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  1. the account site looks basically the same, that there's more below really wasnt obvious, I mean who expects more options for windows especially after having been taught that af2 comes as msix. I never thought they'd make exe installers. altho calling it msi and being an exe is weird lol I mean an exe and an MSI are really different things
  2. yeah looks like this. only an MSIX for windows, a DMG for mac and QRs for ipads.
  3. affinity 2 only seems to come with an msix in the downloads, I cant seem to find any exe files for af2.
  4. everyone is looking at each other and taking what they think is nice. And I would highly doubt that MS and mac decided to make things like virtual desktop or clipboard history or whatever part of their OSes just because something like XEROX or whataver it was called had it 30+ years ago. they are likely looking at currently available systems and what features users like there.
  5. It has certainly been mainstream enough to not die.all of the other systems died and I doubt windows or mac would now look at extinct OSes to copy from rather than a system that sure is in the minority but well and alive
  6. steam has been brought up many times. is it so bad to not accept it as an answer?
  7. well linux introduced those features to the mainstream when it comes to OSes, and yes while the precise question was what started in linux after that he said more precisely that they came on linux "before PC and mac". where with PC obviously windows is meant. because that's what ppl have been brainwashed into assuming being the same.
  8. maybe linux didnt "invent" virtual desktops, clipboard tracking and several other things but among the big 3 (Windows Mac and Linux) linux was sure the one that has had it the longest, and likely improved upon it enough that it was brought to Windows and mac. like sure xerox atari and whatever may have been earlier but none of them are really around nowadays.
  9. I at the very least voted and commented on the reddit threads. I am not a fan of registering everywhere with my real name so I have not registered for wine, but I hope at least the reddit stuff helps.
  10. Likely helps that English isn't my native language (and insults are rarely taught at school). The only way i have heard gimp before was gimping an image as in "badly editing" it. But that it's an insult to disabled ppl actually hurts. Regarding the off topic issue, yes talking about gimp in the context of affinity photo and Linux is imo okay but let's not take it too far.
  11. Wtf? How that? I am classified as disabled and have no idea how gimp could be bad.
  12. okay, checked that link saying that the sets here in the forum are not the full library versions... kinda confusing
  13. well I think he means in regards to the server's OS.
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