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  1. I generally would love if both icons would be accessible somehow so ppl can choose between the old and new style, but probably other things are more important.
  2. (originally from https://twitter.com/My1xT/status/1093096365532549120 ) how about making it so the beta has a version numbering available where one can see what version is active. both on the publisher download page https://store.serif.com/de/update/windows/publisher-beta/1/ and in the customer panel you see only "1.7.0" ever since the start of the beta, which isnt really great and kinda confusing, might it not be better to show a version number which makes sense like for example 1.7.0-beta5 or showing the date of the last beta or whatever so one doesnt have to guess which is the recent version?
  3. I personally have to say I like the previous logos a LOT more, especially since the triangle shape made it easy to see the affinity software in between all the circles and rectangles most other icons have, and I personally dislike flat design.
  4. while at least something, it would be nice to also have a global option like one can do in gimp.
  5. sorry for necroing this (but there's no reason to create a new topic for something regarding it), but are there any plans for adding this feature someday? that would REALLY help in enough situations.
  6. @αℓƒяє∂ well then the label could be called "full color PNG" or whatever instead of using PNG/24. @walt.farrell well but why does the preset have "same as document" inside when it's called PNG/24? thanks for the "more" button-related info. I didnt even know that PNG can do more than 8 bit per channel per pixel, so I was always under the impression that while I can create in HDR (so I lose nothing) but mainly export into a normal PNG with 8 bit per channel. I think one could do some more explanative settings/names instead, for example: PNG Full color (export with same color format as the doc) PNG (8 bit per channel) force 8 bit per channel making it 24 or 32 bits per pixel depending on alpha PNG (256 colors) (what PNG/8 was, because PNG8 uses 256 colors, like a gif) especially considering that PNG-24 implies no alpha, the name is ugly and plain wrong.
  7. I have here the export window of a picture in affinity, and the property window of the exported file and windows says it's 48 instead. if i use a picture with transparent background it obviously gains an alpha channel and while the setting still says 24 (which should become 32 normally with 8 bit per chan) the property window shows 64 bit. also just as a sidenote that would make each channel 16 bit instead of having 8 on each, as one would expect from PNG-24. and definitely isnt 24 bit judging by the size either. 3840px by 2160px by 3 byte per color per pixel results in 24.883.200 bytes. The PNG is quite a bit larger. for comparison, the same image stored as a 24 bit bmp by mspaint results in 24.883.254 bytes. the 54 bytes are probably header and metadata.
  8. but we would also need help for inkscape or a similar vector tool.
  9. and you can stack artboards on top of each other or what? the export eye is only partially helpful as one would need to toggle it on an off all the time, which is what I do right now. if the eye settings would work per slice it probably migvht help.
  10. is it somehow possile to create multiple slices of the same area but with different active layers? would make creating multiple things that overlay each other (and some dynamic stuff so cant go with affinity for that last part) a LOT easier.
  11. I also hope it makes its way into designer.
  12. The Idea is simple. it is a pretty sad thing that the most awesome brushes are pixel brushes, a fact which obviously gets annoying when working with Affinity Designer because pixels dont really scale well, when you create big and want to go small you are gonna have artifacts and in the other direction obviously as well. so my Idea would be that when a pixel layer is created in Designer and Brushes are used, keep a log of what happened where, how etc., and allow for re-creating these with the proper parameters when exporting with different resolutions than the original. depending on the needs of each respective layer or project this could be a setting that could be set globally, per document or per layer. another simpler way would just be to always do these although for projects which are saved without history this would obviously increase the size at least a bit. (if saved with history the Brush tracing could just leave pointers to the history, which obviously would reduce the file size for that part.
  13. The FAQ says Affinity Photo and designer is only available in the affinity store. This is no longer true as they also are in the MS store.
  14. well while I have no Idea about brazil and stuff, apple stuff is getting more expensive in the euro zone as well and windows is becoming worse and worse. isnt it possible to have affinity be a cross-platform sw that works with basically anything as long as serif would compile for it?