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  1. Say I have 20 different images opened inside Affinity product. Does Affinity Photo or Design can Make an Only one PDF grouping these 20 images ? If Yes how? Thanks by advance!
  2. Yessssssssssssss! I find the trick!!! Launch Publisher Installation but not Press the Button Install CTRL +Alt +Del and End of Task the "Windows Installer" then Press the Button Install Publisher! All works like a charm!
  3. Windows 10 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHZ 2.59 GHZ Nvidia 950M RAM 8,00 GO 64 Bits Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo Installed Can't Install the Beta of Aff Publisher! As administrator or not! After the proposition of the path of installation - C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher Public Beta 2 seconds after Preparation of Installation : failure of the installation What is this mystery ? I see that AAinity is an Installe 32 Bits so why C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher Public Beta is proposed ? That must be Program Files (x86) no ? but same result Failure of the Installation!
  4. Damned! :o You are entierely right! :) I have missed a big one! :D You are my hero! B) From Affinity ? No problem I have just need of the text from the PSD for some copy past! ;)
  5. Seems edit a text from a PSD file in Affinity Photo is not possible! It's just an image! It's normal or I miss something ?
  6. 2 Different worlds : pixels against vectors! ;) you simulate or embellish the reality with retouching a photo in the first you simulate or embellish the reality with drawing curves and filling them with colors for the second Forgotten the more important! Photo can't be "zoom in" without "pixelisation"! Designer can be "zoom in" to the infinite without "deformation"!
  7. Trivial question :) Does it possible to edit a movie 360? (made by this for example ) (i have not : it's just a trivial question) Video 360 like that https://youtu.be/hocIatxuddk
  8. FPilou

    The Box Set by Wren

    Does is existing somewhere a tutorial for make brushes for Affinity Photo ?