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Affinity Designer Tut - Text Wrap

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Hi guys,

I made a simple tutorial to imitate 'Text Wrap' function since AD doesn't support it or i couldn't find how to do it. It's not very quick solution but will work until developers give us that.

Better and quicker solutions are very welcome.


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You have to go that way, if are not willing to accept, that AD is an application to create illustrations and not layouts. But …


Of course, one can wait 1-2 years for the Affinity Publisher application, or perhaps choose not to do layouts until APub is doing well (like multiple years), or perhaps one can simply use another application and only create illustrations with AD.


What a silly argument. Layouts are done in every other design application that has pretty much ever been created. But I tell ya what, keep telling yourself and everyone that will listen that text wrap should not be in a vector design application.


Why dirty up a user's post that is only trying to aid others with this drivel?



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mac_heibu it's your second time you insist this app is not for publishing / layouts however this is not a illustration specified app i suppose. While designing most of designer needs those elements.


You may not aware what design meaning but please be more supportive. And unless you will add something useful please don't reply my post if you don't mind.


Thank you.

Win 10 Home - 64 Bit on Asus X55A (original specs except SSD)

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In reality that very feature 'Text Wrap' is badly needed for anyone in the business at one point - thats not a desktop publishing specific one but a essential function for each and every layout that includes text.

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I totally agree that some form of text wrap is important for AD to have. To insist that AD is "merely" for design is like saying that Word Processors are just good for writing advertising copy. 




If text wrap is added to AD toolbox, it doesn't mean that you can't just keep on using it to create illustrations. Just like with the additions of UI tools and such doesn't mean I have to use them for every project. Just like Clip Studio Paint can do comic lettering, I don't use it, I'd rather do lettering in AD (which it is much better than the "standard" app from the Red Brick Haus). However, if one would follow the logic of post #5, I shouldn't use AD for comic lettering. I should "make do" with an inferior result because that app is "meant" to do comic lettering.


There's been a number of posters/fliers I had to use AD for and faking word-wrap to complete, as I don't have a desktop publisher app (yet -- waiting on Godot, I mean Affinity Publisher :D ). Adding Text Wrap would save the user a bit of time, allow for more flexibility and really, be a win-win for everybody. I'm not expecting AD to be a DTP app, but don't tell the 64 page comic I'm in the middle of working on, please. It's what I have now and it works, but could work better. And TBH, the method outlined in the OP works really well and is quite simple to do, I actually just create an shape with the pen tool instead of using the outline stroke, as I have a lot fewer nodes to contend with and can make changes easily. Besides, depending on the text alignment and shape of the text "frame" the border of the text "frame" need not be exact.

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