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Hey Everyone!


I have been lurking these forums for about as long as I've been using Affinity Designer and Photo (which is to say "a while"). In that time I have weened myself off of the Adobe creative suite and have fallen in love with Affinity's apps.


One of the largest hurdles in abandoning the adobe boat was that I was leaving an array of brushes/tool presets I had amassed over the years. Instead of lamenting my perceived loss- I decided to start building anew and create my own tools. In doing so, I discovered new processes and possibilities with a workflow build around Affinity- it's been enlightening to make tools within a tool.


What resulted is a slew of intensity texture brushes that simulate some of my favorite drawing/painting tools. I love the process of drawing all the way down to the tactile experience. I designed these vector brushes to tap into the fun of putting pen to paper.


I created 3 major sets which are all included in the box set. I also have a Sample Set and Bamboo Set which are free to download! HERE


The Hand Lettering Set was created from a TON of hi-res scans of my lettering pens to capture the characteristics of each one. You have pretty much all the big players present: Copic, Tombow, Sakura, Pigma, Pentel, and Pilot.  while drawing letterforms gesturally on my Wacom.


The Pen & Ink Set contains a variety of brush scans, textures, and other drawing materials (sometimes Frankenstein'd together) to create a unique set of strokes for drawing/inking.


The Sumi-E Set took inspiration from making hand lettering brushes and extended that to try and recreate strokes of Japanese ink paintings. The best way I can characterize them is that they're unpredictable, smooth, and didactic. Each brush is cleverly named after a different mountain in japan in both English and Japanese.


For examples of every single stroke in these sets download the full manifest. FULL MANIFEST

Otherwise, there are few examples of each below!


I hope you like using these brushes and make great work with them. 


Let me know what you think!  :D





















Tablet Users!



Don't forget to change the controller to Brush Defaults in the menu bar to take advantage of your tablets pressure sensitivity.






Not working, and its link to a really weird CSS broken website

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I have started working on a bunch of pixel brushes brushes, and hope to finish them by the beginning of 2017.


They won't be perfect 1:1 versions of the vector brushes, but will attempt to accomplish some parity- for instance, I want brushes that have the same effect as Sumi ink, or have a finish like some of the pens/markers, but allow for a level of expression that pixel painting offers.


I am curious though which of the vector brushes you'd like a pixel version of.


Thanks for the interest!

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Hi everyone!
I hope the new year has been good to everyone so far. I’ve been working on some new brushes and wanted to share the update! I've now doubled the total number of brushes since the inception of these sets. The Box Set now has 300 Brushes. If you purchased it from Gumroad you’ll find the set has been updated with all the new brushes and all you need to do is re-download it.
New Old Set Consolidation
I’ve consolidated all of the individual sets (Sumi-E, Hand Lettering, Pen&Ink etc) into two: Drawing & Painting. I want any future updates to be easy on everyone (including myself) so I figured just break it down like so:
Drawing set
  • New Charcoal and Graphite [Raster and Vector]
  • Pen and Ink
  • Hand Lettering
Painting Set:
  • New Watercolors [Raster]
  • Sumi-E
  • Painterly (Formerly Tubro Rad)

All of the individual sets have been discontinued (Unpublished from Gumroad) and if you purchased any of them you'll soon receive an E-mail with a link to download the corresponding set (drawing or painting - whichever one yours fell in) at no cost.
Also, just for Members of this forum, the first 50 sets of the Drawing & Painting sets are completely free. Just follow the links and Enjoy!
The Sample Set also has a few new additions in it and is still totally free. (if you downloaded it before Jan 15th go ahead and re-download the update.) 
One of the most frequent questions I'm asked is, "Are there Raster versions of these brushes?" The answer to that has always secretly been "yes, but I don't think they're very good yet." I'm continually learning and experimenting with different brushes, textures, and effects while narrowing down how to make them feel and look good. Well, I've finally completed two sets that I think both accomplish just that!
Charcoal and Graphite
Drawing is THE foundation of how I think and approach image making (among other things). So it was only natural that it was the first on the list of brushes I wanted to make. It allowed me to focus on creating brushes that gave a variation in value and texture and also responded to the types of pressure that I was applying to the tablet. All of these brushes simulate various graphite pencils, compressed charcoal, colored pencils, and erasers. I am especially proud of the colored pencil which accumulates really nicely for gestalt blending effects.
There is also a charcoal and graphite vector set. The first 11 brushes were designed to repeat infinitely so the path will look seamless as you draw. The others are designed for much shorter strokes/hatching.






My favorite medium is Watercolor. I like it because it forces me to rethink how I perceive and plan color and value. It's also a medium that reminds me to relinquish control and just let things flow. My favorite watercolorist is by far Winslow Homer, he could say a lot with a little and really make watercolor sing. These raster brushes are arranged in order of application: Washes, rounds, and then dry brushing (which I learned by studying Homer's paintings). They feel just as light and unforgiving as real watercolors can, and also give a nice array of textures and pearly color.



As always if you have any questions or just want to say hey, don’t hesitate to give me a shout here, on twitter (@jeflbrown) or send me an email hello@jefbrown.com. If you like my work spread the word, and if you made something awesome with my brushes I'd love to see it.

The next set I am working on is inking. here's a preview of a brush I'm this close to getting to look and feel like a Copic marker.
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Hi, I got the email, thanks, but on clicking the 'UPDATE' button it takes me to a page asking for payment; there does not seem to be any link to get the updated files without paying again. Is this correct?


Thanks in advance.



iMac: iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, 2017)  -   3.4 GHz Intel Core i5   -   8 GB 2400 MHz DDR4  -  Radeon Pro 560 4096 MB 

Windows: Nvidia GTX 960m 4k UHD 2gb ram video (Windows 10 Pro) -  Laptop screen (resolution 3840x2160 magnified 300%)

2nd Monitor: Phillips 226E9Q HD 1920 x 1080 (125%)

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Hi, I got the email, thanks, but on clicking the 'UPDATE' button it takes me to a page asking for payment; there does not seem to be any link to get the updated files without paying again. Is this correct?


Thanks in advance.




Hey, Sorry for the mistake. I just sent everyone an email explaining the error, What you need to do is log into your Gumroad account and download the Box Set from your library- it should contain all the updated files.


Thanks! and let me know if you have any trouble

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Hey dude, buyed your Set today and I was trying to Install the Watercolour-Set. But I do not see this in the List. The system told me, it's installed but it doesn't show me the Option in the brush-drop-down-menu. 

maybe something wrong because of the Update? 


Hey, Would you happen to be in the Pixel Persona (for Designer)? If you're in the Draw Persona the brushes won't show up as they are not vector brushes.


Let me know if you have any success

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