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  1. brushes

    you can just PM him over his profile, or if you didnt delete your order email, the DL link should be there. also if you used a gumroad account, you can just check your library.
  2. but then why not just make this thing crossplatform in the first place so that it doesnt need too much customization for each platform?
  3. add lens flares, I think
  4. brushes

    well you first have to know this doesnt work with account because I would have just relied on the library, unless I would have known beforehand that you can buy without account.
  5. brushes

    so the order doesnt update itself? I would have thought that the order link just points to whatever is inside now. actually when I cliecked my order link a few minutes ago without logging in, I had to enter my email adresse because I have accessed this before, but I did not log in, and it did DL the 2017
  6. brushes

    oh I see. I made one, because I probably didnt notice you dont need an account for buying stuff (I mean for buying at amazon or whatever you also need an account so it feels normal. but did you at least keep your order email alfred? because if you dont even make an account you should at least take care of those. I have pretty much every email from any kind of registration, purchase, software code whatever in my mailbox but well with 19GB of storage, why should I even delete stuff, unless it's spam?
  7. brushes

    you dont? why that? if you dont have an account the link should be in your order email.
  8. brushes

    intresting to know. but on PC arent all pens calibrated differently? is it even possible to make something proper for that? (as I mouse user I dont care too much about the pen stuff but it's kinda intresting to know)
  9. brushes

    emoji in file names for the brushes, lol? but just curious, is there something specific to the ios brushes so they need to be extra?
  10. brushes

    Okay, but does mac really need to litter these around inside the zip files? And what unicode do we need in the main filenames? They look pretty descriptive to me...
  11. brushes

    no trouble but something I noticed is that the zip file contains some .DS_Store files, dunny what junk this is but maybe your packer screwed up. also in the raster and ios folders, the filenames are weird.
  12. brushes

    oh nice to know. certainly intresting to try this stuff out when it comes.
  13. brushes

    awesome, but lol, "favorite accident" by the way what is Gouache?
  14. brushes

    oh, nice to know. also nice to know that the update is coming in a few weeks (instead of god knows when). also 9$ is a pretty good price for the box so I kinda just got it for the sake of it.
  15. brushes

    awesome, especially since I just got my box set. btw, what's the "License Key" mentioned in the order details for? but these are really intresting.