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  1. The FAQ says Affinity Photo and designer is only available in the affinity store. This is no longer true as they also are in the MS store.
  2. well while I have no Idea about brazil and stuff, apple stuff is getting more expensive in the euro zone as well and windows is becoming worse and worse. isnt it possible to have affinity be a cross-platform sw that works with basically anything as long as serif would compile for it?
  3. okay sorry, I was googling and this thread came. well the eyedropper is not bad but it only shows the composite, I'd rather have an ARGB data of the layer/group I am working with so I can tell whether and by how much there's any color left at the edge.
  4. sorry for nero but I prefer to revive relevant posts rather than cluttering the forum with threads about the same thing. as far as I can see, this menu doesnt exist.
  5. Why in hell would one beed a file then close Action? There's iirc a close icon in mac, and for keyboard users, if mac doesn't ha e something like alt+f4 on windows it's really retarded
  6. by the way any chance we may get deltas someday? especially when the internet connection gets slow as f it gets annoying.
  7. what even weirder is when I pull the symbol from the symbol panel to one of the artboards thereby creating a new instance it starts off with an unliked text frame.
  8. I dont pull the text frame manually. the symbol basically just consists of 2 text layers directly above each other with the one in foreground having an active gauss blur. and the problem is, I change all sorts of stuff in the character or typography panel and of course the text itself, and the transform panel to move the text. the problem is I didnt pay attention when exactly they made the line dotted but the tooltip just says that the textframe is out of sync.
  9. running Affinity designer chnaging some text stuff in the symbol and the moment I didnt look it went and unlinked itself partially again, textframe is the culprit. most importantly I DID NOT turn sync off.
  10. okay, intresting, I would have thought that all the versions would have the version number in sync.
  11. by the way is there a reason why the mac version is higher than windows? does mac have something windows doesnt, or did mac just need more bugfixes?
  12. I would say that is the problem. we are working in a vector space in designer and it is an advantage when we can so as much as possible in vector space. also another reason why it's sad that many awesome things like texturizer come as pixel-brushes.
  13. another thing I want to have is the ability to make the pressure window larger for more control of any lines I like to control.
  14. any chance this can get added to non-explicit layers like groups or symbols and whatnot?
  15. Importing brushes apparently has recieved the blessing of this but apparently other kinds of files, in this case the macros from the affinity photo bonus stuff macros cannot be imported by just drag/dropping them on affinity photo. so my suggestion basically is that it would be suprt awesome if you could just drag and drop all of these meta-files (aka non-document files like macros, color swatches and whatever) onto both affinity designer and photos and that should then just nicely import those files instead of saying that this isnt an affinity document, essentially making it more consistent because as it already does work for brushes and is really helpful for mass-importing stuff. because importing each file one by one isnt really a nice workflow of things.