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  1. I think many of us are in desperate need of an alternative to Lightroom. I love Affinity Photo and know that you could create an amazing photo management program. I personally wouldn't need the photo editing capabilities of a Lightroom alternative, mainly just the management of large numbers of photos.
  2. Create Macro to Export photos Ctrl-Click on any adjustment takes it back to zero Tools should not change when you use a shortcut to call them. Example: I use the brush tool, then switch to another tool, then press B to bring back the Brush tool, but now I find it being changed to the Color Replacement tool. I would like the adjustment size of the brush tool to be in exact increments of 5, not 5.1, etc Make the default setting of the Sharpen Brush to Unsharp Mask instead of Clarity Support for ProPhoto RGB
  3. When I merge layers, Photo places random pixels on the photo being edited. I sometimes see the same weird behavior when flattening all layers. I often see one pixel, but sometimes see a row of pixels. This behavior occurs in all current product versions and betas. I have attached a project file with history included. I have circled the pixel that was added. If you undo the merge action, you can see the pixel goes away. I suppose it's possible that opening my project on a different computer may result in the pixel(s) being placed in a different location, or not at all. I will allow you to access my computer remotely if this would help recreate the bug. untitled.afphoto
  4. The option to display 100% full screen when pressing the TAB key. Right now, the menu displays at the top. Photoshop has this as one of its modes when pressing the F key.
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