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  1. by the way some serious Kudos for making the download continuable, the internet at work is really unstable lately and I have by now at least 3 times the DL killed by some kind of network error, and opera can apparently safely continue where it was upon restart. it is sadly way too common for paid suff to have the download protected using annoying means which make it impossible to continue when you get problems.
  2. Unless you install windows on your mac.
  3. took the liberty of zipping them all together. PATTERNS-01 Pack
  4. not bad. you sure arent making bad stuff. maybe I should someday look for everything and package it together just for convenience
  5. by the way, it would be really nice if you guys could put the version in the setup name, less chaos.
  6. awesome, thanks.
  7. well he wasnt born deaf so, he did have the ability to remember stuff. and well if you are born colorblind, designer isnt the best job and if you werent you should still be able to remember how blue looks when designing and stuff, with the rgc sliders giving you the ability to directly pinpoint a color, also there are probably enough system-wide color blind tools.
  8. well the pixel brush technically also follows some kind of path (the one your draw with your mouse or tablet, with the only difference seemingly being that pixel brushes get immediately rasterized on a pixel layer, while for vector brushes you get the path as an object for editing. doesnt seem to be a too hard thing to make the pixel brushes follow vector paths and stuff.
  9. I mean vector brushes can be made with pixel textures and stuff, so far so correct, but then why cant we use pixel brushes (like for example frankentoon's texturizer) directly the same way as pixel based vector brushes in the draw persona.
  10. okay, but then if vector brushes support a pixel based texture and stuff, why not also make them unsable in the vector persona and letting them scale better if one wants it.
  11. but honestly why even make brushes as pixel elements instead of using vectors which stay sharp no matter how far it is zoomed. especially for things like brushes that will be resized all the time, vectors look better, also for pixel brushes, when I take for example the simple 8px brush and resize it up to 100px, it becomes a circle which kinda shows that these also kinda arent normal pixel graphics because an 8px circle would never scale up so well
  12. sorry for asking but how do color blind people do proper designs that dont look bad? the sounds like a person with really bad hearing to compose music
  13. well from both vector and pixel brushes I actually never saw a pixelation even when I set the brush tip to like 4096px or so in a quick test. after applying the brush to the document and the zooming in, the pixel brush gets ugly pixelation and the vector doesnt.
  14. well that is what I meant above with how they get applied in the OP, pixel brushes become pixelated as soon as you have placed it on the document and zoom in. but aside from that...
  15. thanks alfred. but these kinda seem to be spread quite widely in this forum, with each one in its own post, lol