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  1. Yes that was it. I guessed it would be obvious! Many thanks
  2. I am still learning this app. I have a gif file, I created a new pixel layer from the background and am trying to use the erase tool. I have the circle showing but it does nothing. afaics I do the same thing on a png or jpg and it erases as I expect. Does it not work with gif?
  3. I am trying to add a vignette to a png. I can make it black and white but however I apply the vignette nothing happens to the image. Is it because its a png?
  4. Patrick Bell

    Background Colour

    Getting there. Many thanks
  5. Patrick Bell

    Background Colour

    Yes, though not as blended as I'd like. But how did you get the rounded rectangle to be a gradient?
  6. Patrick Bell

    Background Colour

    Thanks thats more or less what I ended up doing. I did find it hard to localise the 4 gradients (4 ides of the image) without affecting the image. Not quite the same as corel - I did it eventually though not completely satisfied with the result. I have attached the "starting point" before applying the gradients. I am trying to merge the 4 edges to the black background but am having trouble doing so without affecting the photo. I can get it so an edge bleds nicely but the photo is brightened or darkened but moving the boundary of the layer so it doesn't affect the image; affects the midpoint (which I can't seem to adjust once I have got to being able to move the edge of the gradient layer. Not too sure if my problems make sense but perhaps someone can have a go and I can see how to do it? header2.afphoto
  7. I want a photo to blend edges with a black background, using a gradient mask. Can I color the background or must I draw a background rectangle?
  8. Patrick Bell

    Arrange resize objects?

    great, obvious now - knew it was possible somehow.
  9. Firstly, when creating a new topic I seem to be forced to select the iPad forum rather than the root general forum. I have to click off the pull down to see the continue button. I am used to Corel and PS so forgive my ignorance, I am sure I just havent found the funtionality I need yet. . In corel the arrange menu has an option to match widths as well as aligning objects. For instance, in Affinity Photo I have added a column of rectangles and am resizing them manually. I can arrange them to left, centre or right align but how do I make them match widths as well? I think the atached example is alright but not as easy to ensure equal widths as I'd hoped. about q3.afphoto
  10. Patrick Bell

    Create a photo mosaic

    I thought it would be obvious. Thanks, works a treat.
  11. I have Affinity Photo and designer. Coming from Corel and Photoshop - I am struggling to start creating a photo mosaic. I actually want to put maybe 10 photos (landscape and portrait) in a single image. In corel I would just import them all and resize and rearrange accordingly but whilst designer allows me to create the correct sized artboard I can't see how bet to insert them. Open just opens separate instances. I really don't want to revert to corel so which app should I use and how?
  12. OK the video explained what I needed, mean median etc is how I tweak and yes more images!
  13. This is just an exercise but the two images I have used work well for several people but there are two ghosts. People only in one image but shosin translucently. What would be the recommended approach? _DSC6142-Edit (Medium).tif _DSC6143-Edit (Medium).tif
  14. OK just opened them both from Lightroom now I have two photos open. New stack opens a dialog to locate them on disk. Is there a way to add already open photos to a new stack?