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Found 60 results

  1. Is it possible to open RAW files in Affinity Photo that have been developed/cropped in Lightroom with the crop/development applied so that there is no need to start again or will Affinity only open the original RAW file?
  2. Hi, I've noticed an issue when opening raw files in AP1.6.6 that I'm sure wasn't there in the previous version. Also it doesn't show up when I use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), Lightroom or just Preview in OSX El Capitan. It seems as if Affinity is showing more of the image, if you view the attached screen shots Affinity is showing a lot more of the leaves in the top right corner as well as a dark band across the top of the image. Lightroom is showing less of the leaves in the top right corner and no dark band. Preview and ACR display the image the same is Lightroom. I use a Panasonic compact TZ60 raw files. Affinity displays the equivalent jpg without this problem. Just checked in LR the image is 3264 x 4896 pixels and in Affinity it is 3280 x 4912 regards Ade
  3. I'm curious. How does Affinity Photo handle Adobe Lightroom edits?
  4. Hi, are you planning to include a digital assets management feature to "replace" Lightroom or even to have an addition like bridge? Macphun with their product Luminar are working on that. I work with Lightroom since version 1 and was a paid tester before it came out. I would love to see an addition with LR or Bridge features included in your excellent Affinity Photo which I use on my mac & on my iPad. Hope to hear good news from you! Stephan
  5. I start read Photo Manual and I can't find information about massive RAW development with batch processing. I'm new in app so I maybe wrong, but it's look like I can open RAW file, but is limited to File > Open and I don't have option open all files in folder with navigation mode (next / previous file) for massive edditing. What I want 1. Select folder or files in folder - at once above 200 RAW files 2. Open it all above 200 RAW files in Affinity Photo without crash 3. Develop RAW one by one fx. I start develop RAW file no 1, next file no 2, next file no 3, ..., next file no 241 with posibility turn back to previous file and for example delete file from harddisk (remove scene duplicates) or change develop setting 4. When I set RAW settings in Develop Persona I want next set: a ) the same file name for output file fx. mountain- b ) set output folder fx. "my vacation" c ) set dimension, DPI, format etc. for all files but by setting it once fx. 300DPI 1024x768 JPG d ) export all files by one click Result: In folder "my vacation" I have output above 240 JPGs with 1024x768px dimension, 300DPI etc. with file convention mountain-001.jpg, mountain 002.jpg, mountain-003.jpg,..., mountain-241.jpg. Question How do that in Affinity? Is it a posibility work in Adobe Lightroom style in this app? Comment My question is not about posibility develop RAW, because Affinity Photo do that, but about massive edition. At this scenario I have 200-600 RAW files and I want edit them all in Affinity at once but without openning files in parts of fx. 20 RAW files, but with proceed in queue. For more explenation my question I publish video with what I want and I get in Adobe Lightroom here. As you can see in the window part below I get thumbnails of RAW files. When I click on them I can switch to another RAW file and develop it. If I want I can go back and change setting of RAW. When I set in Develop all settings I simply use Export. On this window I set what I want, press export and go drink tea when Lightroom do rest.
  6. Just got an iPad Pro and my FIRST purchase was Affinity photo to go along with my Lightroom Mobile. I can use Lightroom and then “Open In” and send it to Affinity, but I have no idea how to send it “back” to lightroom along side the original in the catalog? Photoshop Mix and other applications have a “save back to Lightroom” option. As far as I can see, it takes it to Affinity, but it doesn't put it back in the lightroom catalog? Is that correct? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, Just 3 days ago, and after a pretty difficult chat support session, I've completely quit my Adobe habit with the removal of Lightroom/PS, and it's very liberating. I'm now a free man! I'm now trying to finesse a photography workflow with the Affinity apps front and center. My current setup is I own Photo for both OSX and iOS but after the last couple of shoots I'm finding it very difficult to replace Lightroom in there. Now, I know the fervor of an Affinity DAM is pretty intense, and I also know that it's confirmed for development, but I'm sure we won't see it for quite some time yet. Therefore, what do you guys use in it's place as of now? I should also mention that because the storage space on both my iPad Pro and my MacBook is fairly limited, I keep all my files in a master folder on Dropbox and use oDrive to sync/unsync my files as I need them. With Lightroom, my old workflow was as follows: Move images from camera to new job folder on OSX, they then get auto synced to Dropbox by oDrive Open images in LR and save LR catalog file in the same folder as the images are in (again, gets fired up to Dropbox by oDrive) Do required edits to images in LR, and on exit LR will auto update catalog with newest data and edits Unsync new job folder with oDrive and everything gets auto synced to Dropbox Pretty much it. The devs at oDrive said they are releasing a mobile version of thier app - which is fantastic news and that would certainly make life easier to use with AP on iOS. So, what does your workflow look like? I'd like to find one that preserves non-destructive edits in the way LR cataloging used to. Not played with AP too much so really not sure if it's already included functionality. Cheers, Stu W.
  8. I have used Lightroom for several years to catalog some 60K images and want to start using Affinity Photo but Lightroom only recognizes exported images as far as I can tell. What program are Photo users using to catalog Photo native files? Regards, Nick
  9. Hi there, as an Adobe user for years I´m thinking about switching to AP and donwloaded the trial version. From what I see after one day of testing I´m really impressed and I´m sure it not only can replace Photoshop, it seems to be the better software. With that said I have some questions from a AP beginner (not a image editing beginner at all) perspective: 1. Is there a way to "export" images from Adobe Lightroom right into AP? I mean some option to set AP as the external editor in LR 2. Is there an option to save individual workspaces such as in Photoshop? I mean customize the canvas and panels I use the most and save that. 3. If 2. is possible is there a way to use these individual workspaces on two Macs? I´m using an iMac and a MacBook and would like to have the same environment on both machines 4. Is there a specific workflow with CaptureOne? I mean use C1 for tethering, as catalog and for RAW processing and AP for more advanced image editing/retouching 5. Are "panels" available such as in PS? I mean can I arrange my panels and tools in a way shown in the attached screenshots (and save this in my workspace)? I think that´s all for the moment. Thanks a lot for your support. Cheers Michael
  10. This is just an idea for later versions of Affinity Photo; I was thinking it would be really nice to have Lightroom Presets compatible with later versions of affinity photo. Although they are different applications, they are still similar so maybe Lightroom Presets could become usable in Affinity photo! (Just an idea but would be very useful) Kind regards! Hanan
  11. I have my photos organised in LightRoom 5 and got Affinity Photo because PS was getting ridiculously expensive for my limited use. My RAW processing and basic adjustments are done in LR, and the majority of photos are just exported from there, I have a reasonable feeling of how to work with it. I then go into AP for things where more detailed work is needed, for example I did exposure stacking to make star trails. As I am hardly using the Develop Persona, how/where/when do you suggest I sharpen? Sharpening is a bit of a dark art to me...
  12. Hi folks, Sorry if this has already been requested, I couldn't find a thread showing that it had so hopefully I am not duplicating. Are there any plans to introduce a feature to Affinity Photo (Or even create a stand alone app) that would offer the same workflow management that Lightroom (Sorry I know it's a swear word) has? I would love to use Affinity Photo as my go to software for all my photo edit work but it would be handy if I could arrange and sort all of my shots from a shoot within Affinity Photo and not have to use a third party app to manage them such as the Macs native photos app etc. It would also be VERY handy to be able to apply edits across multiple photos at the same time. Cheers folks Mark
  13. Hello and thanks in advance. Well, I've done it! I've just uninstalled PS CS5, Adobe Bridge and Lightroom (which I never used 'cos I got easily confused...). Although neither my pre-subscription PS nor Bridge supported my camera (Nikon D7200) NEF RAW files and I had to import everything through adobe DNG converter, I did find Bridge really helpful in locating image files through tags and searches, and also it's 'loop' facility for culling on import. Soooo, I'm looking at ACDsee Photo Studio 20, on offer at $29.95. Does anyone in this wonderful community use it? It does support my camera RAW, but I see that it only supports afphoto as thumbnails. I don't see this as a problem - is it? Also, does it import existing keyword tags? I just need something for my several thousand images (all arranged by yyyy/mm/dd [Title] [tags]) to help out until Affinity releases a DAM... Please :) Many thanks
  14. Hi. I'm a newbie (just purchased the software). I understand I can access Affinity Photo from Lightroom. When I tried to do the setup using Preferences, I'm not sure which file I should be uploading. When I click on Affinity Photo, I get a bunch of files (e.g. de, en-US). Any help would be appreciated. BTW, I'm on Windows. Thanks.
  15. I have a problem by using the Shadow and Highlight sliders of the Develop Persona. Please compare the two results. The only thing I tweaked have been the Highlight slider to -100% and the Shadow slider to +100%. All other switches set to OFF/Unchecked, in Camera Raw and also in Develop Persona. The only exception was the usage of the Camera Colour Profile "Neutral" the RAW file offers (not available in Develop Persona), but this only affects subtle the colours. Camera Raw also applied the automatic lens correction profile, which is also not recognised by Develop Persona. Everything else was disabled (sharpening, denoise, etc.). Please see attached results. The one on Develop Persona is unfortunately much worse than the one of Camera Raw/Lightroom. I also attach the RAW file. I am very keen on your reply to this, and I really appreciate in advance. Hey guys, there is a problem on upload of Lightroom/Camera Raw generated JPGs to Affinity Forum sites, this error only occurs if I want to upload the Adobe generated JPG sample: Best regards, Roland RAW File: DSC00644.ARW Camera Raw Output attached as Zip:
  16. lightroom

    Looking to implement an iPad workflow... I would like to cull & do basic edits in Lightroom mobile, and use 'affinity photo'as an external editor. I have had success sending the image to 'photo' from Lightroom mobile, completed the edits to the image, but how do I return the image to Lightroom mobile to view it with the rest of the collection?
  17. Over the last couple of days I have been trying out the latest version of Quark that I have been really enjoying using (2017 is the only version I have used.) To me it seems like this is going to be a very hard area for Serif to compete in given that there are two products that many are happy with that have been advancing since the 1980s (or at least there are people that are happy with one of those two options.) Even if Publisher was out today it would still have a massive challenge in competing with these two options especially at Quark's new low $400 entry price (and yes that is low for a product of that level.) To me it seems like Lightroom like products would be so much easier to compete with due to the fact that it is a field that is only about ten years old and still has a lot of room to grow. I still have several major grips with LR and also the way that Affinity Photo interacts with catalog software like Apple Photos. It just seems like the more logical step to me. I think the fact that LR is the one app that hasn't not yet been subscription only shows that Adobe is aware that customers could easily move off this product to a competitor more easily then many other more well established products.
  18. When I send a photo to Affinity Photo from Lightroom, the photo transfers just fine. I'll make a lot of changes to the photo then save it to the same folder all the Lightroom photos are in. The sent photo shows up in Lightroom as the second stacked image. Problem is all the changes I made in Affinity Photo don't show up. The photo looks the same as the original - with no changes. The photo has the Affinity Photo file format such as .PSD. What gives??? I can't figure this one out. What am I doing wrong? Thanks James
  19. Hello For real estate work, I need to open several images as layers and blend them together for the final image. My workflow is mostly in Lightroom but I'd like to use Affinity Photo for the blending of different layers. The "classic" way is to select the images in Lightroom and use the function "Open as layers in Photoshop...". Is there a efficient workflow to do that with Affinity Photo as well? As a workaround, I currently select multiple images in Lightroom and open them as single images in Affinity Photo. Then I manually copy and paste all layers into one image. It works but is quite time consuming. Thank you very much for your support!
  20. First just want to say a BIG THANKS for AP, best $20.00 I have ever spent. I have been working in Photoshop since 1995 and while a great program, when Lightroom (2.0) made it's debut in 2008, I was hooked, mainly due to it's non-destructive design. However as Adobe has not made a real effort to support iOS, I am very much hoping that Serif is looking at a similar full featured program for iOS on the heels of AP. You do this, you have a customer for life.
  21. Hello All! I'm new to Affinity photo and I was wondering if LUTs that other photographers make in Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom are compatible in Affinity. If the LUTs are ".cube" they should work right? Also, do presets from Lightroom transfer over to Affinity very well? Thanks
  22. I have Lightroom version 5.7 I also have Photoshop which of course the two are from the same developer.... In Lightroom I have the option to Edit in and external Editor... 99% of the time I use Photoshop. Creative Cloud is becoming too expensive so I've luckily found this awesome program. Loving the tutorials etc... Ok my issue is that when I try to edit in external editor and I chose Affinity Developer as my choice that's all fine, but then I get this message. I took a screen shot of it... Now normally, this would work, however, today I just wiped my drive and reinstalled everything to give my computer a fresh start. (I use an iMac with OS X Sierra) Permissions are fine on all of my folders, that shouldn't be an issue. So does this error lie within Affinity Program at all? Please help! I would love to make this program my go to source.
  23. Is there a radial filter (lightroom equivalent)? This is what I do in "lightroom". Drag circle tool over dark face. increase brightness or shadows. Done! I don't subscribe to Adobe and don't want to, but i do own version 5 which is great for quick photo fixes. This is what I do in Affinity photo Desktop Mac. Use select tool with feather. Add adjustment layer. (brightness or whatever) Deselect Add radial or gaussian blur Adjust effect. It's way longer to do and to adjust than it is in Lightroom with the 1 develop tool. Or sometimes in AP-desktop I add an adjustment layer (curves) Bump up the middle of the curve Select flood tool and flood the whole layer back to "no effect" press X to change to opposite colour select brush with appropriate hardness and transparency and size then paint on the brightness (mid range curve) where I need it Am I missing something? An easier way perhaps.
  24. I'm making a concerted effort to shift from LR/Photoshop CC to Affinity. Not only do I have the Affinity Photo desktop but now the iPad version too. One issue remains: how to handle my 80,000 images that are catalogued in LR? Once I cancel my Adobe CC subscription, I'll have 80,000 stray images? The Lyn app is okay, but not enough. Very much would appreciate other ideas. Thank you.
  25. Photo is great, but as a photographer I would not use Photoshop on most of my photos, I would use Lightroom because it is quicker. You go on a photo shoot. You have tons of photos. You want to quickly browse through them and then quickly do some adjustments. Lightroom is perfect for this but it is part of the Adobe tax system. are you guys going to look at something that will suit a bulk workflow?