seem to do anything and I can change the leading in the character panel but I want to change it for the entire style, no?
  5. I do not. I was just fiddling because I couldn't work out what was going on. Baseline is a good shout. Didn't think of that. I take it I need to make my baseline grid more dense to get the line spacing I want?
  6. Any ideas? I can't get it to behave and I don't know what's going on. Affinity_Publisher_Leading.mov
  7. Great. Thanks. So ignore the grid, basically. The margins are already set from the template (which is why my text is so far down). The template is from the Blurb In Design plugin. if I do want to move the text further in should I change the margins OR adjust the Column Guides (or perhaps even just put some of my own guides in) and then hide the margin?
  8. Hi Garry, thanks for the reply. It's a book for my dad; an autobiography that I'm adding lots of pictures to. Lots of text though and I'm trying to put it all together in different ways. It's a double spread 30x30cm book. Here are some of the spreads I've been working on. I'm trying to keep it interesting but I've discovered that i need to make sure all my rules are in place (re:spacing) otherwise I end up in a mess (as I did in In Design).
  9. Can anyone help me? Finding this hard to understand. Affinity_Publisher_Grid_Baseline_Question.mov
  10. I get that but nothing in my project uses pixels and I’m exporting without rasterising. The only time pixels come into the picture is where my artboard is in relation to the project. That, to me, makes no sense.
  11. Yeah. Thanks. That worked. I think it's awful that I have to worry about pixel placement when working in something that is solely vector. Especially when it's about the pixel placement of the artboard itself inside- what?- a vector matrix? Do I need to worry about the stuff inside of the artboard too? Where that is placed in terms of pixels? Should I increase the artboard "size" to accommodate for this? Thanks.
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