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  1. Thank you. That wasn’t it. I started over and redid it. It worked this time. Not sure what happened the last time. It wasn’t the frame settings.
  2. Not sure what went wrong this time. I created 2 .afpub documents for a photo book. One was the cover front and back as one document; the second was the content. I merged the cover into the 2nd content document because I wanted to create an exportable PDF for digital sharing. All my images came up in pre-flight as non-proportional scaling. Off by .1% on different dimensions. Shift double-clicking did not correct. Plus, they are just fine in the original document. I have attached an example layer where my picture frames were converted to rectangles and a curve layer was added. Why did this happen? What can I do to try and merge the files together so this does not happen? Followed these instructions for merging: https://affinity.help/publisher/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Advanced/mergeDocument.html?title=Merge documents
  3. Thank you @NathanC I also figured out that depending on which side you shift-double-click to make it proportional it can extend beyond the printable page or frame. It helps to know if it is the way I want it to be then not to sweat it. I also figured out how to know which picture was identified. Still learning...
  4. I figured out how to do the double-click thing. On another page, I had put a Stock pixabay image as a background on the right page of the spread. It gave me the same non-proportional scaling. When I corrected that it brought the image way over on to the left page of the spread and it did not extend to the bleed. So I had to correct that. What is the issue with non-proportional scaling?
  5. I have attached a book cover file that I created in Aff Pub v1 to export to PDF for publishing by a 3rd party company, Blurb. The content is a separate document. In pre-flight, I first got a message warning about not extending to bleed. When I made sure the rectangle on the back and the larger photo on the front were extended to the bleed, I then got a message about non-proportional scaling. A couple of questions: 1) How do you know which image is being referred to?; 2) I tried to follow the instructions to double-click on a handle of the large-sunset picture. But nothing changed. I am not sure if I did it right. Not sure how to fix this. Thanks. Louise photobook cover-PrintPDF Final.afpub
  6. I am thinking I must have opened a PDF when I thought I was opening the .afpub file. Appreciate everyone's help.
  7. .afpub for sure. not from PDF. I wasn't using ligatures...Hi Walt...not sure what I am doing to cause this stuff. I just reopened the file.
  8. I highlighted one of the words and checked typography. I didn't do anything knowingly. Previously it was fine, I exported and printed. When I opened to change date on the document I noticed the changes throughout certain words in the document. Not sure how this may have been introduced... I am not that advanced to try something.
  9. I just went into my Publisher v1 file to make a correction and letters were substituted with others (see attached for an example). How did this happen? Is there a setting I can change or do I have to go through each change throughout the document?
  10. Thanks Dan. Both the Forum and Affinity tech support were helpful and timely. Much appreciated.
  11. When I unclicked recolor adjustment it was fine. Attached is the hardware accelerator function setting @thomaso. Can't explain how these things happened unless I unwittingly selected some things. I corrected stuff and seems to be back to normal.
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