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  1. I at the very least voted and commented on the reddit threads. I am not a fan of registering everywhere with my real name so I have not registered for wine, but I hope at least the reddit stuff helps.
  2. Likely helps that English isn't my native language (and insults are rarely taught at school). The only way i have heard gimp before was gimping an image as in "badly editing" it. But that it's an insult to disabled ppl actually hurts. Regarding the off topic issue, yes talking about gimp in the context of affinity photo and Linux is imo okay but let's not take it too far.
  3. Wtf? How that? I am classified as disabled and have no idea how gimp could be bad.
  4. okay, checked that link saying that the sets here in the forum are not the full library versions... kinda confusing
  5. well I think he means in regards to the server's OS.
  6. thanks. i was working on this with someone else, and apparently he got the idea from a tutorial that the transparency gradient which is used on other places which needs to be uniform across them can be set as some kind of template that way. I just made a mask rect, that way it can be easily copied over.
  7. Hello, so I have a project and for some weird reason all new shapes seem to have an inherent gradient-thing that seems like a mask which I cannot remove and any fills I apply will be only applied upon that. it's really weird and frustrating tbh, as I have no Idea what's going on.
  8. https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/24/21302213/apple-silicon-mac-arm-windows-support-boot-camp both sides basically give a big middle finger. Apple doesnt want alternative boot options apparently and Windows Licenses ARM only to OEMs.
  9. okay. well I would also love affinity on Linux, especially with W10 being what it is and 8.1 only running till the start of 2023
  10. if you have coins and bills as your affinity fund wouldnt that be kinda useless as you cant just run into a Saturn or whatever and buy a box, although I really wouldnt have anything against it (although the obvious problem would be the extra cost lol)
  11. couldnt at least for reasonable sizes the entire doc be kept in memory so it doesnt have to result in that?
  12. I have this sometimes too especially if the network share loses connectivity for a bit. (but it was designer on Windows) I can see why an error message is needed if it cant save, but SERIOUSLY, forcibly closing the document is NOT the right way to go about it, rather spawn a save as dialog.
  13. @Estrobeda well I can see why they wont officially do a wine version because then they would quite literally come to w(h)ine when something doesnt work which might not be the fault of serif/affinity.
  14. nice to know as I would also totally dig it, I switched my Laptpo to Linux (Kubuntu) last august and it works pretty decently (win10 is ugly and the driver situation of 8.1 which I use as main on my other machines is, well, not pretty), and there are many things which work so much better after some setup which dont work as nice or not at all in windows (like for example having a german layout without the "dead" keys, or NOT forcing a US-Keyboard onto me while writing japanese or the pretty neat circular scrolling feature which doesnt work on all touchpads in windows etc etc) honestly Linu
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