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  1. I no longer have that original file and now I too am unable to reproduce the error. Guess that is a good thing! Thanks for the reply. If it happens again i will try to hang on to the document and attach it.
  2. Here is a small .mov file ( I hope it uploads ) Showing the two brushes I use in corel painter. First I just make strokes with the scratchboard tool. Notice that when the stroke overlaps itself it goes much darker. I do not need to release the mouse button (or in my case, lift the stylus to begin a new stroke) in order for the stroke to go darker until it reaches 100% opacity. I like that as it allows me to sketch quicker. The opacity is pressure sensitive also and size so I can get variations on stroke width, tapering. Then I choose the Just Add Water brush and go over the strokes. This is also varied by pen pressure. I would love to find something inside of Affinity that could replicate this effect. thanks for any help with this. Untitled Project.mov
  3. I need to illustrate how blending brushes work in another program in order to better illustrate what is hard to do with just words and static images. I have Camtasia and can make a small video of the process. Thanks for info on this.
  4. Thanks MEB...that page was a tremendous help. I bought all and downloaded all the free ones. I did quick dabbles with them but there weren't any that really seemed to pick up underlying color and "blend" it with the current selected color. I will make a quick video with camtasia to show how the Just Add Water blender works in Corel Painter. I know I can blend by reducing opacity and constantly selecting color mixes that slowly seem to reach the 50/50 of the two colors but it would be nice to just have one that picked up underlying color and mix it with the currently selected color. Even Paolo said of his blender brushes that they "mimic" blending as in watercolor. Does affinity provide the tools for customizing a real blender?
  5. Thanks also for this reply Alfred. I do have both programs. I was just unable to get the hyperlink to the Gumroad page. I will try to find it again. I did click on the first image but maybe I didn't see it. Wouldn't be the first time for me. Thanks for your help. I just clicked on that image again and this time it did link me to Gumroad. Thanks!!
  6. michaelws

    Fur and hair brushes

    Thanks Alfred...I missed seeing that.
  7. michaelws

    Fur and hair brushes

    Hmm these won't load into Affinity Photo. It says Brushes imported successfully but they do not show up.
  8. For some reason I am not able to find any place to download this Essentials set. What am I missing. All the comments seem to imply others have had no problem.
  9. michaelws

    Fur and hair brushes

    It says it was successful but I do not see the brushes in the drop-down. I am trying to import them into Affinity photo. Are they vector or raster?
  10. michaelws

    Fur and hair brushes

    Thank you very much for these
  11. michaelws

    Second painting with Affinity photo

    I too got my Amiga for graphics. Deluxe Paint...wow I remember that with the King Tut painting. And I had a couple of very limited cad/vector programs but don't remember paying that high a price. But you are correct at how expensive some programs were. Loved my Amiga...but it got the bad rap for being labeled a "game" machine because it had that separate graphics co-processor. And constantly switching out floppies. Time flies. I loved Animator Apprentice back then...and had lots of dialogue with it's creator...forgot his name momentarily. Looking forward to playing with Affinity!
  12. I am an old corel painter user. I would love to make the switch to Affinity Photo and Designer. It took me years to discover the two brushes in painter that "work" for me. Not sure if there are any here with Corel Painter experience but if there are then the two brushes i am trying to emulate are 1, the Scratchboard tool and 2, the Just Add Water tool. So far I have not found a blending brush that seems to do much. I know I am a complete newcomer to Affinity so i have my work cut out for me but i was hoping to maybe cut off some of the learning curve if someone here with experience in brush customization in Photo and/or Designer could give me some pointers in how to formulate some brushes that would give me the effects of those two Corel brushes. I am attaching a sketch from Corel Painter that I did with only these two brushes. All of the piece was done with only these two. The sky is the sketchiest part and might show how these two brushes look. I will go ahead tomorrow and try to do some simple brush stroke examples in painter that might better illustrate how those two brushes work with each other. The sky actually has almost no blending with the Just Add Water brush...just scribbling with the Scrathboard brush. The foam on the breaking wave around and behind the rocks has some of the blending. Thanks for any help with this. I love Affinity and have just bought both programs, Photo and Designer, and would love to retire both Corel painter and Adobe PS cc and do my work inside Affinity.
  13. michaelws

    The Box Set by Wren

    I might try to purchase again. I am quite certain it is worth the $18. But i will wait to see if this can be straightened out. would it be okay to post the paypal receipt here as an attachment as i cannot do it through the PM window?