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  1. It's about workflow: being able to fit it to the width gives you a better idea of what it would look like when constrained to a screen. as the user of a website never see the entire page on a screen - they have to scroll (usually) - it's not very helpful to see the whole height. constantly adjusting the zoom is a pain, would be good if there was a quick way to do it.
  2. Is there a way to make this so it only zooms to the width of the artboard? For designing responsive websites, I don't want it to fit the height, only the width!
  3. Can you convert an existing working area in a non-artboard document to an artboard? I can't find any easy way to do this, please don't say you have to create a whole new document from scratch!
  4. Hi, Does anyone know how I can align a nested object to it's parent's centre? For example I can align two objects that are not nested by selecting them both and setting align to "selection bounds" but I i want to align to the object that I am "inside of" this doesn't work...
  5. Yeah, this gap thing is incredibly annoying. Why is there a gap in the first place? It makes no sense that there should be a gap in the stroke if there is no gap in the line... Looks like more a bug than a feature request to me.
  6. Hi, Lets say I have an object with a brush applied to it. I come back to work on the same image a few days later. How do I find out which brush I used? When I select the object you would expect the corresponding brush to become selected in the brushes panel but it does not. The tooltip in the brushes panel gives you the name of the brush, but no where can i find the name of the brush applied to the object.... Do you see my predicament here? I downloaded a lot of brushes and I usually change the stroke size of an object after applying the brush, I really need to be able to find the same brush within the many brushes on my computer!
  7. Thanks for the answers but I think you both misunderstand me. I'm not resizing objects with the move tool, with or without the shift key. I am assigning constraints to objects via the constraints panel (https://vimeo.com/182383578) and then pasting those objects onto a different artboard of a different width and/or height. For some objects I would like to maintain their aspect ratio. For example I may constrain an object to the left and right sides of the artboard and when I paste it to a wider artboard the width will increase but not necessarily the height with is a problem in some cases - for example with an rectangle object that might contain a raster image.
  8. No we're talking about getting the text to wrap, or rather flow, around objects not within its frame. The work around mentioned is pretty good though:
  9. Hi, I'm sorry if this has already been asked but I can't seem to maintain aspect ratio of an object when using constraints. for example, I have a button which is a rounded rectangle, and inside there is some text. I want the text to remain the same distance from the top and bottom of the button when the button is resized, but when the text object changes size I want it to maintain is aspect ratio so that I don't end up with weird stretched text. Similarly, I have a layout with a hero image. When I paste it to a new artboard I want the hero image to touch the left and right edges of the artboard but the height to adjust so that the aspect ratio is always maintained and the image never appears stretched... I've been playing around with the constraints for nearly an hour but can't get it to behave. Any tips on maintaining aspect ratio?
  10. Yeah, as a website designer, I really would love to have text wrapping in Designer. It's a pretty important thing to be able to do quickly as it comes up all the time.
  11. Thanks for the reply MEB I'll try that. It's a shame you can't make a vector brush as opposed to a raster one!
  12. Hi, I have a wavy line like the one in this post: How could I wrap this path around a circle? Apologies if this has been addressed before, I could only find information about wrapping text along a path but I want to wrap a path along a path...
  13. Yeah i see that now I've had a little longer to get used to the program. I'd really like to see a way to temporarily disable constraints too, like Tazintosh. Any plans to implement this? As he says it would greatly improve productivity!
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