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  1. Hi I just ran through the on-shot colour astrophotography tutorial. Is there a tutorial or guide as to what the requisite sets are. Dark frame for instance I guess are taken with the lens cap on? But what are all the others?
  2. Thanks for replying. I am in designer. I opened an image an drew a rectangle over it and filled with white. I then set transparency to give a faded effect. I then wanted to crop it but nothing seems to "bind" the image and rectangle together. Cmnd E (ctrl e cos I am in windows) does nothing.. What do you mean "crop the canvas"? fwiw it started as a jpg and will be exported as a jpg.
  3. I have an image as a background layer and I have drawn a rectangle over the top as a semi transparent overlay. How do I merge the layers so I can then crop the combined image. Group, save flattened, all still mean I have to crop the overlay and the background individually. Oh and, I cannot find "new layer from background" or am I misremembering. Any advice welcome.
  4. Granted. Convex is what I want to achieve. In coreldraw I would just convert to curves and double click to add a node. But there seems nothing intuitive that will enable me to do anything but resize or crop an image. Node, corner tools do nothing.
  5. Use an artboard? How? I actually want to curve the bottom of an image.
  6. ah that its. I had rasterised and trimmed first I guess Thanks to all
  7. Just place the object then select the node tool. Tried as image, then rasterise and trim but I am missing how to apply the node tool - see uploaded file in my post above
  8. Not for me it doesn't. I did it again. Placed an image, clicked the node tool and it doesn't select. I then rasterised and trimmed it and the layer said pixel but again the node tool does nothing. Do I have to create a pixel layer in which to place it or do something to add nodes? To be clear I am trying to create a curved bottom edge to a rectangular image. attached is the simlest approach I am using to demo - just a placed image and cannot use the node tool
  9. I want to shape the bottom edge of an image. In CorelDraw I would convert a placed image to curves and use the node tool to pick each bottom corner and move up to give me a curved bottom edge. Doing the same in Designer doesn't work. Selecting the node tool allows no selection at all. Where have I gone wrong?
  10. I am photographing artwork to be uploaded for use on products such as duvet covers. The service (Red Bubble) says I need an image of 7632x6480px. My Sony A7rii maxes at 7952x5304px nearly there but wht the heck cameras are they expecting? Has anyone done photography for anything like this?
  11. You have made my wife very happy. Many thanks. I though it'd be something simple.
  12. I have two machine with Photo. Opening the same psd file on one shows differently to the other (my wife who want I am trying to teach). I have attached two screen shots. I open on my machine and I see Design (embedded document) with (mask) and (perspective) indented underneath. can select the embedded document to open it up. On the other machine with the same psd I see Design (pixel) and just (mask) underneath. Design does NOT open up. The problem is on a new installation but with the EXACT same file (not a copy) I can attach the psd if it helps but it is 274Mb. I suspect
  13. Interesting but I was hoping to get back to the (lost) original really which was just the black filled text, possibly trying different fill colors to match my background.
  14. I have a png of a signature with a transparent background. I want to fill-in the signature text but not sure where to start.
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