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  1. Dear Gabe, Many thanks for your help. After quite a bit of playing around I can now get what I want to happen but only by changing the opacity at various stages of the process. It still seems to be more messy than what I have seen on various (non official) videos, such as the one that I am attaching a link to. All the other ones that I have looked at appear to do the same things as well.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbndRVJjh8A Regards, Dave.
  2. Dear George, I am no expert but I would suggest that it would be better for you to post this as a new item. as the problem seems to be different to the one that I asked and got an answer to. Otherwise your question may get lost and not answered. I AM HOPING THAT SERIF WILL BRING OUT A LIGHTROOM EQUIVALENT THAT WILL ALLOW ALL OUR IMAGES CURRENTLY IN LIGHTROOM TO BE SIMPLY TRANSFERRED TO THEIR NEW PROGRAMME AND EVERYTHING WILL STILL HAVE FULL FUNCTIONALITY !!!! THAT WOULD REALLY PUT A BIGGER DENT IN ADOBE'S MARKET SHARE AFTER THEIR DECISION TO 'RENT' THEIR PROGRAMMES OUT ONLY.
  3. Dear GabrielM, I Don't think that I am accidentally double clicking but to get around that problem I have used the CMD Z and then the ALT key every time it tries to give me a new layer and this allowed me to complete an enclosed shape.The short screen recording that I have attached shows what happens when I click select and then invert selection. I thought that should give me dancing lines when I clicked select and it isn't it is giving me a blue box around the edge of the photo. Regards, Dave. Affinity_pen_4.mov
  4. Dear Gabriel M, Attached are 2 screen recordings. The first one is using my Wacom tablet, the second is when I use a mouse. The mouse one is slightly different to how I described previously but still not working as it should. Your help will be appreciated. Dave. P.S. Not sure why but one seems to have uploaded twice. Hope they both work. Affinity_pen_1.mov Affinity_pen_3.mov
  5. Dear Dan, many thanks, it is always the simple bits that are the hardest to get your head around. I was being too quick - it took nearly 10 seconds for the altered image to arrive back in LR and I thought it wasn't working.
  6. I am running Lightroom 6.14 and because I am quite familiar with it I do most of my straightforward editing in it at present.LR allows me to click 'edit in Affinity Photo'. This creates a copy of the photo in LR and opens it in Affinity photo as well. When I have finished working in APh is there a way that I can send it directly back to LR? If I try to 'export' (or save for that matter.) I only get a list of drives and main folders such as Desktop and Documents, I cannot bring up any subfolders or see a link to LR. At the moment I am having to export to Desktop or a recently used folder and then import it back into LR using LR's import function, which is very longwinded. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I am having a problem with selecting an area using the pen tool on my Macbook pro running OSX 10.11.6. with a Wacom Intuos pro model PTH 651 running the latest version of its software, downloaded today. My Affinity Photo is version 1.6.7. When I try drawing around and area by creating a series of node points it stutters and then creates a new curve layer. Even if I go round to the start point to join it up there is no completion of the circle. If I use a mouse to select an area that works O.K. but when I press select I get dancing lines on the two vertical sides of the picture, not around my selection. If at that point I click 'invert selection' the whole picture goes transparent. I'm sure that the first part of this problem is a bug and the second part I was following a video (not one of yours as I couldn't find one that showed using the pen tool to select an area.) and his worked and mine didn't. The latter could be something that I am doing but I have gone over it about 5 times and used different photos.
  8. Firstdefence, thanks for the links to the Aph tutorials, I had found some using a search engine but having a whole list of them is much better. No excuse to not get stuck in more systematically now.
  9. Dear all, Many thanks for your replies, all of them will be useful in my trying to learn how to use AP. I am quite conversant with Lightroom but still have to learn how to use layers and the additional tools effectively.So far I have tried V_KYR's two approaches, with my own additions and will try the other approaches soon.
  10. Dear v_kyr, Attached is what I am trying to work on. It is a 550x670 pixels part of an image and was shot at a very high ISO. I do not like the pure white part and would like to make it similar to the rest of the surrounding fire. What would the best approach be to obtain that result? IMG_8333-3.tif
  11. I am finally trying to get serious with AP and wished to print off some of the help pages so that I can study them and refer back to them.When I try printing them some pages will print fine and others only show a pale grey line at the top of the page and the rest is blank. My computer works with other websites and from documents. It is a Macbook Pro. Is there a problem with the website?
  12. How is the best way to solid colour a pure white area of an image in AP? I have played with clone and various other brushes but without achieving anything satisfactory.
  13. Thanks very much for that, it didn't come up when I put my search in!
  14. Hi, I am thinking of buying Affinity Photo because of:- the price, it is purchase not rent, it has excellent reviews and the online tutorials look very good and are English not American. Looking at the website I cannot see support for Lightroom's DNG file system which all my photos are in. Is this the case and if so does that mean I am going to have to convert every photo I want work on in Affinity, export it to a folder and then import it into Affinity, or am I missing something?
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