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  1. You are right but, as I just sais, I think I have answered my own question. Looking at the suggested video and my own shots I can see the issue. Thanks though Pat
  2. I think the absence of suggestions tells me what I need. I was just checking I hadn't missed a tool. Looking at the time spans, its just too short.
  3. I can remove moving people by using an ND filter and taking a long exposure. I can mimic a long exposure by taking multiple shots and merging the stack in AP - but this doesn't work too well for removing moving objects. I also tried merging about 20 shots in a deghosted HDR to little effect for my purpose. Perhaps they were too close timewise? Is there any other approach I am missing?
  4. Hi, I love the pano persona. I have successfully stitched vertical and horizontal panos when lightroom 6 has failed. Is it possible to stitch images that aren't a classic pano? eg 8 images forming an overlapping 2x4 montage (is that the right term?). I could do it in two horizontal panos and try to stitch those together but it doesn't work too well and I was wondering about a bit manual adjustment such as when the images are taken manually?
  5. I have used the lightroom plugin to edit three bracketed shots in affinity photo. So I have three tifs duly loaded but the only option seems to be New HDR which only allows me to add from hard disk. Have I missed something?
  6. No nothing. I guess I'll export as jpg and just work on that. One can only spend so long. I though it would just be my procedure rather than a possible bug.
  7. Tried that - no different. You can see the settings for the context toolbar in my OP screen shot of the stacked image. I am sure its something basic. Perhaps this will help. Or the rasterised.afphoto attached in the post before yours (which was uploading whilst you replied)
  8. OK I have recorded what I am doing. I rasterised the merged stack (after adjusting the exposure layer) which created a separate pixel layer (which afaics is not empty since the tiny "thumbnail" shows the image). The https://www.loom.com/share/c452e906262b4d4a8f5e62d3adfdad6a video shows me attempting to burn to now avail. Or heres the rasterised image (only 150mb) rasterised.afphoto
  9. I have merged a stack of hi iso images and - fantastic result! I added an adjustment layer for exposure - fine. But now I want to do some specific editing - burning some of the bright spots for instance but none of the tools do anything. I can go through the motions but nothing happens. I tried directly on the merged layer and it creates a new pixel layer. Tried on that layer and nothing happens. I think I am missing a stage here. Can anyone advise? I'd upload the .afphoto file but its 3.5Gb. Have rasterised the image now and have just an exposure adjustment layer and a pixel layer that still refuses to allow burning.
  10. Great, I knew it would be easy. Can I ask now what I do to actually edit the image merged from the stack? I created an adjustment layer to adjust the exposure but I cannot use the individual tools. I added a pixel layer, nothing happens whne I apply the burn tool. I selected the "root" live stack group and it auto-creates a pixel layer but which still doesn't enable the tools to do anything. Hope you can help.
  11. I have just experimented with stacking for noise reduction. Fantastic result! However now I am stuck. I want to burn out some too bright spots and I presume I need to add an adjustment layer to the merged result. But now I cannot find my layers panel.
  12. Yes - I currently use LR6 and Affinity Photo much as I used Photoshop - using "edit in" but only if LR didn't have enough oomph to do what I needed. Such a pity, I'd much rather use AP as my main app for all my photos. LR6 is getting old now and already misses much new functionality CC users have. As long as Adobe have no perpetual licensing there will always be people needing to migrate and as long as there is no Affinity (or compatible preferably with LR) DAM they have other choices.
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