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  1. its a logo with a white background. I can't just set the white to be the transparent colour in a png? No... but it seems I can i Photo FILTERS > COLOURS > ERASE WHITE PAPER works for me. Thanks for your help though,I should have mentioned I also had Photo
  2. Already set. Do I have to convert the original jpg somehow? SInce, of course, there will be no transparency to that at the outset.
  3. Great that is nice and straightforward. So, I now have a logo jpg with a white background with text underneath with no background. I want all the background to be transparent in a png. In corel I would just select the colour I wanted transparent during export - what the best way to do it here? Export without background saves the opaque white background of the logo.
  4. I am having trouble figuring the correct workflow in Affinity Designer. I often need to work with an existing image and use "new from clipboard" with a jpg loaded. This is fine to work with but I cannot work outside the image to add text etc and "convert object to artboard" is greyed out. So how should I do this? I want to work with the jpg in its best resolution and since initially I may not know what size to create a new artboard it can be a fiddle. What is the "correct" approach for this common task?
  5. I am using designer but have photo too. I am just converting the coreldraw legacy images and wondered if it was possible.
  6. I have a png which has part of the background transparent but I want to make the whict part also transparent. In Corel I could just select the colour I wanted to be transparent during saving but I get no such dialog here.
  7. Patrick Bell

    Cropping an image

    Thanks - got it.
  8. I am trying to crop an image. I create a duplicate layer, then draw a shape over the area I want to select. Drag that shape layer over the copy of the background layer but then what? According to https://designbundles.net/design-school/how-to-cut-and-crop-in-affinity-designer I get to step 8 where I should then be able to move the shaped copy but all I see is a grey shape. What have I done wrong? dreamstime_xxl_24701913.afdesign
  9. Yes that was it. I guessed it would be obvious! Many thanks
  10. I am still learning this app. I have a gif file, I created a new pixel layer from the background and am trying to use the erase tool. I have the circle showing but it does nothing. afaics I do the same thing on a png or jpg and it erases as I expect. Does it not work with gif?
  11. I am trying to add a vignette to a png. I can make it black and white but however I apply the vignette nothing happens to the image. Is it because its a png?
  12. Patrick Bell

    Background Colour

    Getting there. Many thanks
  13. Patrick Bell

    Background Colour

    Yes, though not as blended as I'd like. But how did you get the rounded rectangle to be a gradient?
  14. Patrick Bell

    Background Colour

    Thanks thats more or less what I ended up doing. I did find it hard to localise the 4 gradients (4 ides of the image) without affecting the image. Not quite the same as corel - I did it eventually though not completely satisfied with the result. I have attached the "starting point" before applying the gradients. I am trying to merge the 4 edges to the black background but am having trouble doing so without affecting the photo. I can get it so an edge bleds nicely but the photo is brightened or darkened but moving the boundary of the layer so it doesn't affect the image; affects the midpoint (which I can't seem to adjust once I have got to being able to move the edge of the gradient layer. Not too sure if my problems make sense but perhaps someone can have a go and I can see how to do it? header2.afphoto