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  1. Hey, There is no difference in the bundles. Thanks for your interest, I hope you like them if you decide to purchase them
  2. You are welcome. I want to impart a few more pieces of advice, but before I do I want to acknowledge that the pandemic has turned everything upside down, and adds another layer of complexity to establishing or re-establish yourself, but I believe it is possible. Having that said, don't rely on the idea of talent as the source of permission to become an artist or learn a new trade. Talent is how a novice interprets hard work. I also started drawing when I was very young, but it was only until I made an effort to sharpen those skills did I find myself improving. Also, for as much as I know or as skilled as I may be- I still have so much to learn and improve upon. Drawing is a lifelong pursuit that I don't think I'll ever feel "finished" learning. It's great that you have a passion for drawing and that you have pencil/paper by your side. The best thing I was ever told early in my Art education was, "If you can draw- you can do absolutely anything" it's absolutely true- and applies to more than just visual art. With that, hone your skills in drawing with paper/pencil first and foremost- it will make learning digital illustration and whatever else so much easier. If you need a syllabus to study by try this: Learn to draw objects in perspective Study the human figure Study the work of old masters Study nature, in nature. Finally, it's okay to feel frustration, it will occur and get the best of you no matter how skilled you become. Accept that you'll become frustrated, and try and learn to occasionally harness it to your benefit rather than allow it to discourage your effort. Again, I hope this advice was helpful and that you continue to pursue a life of art making, I am cheering for you. -J
  3. I know this was posted a while ago, but I have been thinking about it ever since and wanted to submit some kind of reply to it. Firstly, I do thank you for the consideration of asking. As blatant as it may be, there is a modicum of respect in requesting charity, especially since there's a good chance that you've since acquired my work (and the work of others) for no cost anyway. To answer your question, no, it wouldn't cost me much to hand over my work to you for free. However, I don't think, you've considered what it might cost you. See, the one thing I can't build or sell is the same thing that actually makes my tools function- which is your effort. Effort is the price of creativity, and one which cannot be acquire freely. My brushes will never make you good, creative, or produce successful work- that burden is entirely on you and your own tenacity. Consider the insubstantial price of the brushes as a small ante on your willingness. Because I dare say, if the effort to cover that cost is too great...then the mountains you need to climb in a life of creative pursuit will be insurmountable. I am certain this is not what you wanted to read, but I think it's more valuable than anything I can sell you. Know that if you do desire to climb those mountains, I am in your corner and rooting for you- I hope my tools can stand as a testament to that. Regards, -J
  4. Hey, Thanks for grabbing the set! Firstly, have you tried importing the vector brushes from the standard brush files? i.e. the same file you used on your desktop version of Affinity Designer. If so, are you still receiving an error? I created the iOS brush versions of the Raster brushes only, because at the time only Affinity Photo had been released. I borrowed an ipad pro to calibrate the brushes to feel better for the apple pencil, I have yet to do the same for the vector brushes as I don't have access to an ipad currently. Once I do I'll get to work on that and possibly some new brushes. Let me know if the solution worked, and thanks again!
  5. Glad I could help Keep at it, your use of the charcoal vector brush for the outline looks great!
  6. Hey Mark, Thanks for the compliments! I am happy you're enjoying the brushes. No need to be embarrassed, I've been doing this for a while and STILL learn new techniques and features- it's what makes it fun! To change what side of the path the stroke sits use the Align options in the Stroke window. by default the stroke is in the center, but you can position it on the outside and inside with the other buttons. Cheers!
  7. Thanks for the heads up! I am uploading them now, also PM sent
  8. INKTOBER DISCOUNT Hey everyone, the box set will be discounted all month. Enjoy!!
  9. Different tablets will have different sensitivities yes, but they tend to have more degrees of freedom than the Apple Pencil since most of them use springs in the stylus. Yes, the link is in the order email you recieved, Here's the link to the set: The Box Set You dont "need" a gumroad account to access the set. it's just an easy way to get updates in an organized fashion. Re-Downloading it will get you everything you need, as I just replace the content linked to your order. if you still have trouble PM me your order email address and I can re-send you the order email + link. I am going to send an update email through gumroad that will also have a link to the set. I wanted to give everyone on the forum first notice
  10. Yeah emoji in the file name! They stand out in the list window and I find to be helpful. Yes the iOS versions are calibrated to be used with the Apple Pencil, which has a different tip sensitivity
  11. I'm not sure to your first point. its UTF-8 (emoji). I uploaded new versions w/o them in the filename.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. the .DS_Store file is created by MacOS. It has superficial data about how the files are presented in the OS. Nothing out of the ordinary or in error. The file names are weird because they have unicode glyphs in them that are still not compressing correctly.
  13. Hey everyone! All of the new brushes are now uploaded and ready! I am working on a longer post detailing the new brushes as well as a few changes, but I wanted to get them in your hands before then. To access the brushes, just go to your gumroad library and download "The Box Set 2017." The Drawing and Painting Sets were also updated as well as the Sample Set. Let me know if you have any trouble. Enjoy!
  14. Hey! They're pretty much done, just triple/quadruple checking everything. I had to make a new version of every brush for iPad (so they felt/responded nicely), and it takes a while to make adjustments because you can't make changes/export the brushes in the app. So when all the dust settles there's going to be around 400+ New Brushes including the iOS versions. Still completely free to Box Set owners. Here is an extremely SMALL sample of SOME of the new brushes. my goal is to release this weekend! Cheers!
  15. Thanks for your support by buying the set! You're about to get so many new brushes in a free update in the new few weeks, it's going to blow your mind! :D The License key is assigned to owners of the box set ( and any other product). it helps me (and gumroad) keep track of who purchased what and when. The key is really just a way to authenticate the download from Gumroad and proof you own it.
  16. Hi everyone! I wanted to give a peak at the new oil brushes I have been tinkering with. They're designed to give the subtle variations within a stroke that is characteristic of oil paint. When I figured out how to get the effect I wanted I got really excited and made a TON of brushes. I am having a lot of fun with them, and I think you're going to enjoy them immensely. :D Along with the Oil brushes, I am finishing up: Acrylic, Copic, and Ink brushes as well as a few updates to the drawing and watercolor sets. It's going to be close to 100 new brushes. They'll all be in a free update to those who purchased the Box Set. The last thing is that, I have an iPad Pro on the way and once I have tested them out on there they'll be in your hands. thanks for all your support! Cheers!
  17. They're unicode characters, thanks for the heads up EDIT: NOW you should find the bamboo brushes.
  18. I thought I had grouped them in the Sample Set, but when I checked they were absent, I just Re-uploaded them in the Sample set so if you download it you'll find the bamboo brushes in there. Cheers!
  19. Hey thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying the brushes, and thank you very much for the compliments. :D Your observation of the "font-y" aspect(s) within the vector brushes is pretty astute as I was constantly making letterforms out of them when I was crafting them.
  20. Hey, How bananas is it that affinity was onstage at the Apple keynote?! Of everything they announced that was the only presentation that made audibly say, "woah-" not only for their work, but the fact that they're getting that kind of stage. I am working on a big update for the Box Set of brushes, and during WWDC they'll be 20% off. Get it Here Congrats to Ash and the team at Serif. Excellent job!
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